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New York City travel guide. New York City hardly requires any introduction– people in even the most remote corners of the world have heard of this dynamic city, and most travelers — regardless of their budget — aspire to pass through this so-called “crossroads of the world” at some point.

New York City travel guide

But there’s the New York City of TV and movie fame and the New York City of guidebooks. Both are different from the New York of New Yorkers. Press play to listen, or click here to open in iTunes. [display_podcast] The Movie Cliches List, part 2. Movie elevators are always ready at that floor.

The Movie Cliches List, part 2

But if the hero/heroine is being chased, elevator won't come. If hero OR villian takes an elevator, villain OR hero can beat it by taking stairs, even if the trip is 20 floors. Most elevator shafts and wires are clean and dust/grease free, and there's plenty of light so that the hero neither gets dirty nor needs a flashlight or some other equipment to see (Speed). When one character is pursuing another (good guy after bad or vice versa) and they reach the elevator just before it closes, they never stick their hand in the door so it will automatically open back up, nor do they press the call button to get the door to open. Créez votre thème Wordpress de A à Z. 60 Web Tools for Writers. Here is a collection of 60 web tools every writer should try. These tools will help you find an idea, take better notes, develop your characters, network with other authors, and promote your writings. Click on the name and find out for yourself how easy it is to improve your writing and yourself.

Get an idea: wridea – Idea management and brainstorming utility. Imagination prompt – Get ideas to write about.