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PK Samal, president and founder of Minecode, is responsible for setting the vision and strategic direction of the company. Under PK’s leadership, the company has grown to become one of the fastest growing IT consulting companies in the US and India

Pk samal – ways to fund your business. Pradyumna samal – startup fair. PK Samal, Startup Companies as the Heart of Economic Growth. As my videos on YouTube show, I, Pradyumna Samal, am extremely dedicated to helping fellow entrepreneurs get their startup businesses off the ground.

PK Samal, Startup Companies as the Heart of Economic Growth

Startup companies and small businesses are an extremely important component of the American economy. In fact, according to data from the Kaufman Foundation and the US Census Bureau, without the jobs that these types of businesses create, yearly employment growth would be negative. Needless to say, startup companies play a huge role in economic growth, which is why I founded Startup Fair. Startup Fair is a community building organization that brings together local startup peers, key industry thought leaders, mentors, educators, and investors for interactive dialogues on relevant entrepreneurial topics in the Seattle area.

The most important thing that aspiring entrepreneurs should know about becoming successful in startup businesses is that it is not a “go it alone” ordeal. PK Samal, How IT is Revolutionizing Modern Business. As someone who has been a senior technology executive for more than 23 years, I, Pradyumna Samal of Divensi Inc., have been directly involved in the significant impact that IT and cloud computing services have had on the business industry as a whole.

PK Samal, How IT is Revolutionizing Modern Business

In just a few years, cloud computer has triggered a major shift in how businesses operate, from marketing and HR, to how companies accelerate operations and engage more intimately with their customers. Social media and mobile applications are redefining how business priorities are approached, while also streamlining activity. These changes in technology are essential for companies that want to make themselves smarter, faster-paced, and more competitive in their respective industries. Helping customers achieve their technological goals is the top priority of my business, Divensi Inc. I founded Divensi in 2010 as a company that thoroughly understands the profound effect that data has on businesses. PK Samal, Demonstrating Success Through Business Growth. For me, PK Samal, Divensi Inc. making the Inc. 5000 List last year was one of the greatest accomplishments of my entire career.

PK Samal, Demonstrating Success Through Business Growth

The list is an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies, and represents the most comprehensive look at the most important segment of the economy – America’s independent entrepreneurs. What was even more significant about achieving this honor was that this particular list was one of the most competitive crops in its history, with the average company achieving a three-year growth of 490 percent. I’m proud to say that Divensi’s growth came it at an impressive 403 percent. More than anything, Divensi accomplished this great honor through the hard work and commitment of our colleagues, as well as the support of our clients and industry partners, all of whom represent the greatest minds and companies in the technology sector.

PK Samal, Achieving Excellence in the Workplace. “The whole is only as good as the sum of its parts” is a philosophy that accurately demonstrates an important point in achieving business success.

PK Samal, Achieving Excellence in the Workplace

As can be see on my LinkedIn profile, I, PK Samal, have had an exceptionally extensive career in the IT industry, working my way up from a manager position at TCS, to starting several of my own IT companies over the years, including Minecode LLC, Divensi Inc., Azimetry Inc., and Alonzi Ventures. Each of these companies provides clients and customers with a diverse array of services, ranging from B2B software development and IT consulting operations, to system integration and using data to help businesses solve their problems and increase their productivity. PK Samal – Giving Back to Seattle’s Startup Community.

As an entrepreneur and self-proclaimed serial startup professional, I believe that it is important to share my knowledge with the greater business community.

PK Samal – Giving Back to Seattle’s Startup Community

I know that without the guidance, resources, and knowledge of those who came before me, my career would have been significantly more difficult to get off the ground. Because of this, I have channeled the experiences and skills I learned over decades of work into my recent project, Startup Fair. However, before explaining what Startup Fair has to offer the entrepreneurial community, I feel it is necessary to explain the paths I walked and qualifications I have gathered that led me to where I am today. In this article I will outline my recent projects in entrepreneurship and then explain how I am looking to build the startup community in the greater Seattle area. Walking the Walk in the Startup World I have taken these experiences and channeled them into my most recent project, Startup Fair. PK Samal – Specializing Is Key to a Successful Startup. I have read numerous articles online that provide a framework or outline specific steps to help individuals be successful in establishing their own startups.

PK Samal – Specializing Is Key to a Successful Startup

While such articles are generally beneficial for those with little experience, there is also a serious lack of information about specifically what not to do when it comes to the industry. It is just as important to be aware of major pitfalls because even the best intentions and most thorough business plan can fall to pieces because of minor gaps in one’s understanding of the market. This article outlines some of the major pitfalls associated with establishing a startup and aims to provide would-be entrepreneurs with some much-needed perspective from my own career. Tech Industry Niches The key to understanding what to avoid with startups is all about the basics of supply and demand.

