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GVXMPP Brings Google Voice SMS to Your IM Client - Instant Messa. Google Voice comes to iPhone and Palm WebOS. Flash Player 10.1 on Google's Nexus One. If you're an iPhone owner, you probably don't want to hear about Flash.

Flash Player 10.1 on Google's Nexus One

Full support for Adobe's rich media technology has been promised for the iPhone many times, but it's still not there yet. However, if you plan on getting the Nexus One, you'll be one of the first users to be able try out Flash Player 10.1, currently in beta. Adobe posted a video showing the latest Flash Player happily working on the Nexus One. It can be used to browse Flash-heavy sites and play online games, but it can also be used to deliver Flash-based ads. From what we can see in the video, Nexus One's powerful Snapdragon CPU handles Flash with ease. Google: Would You Like to Be Connected? Google just made it a little bit easier to call ahead for reservations or to order a pizza for pick-up while you're on the go.

Google: Would You Like to Be Connected?

In addition to its recent addition of location-based search suggestions, Google has added the ability for businesses to include a clickable phone number in their listings, making it even easier to use the search engine on your smartphone. Just as with location-based search suggestions, searching for businesses from your mobile phone will use your location to give you results closest to you. Voice (by Google) - Google Chrome extension gallery. Creating Voice Powered Apps with Ribbit.