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Master of Arts in Social Science (Applied Criminology) : CAL U - California University of Pennsylvania. Classes begin Fall Session Annually Cal U's Applied Criminology program is on the forefront of understanding advanced criminological theories, the behavioral manifestations of violent offenders, and applying this knowledge to create policies and practices to prevent and/or predict the occurrences of serious offenses, and for those major crimes that have been committed, to identify the offenders and develop relevant admissible evidence before any number of courts or tribunals.

Master of Arts in Social Science (Applied Criminology) : CAL U - California University of Pennsylvania

In the program, students begin by building a strong foundation of theoretical and research knowledge and skills. Thus equipped, students learn to apply the theoretical framework to real-world situations involving criminal investigative analysis, equivocal death analysis, and geographical crime analysis. Program Objectives. Department of Anthropology. The Department of Anthropology, University of Illinois. Tiffiny A. Tung » Bioarch Graduate Students/Undergrads. I am always interested in accepting motivated and curious graduate students, so if you’re interested in applying to the anthropology graduate program with a focus in bioarchaeology, please email me <t.tung at>.

Tiffiny A. Tung » Bioarch Graduate Students/Undergrads

For basic information about the Anthropology graduate program, go to and for basic information about the Vanderbilt Graduate School, which administers our graduate program, go to GRADUATE STUDENT ADVISEES (Past & Present) Carrie Anne Berryman. Ph.D. received in May 2010. Bioarchaeology; Paleopathology; Dietary reconstruction; Nutrition; Dental health; Development of political complexity; Tiwanaku; Andes. Forensic Anthropology MSc Postgraduate - Courses - University of Central Lancashire. Course Content Course Outline: Awards: MSc.

Forensic Anthropology MSc Postgraduate - Courses - University of Central Lancashire

Postgraduate diploma and postgraduate certificate are exit awards for students failing to complete certain sections of the MSc programme. MSc Forensic Anthropology is a one-year taught Master’s programme consisting of two semesters' coursework and one semester of an original research project. Students will study the current issues and techniques involved in all aspects of human remains recovery and identification with an international focus. The course is structured into three parts : Part 1 (14 weeks): Developmental Anatomy: Covers human embryology and developmental anatomy through the adult form. Forensic & National Security Sciences. Faculty — Department of Anthropology. About Us. Mary H.

About Us

Manhein, Director of LSU FACES Laboratory Mary H. Manhein holds an MA in anthropology and has over 27 years experience as a forensic anthropologist. She is the director of the FACES Lab, director of the Louisiana Repository for Unidentified and Missing Persons Information Program, and Professional in Residence at LSU. Manhein has handled more than 1,000 forensic cases and is called on by law enforcement agencies all over the U.S. Telephone: 225/578-6084 E-mail: Ginesse A. Ginesse A. Telephone: 225/578-3906 E-mail: Applied Forensic Sciences Department. Department of Anthropology at The University of New Mexico. College of Arts & Sciences - Department of Anthropology. Anthropology (literally the study of humans) is an extremely broad and diverse field concerned with every aspect of the human condition: past present and future.

College of Arts & Sciences - Department of Anthropology

Students studying Anthropology at the University of Tennessee learn of this breadth and diversity by taking courses in Cultural, Biological and Archaeological Anthropology. Research conducted by the faculty and graduate students of the Department is as wide-ranging (both topically and geographically) as the field itself. Our research is supported by major funding agencies, is presented at scholarly conferences and published in the most highly-respected journals and academic presses.

We share our knowledge with the public by our academic outreach efforts which include lectures to school and civic groups. Our professional expertise is constantly in demand. Applying for graduate studies in anthropology for the Fall 2014 semester? So you want to be an anthropologist? Anthropology Department – Minnesota State University, Mankato. Go beyond the classroom.

Anthropology Department – Minnesota State University, Mankato

Apply your knowledge by working at an archaeological dig site, connecting with immigrants and refugees in our local community or learning how to work with human bones at crime scenes. View fieldwork opportunities » Individuals interested in anthropology have at least one thing in common: the quest for knowledge about the human experience, from the past to the present, from evolutionary origins to the cultural organization of societies. At Minnesota State Mankato, students explore each of the four sub-fields of anthropology—archaeology, biological, sociocultural and linguistic—and interact with faculty who have worked in the field around the world.

Service learning and field experience programs allow students to apply classroom knowledge to real-world situations and prepare them for a variety of careers working in health and human services, cultural resource management, museums, research and education. Get to know the faculty » GRADUATE SCHOOL - Wichita State University.

Department of Anthropology, Iowa State University, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Apply to Iowa State University. Thank you for considering Iowa State University! Most of the information you need to complete the application for admission is in the documents linked on the left. (Note: There are different instructions for U.S. applicants than for international applicants, so make sure you select the correct link.) Included in this section is information on the application fee, multiple applications, academic records and test score requirements, and information on how to submit electronic letters of reference.

Our various academic programs have different deadlines and supplemental information requirements, so please check out the important program specific instructions located in "Program Requirements. " Since the Iowa State application process requires you to send some materials to the Admissions Office and some to the department to which you are applying, this section includes detailed mailing instructions as well.