Our Divensi Inc. video on Vimeo outlines the general services and qualifications that have made Divensi Inc. such a success. Pradyumna Samal - PK Samal Divensi INC — PK Samal – Divensi Inc. and the New Standard of... PK Samal – Your Biggest Assets for Your Startup – Pradyumna Samal. The tech industry is one of the most competitive, fast-past, and modern industries in our world.

PK Samal – Your Biggest Assets for Your Startup – Pradyumna Samal

It is also a broad name for an industry that includes arguably hundreds of specialized sub-industries focusing on specific needs for businesses and individuals. When it comes to entrepreneurship, therefore, the tech industry offers a huge gamut of possibilities for startups and individuals looking to build a professional career. At the same time, the sheer size can be overwhelming. As a professional with more than twenty years of experience in the tech industry, I understand the challenges that face those hoping to break into it. In this article I will share my experiences as a tech expert and some key pieces of advice that I think will help budding entrepreneurs make it big. The Importance of Reputation When it comes to startups, one of your biggest assets will be your reputation. Another key characteristic for your career is specialization. Like this: Pradyumna Samal: PK Samal – Team Building, Specialization, and Networking.

What does it take to be a successful leader in a given company or organization?

Pradyumna Samal: PK Samal – Team Building, Specialization, and Networking

There are a number of characteristics and experiences necessary to be a true leader, but it is dependent on your specific market and industry. As an entrepreneur, tech executive, and startup expert, I have fostered a number of personal skills and experiences and channeled them into my career. As the CEO of three separate startups, I understand what it takes to lead individuals and motivate industries into the future. Pradyumna Samal - PK Samal Divensi INC — PK Samal – The Hard Truth About Startups. PK Samal – Resources for Startups – Pradyumna Samal. The number one goal of any startup is to generate revenue and make a lasting impact on emerging markets.

PK Samal – Resources for Startups – Pradyumna Samal

The focus on emerging markets is crucial because startups cannot function in already established industries with clear and present leaders. Startups, rather, function in an exciting world of the most cutting edge research and projects. As such, entrepreneurs hoping to create new businesses must be aware of their role in the market and the means through which they will establish a client base.

As a professional with more than twenty-three years of experience in entrepreneurship and startups, I have not only found personal success, but I have also helped other create networks, find resources, and meet professionals that have been crucial in the pursuit of their own revenue goals. Looking in Unexpected Places Making money in a startup begins with bringing together the right people.

Pradyumna Samal - PK Samal Divensi INC — PK Samal Azimetry – Entrepreneurship, Technology,... PK Samal Divensi Inc– Dos and Don’ts of Startups – Pradyumna Samal. Entrepreneurs tend to be pretty optimistic people, often to a fault.

PK Samal Divensi Inc– Dos and Don’ts of Startups – Pradyumna Samal

It takes a specific kind of person to pour their heart, soul, energy, time, and finances into an idea that is more likely to fail within the first five years that it is to succeed. While these failures can be deterrents for many, they are also great examples of what not to do when getting into the entrepreneurial world of startups. As a successful entrepreneur, CEO of multiple companies, and conscious business professional, I have decided to share the experiences I have gathered from both personal experiences and the experiences of others.

My goal is to help budding entrepreneurs avoid some of the most common mistakes that I have seen spell disaster for countless startups around the world. Pradyumna Samal: PK Samal Divensi – How to Make Your Startup Work. When most people look at large-scale international businesses or successful IT startups, they are only seeing the end result. They cannot appreciate the hard work, sweat, and blood that went into building an idea from nothing into a potentially global operation. However, any successful company is the result of the sacrifices and intelligence of its employees. As a serial entrepreneur and independent business professional, I have had a number of opportunities to see companies develop from a basic idea into a successful company.

Working in the greater Seattle area has given me the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most brilliant minds in the tech industries and made it possible for me to realize my ambitions as a business owner and tech developer. PK Samal – Sharing Success with Others in Entrepreneurship. I would not be where I am today without the inspiration, support, and input of my colleagues, friends, family, and mentors. It is important, especially in the world of entrepreneurship, to surround yourself with individuals who challenge you and motivate you to improve and pursue your dreams.

The success that I have found in my career so far is due in large part to the support and inspiration I received from others. However, it has also taken countless sacrifices and hard work to make sure that I stayed focused in the pursuit of my goals. Having found success in multiple areas of my professional life, I am now turning my attention to establishing networks and building communities of like-minded business professionals.

My hope is that the entrepreneurial and startup community of the greater Seattle area will benefit from having more interconnection with the larger business community. Pradyumna Kumar Samal - PK Samal Azimetry. In order to stay competitive in today’s face-paced global business community, it is important that companies push for innovation and progress rather than resting on their laurels of previous success. Especially when it comes to the tech industries and entrepreneurship, if you are not constantly pursuing the next outlet for success and revenue then you are already falling behind due to your mindset alone. With more than 23 years of experience in software, highly engineered systems, and building relationships with upper-level business drivers in multiple markets and industries, I have been working with Divensi Inc. since January 2010.

As CEO of this company in the greater Seattle area, my focus has been on the improvement of business operations across all levels, improving profit growth and honing on problem areas that have slowed financial performance and team building. Divensi Inc. and the Future of Data Strategies. Pradyumna Samal– Developing Products for Startups. The vast majority of individuals who enter the entrepreneurial sphere do so because they are ambitious and have dreams of making huge impacts on the business community.

I myself started my career in entrepreneurship with much the same goal in mind and I know countless individuals who have gone on to find huge success both in terms of influence and revenue. However, what many budding entrepreneurs do not realize is that when it comes to making it big, you will not be making money right away. Unfortunately, startups can be quite expensive in the initial stages and it can feel like you are throwing money at problems in order to get over speed bumps. Finding eventual success is about striking a balance with your resources, channeling them to key areas of your business strategy at important times so that you get the most out of your money.

The Big Idea Making money in a startup begins with having a great idea. PK Samal – Building the Seattle Startup Community. The business world can be overwhelming for budding entrepreneurs. Often, these individuals have the motivation and ambition necessary to make it big, but they lack the direction, understanding, and resources necessary to make their dreams become a reality. Having navigated the rough waters of entrepreneurship and startups, I understand what it takes to stay committed to your projects and see them through to fruition.

My name is PK Samal and I am an entrepreneur working in data management in the greater Seattle area. Over the years, I have established a number of startups that have not only helped countless businesses collect, organize, and analyze their data streams, but also built up the startup community of the greater Seattle area as a whole. As a successful entrepreneur, my current goal is to help other individuals find the resources, connections, and knowledge necessary to make their own impact on the entrepreneurial community. Pradyumna Samal - PK Samal Divensi INC — Pradyumna Samal & Continuing Divensi Inc’s Success. PK Samal & the Importance in Collaboration for Startup Success – Pradyumna Samal. We often hear about the huge deals that are being made for new tech startups, and these achievements often seem intimidatingly unattainable for any budding entrepreneurs.

While early successes of such heights are quite uncommon, I believe that there is a large market for many smart, technical startups across the United States. Pradyumna Samal: Contribution of Startups to Economy, PK Samal. Startups are no market to be ignored when measuring economic status. The United States boasts an impressive number of successful startups, and not just Silicon Valley’s tech scene. Pradyumna Samal - PK Samal Divensi INC — Pradyumna Samal and the Market for Tech Startups. PK Samal, Nurturing Entrepreneurial Start Ups – Pradyumna Samal. I have now had over 23 years of hands-on experience building and leading high-growth information technology services companies. My clients include several within the Fortune 500 list, and my work lead Divensi Inc. to an impressive 403% growth rate within a 3 year period.

The achievement of all of my professional accomplishments has come down to my entrepreneurial spirit, which I think has been a driver in my success since I graduated from my Masters program at Delhi University in 1992. Pradyumna Samal: Pradyumna Kumar Samal and Stimulating a Fast-Growing Business. My company Devensi last year made it into the Inc. magazine’s exclusive Inc. 5000 list, which ranks the United States’ fastest-growing private companies.

They measure this by 3 year growth figures, a timeframe in which we enjoyed a 403% sales growth. Getting a Startup Off the Ground, PK Samal. In 2015 Forbes released their rather sobering observation that up to 90% of startup companies ultimately fail. In the last three decades the number of new businesses in the United States which have enjoyed staying power within the market has been falling in comparison to the successes of entrepreneurs in the seventies and eighties. I believe that a crucial reason that new ventures often fail is a lack of market awareness and a lack of planning. Funding, knowledge, and an organized structure is essential to the growth of a company and sometimes otherwise innovative entrepreneurs fall at the first hurdle.

Pradyumna Kumar Samal - PK Samal Azimetry. Richard Branson was once quoted as saying that even if it costs you thousands in revenue, as a company you should always endeavour to put your employees first. Pradyumna Samal - PK Samal Divensi INC — Pradyumna Samal & Innovation. PK Samal Azimetry & Startup Fair – Pradyumna Samal. After spending more than 23 years in the IT Industry as a senior technology executive, I decided to create my own company called Startup Fair in May 2015.

Startup Fair is an organization that is designed to bring together local startup entrepreneurs, key industry leaders, mentors, educators and investors from the community to create a dialogue on the practicalities of startups to those who are contemplating taking the first steps to owning their own company. The ultimate goal is to provide new startups with the necessary resources to make their startups successful. Pradyumna Samal: PK Samal Divensi , Divensi & Talent.

I currently work as the CEO at Divensi Inc., which is based in Bellevue, Washington. I have worked here for the past 6 years and during my time have developed and implemented strategic and tactical action plans focusing on improving financial performance, established long-term business growth, and have created a gilt-edged team which has increased revenue and overall profit growth.

Pradyumna Samal: Pradyumna Samal , Divensi Inc, and StartUp Fair. I recently registered my own startup company, StartUp Fair, with the intention of providing entrepreneurs who wished to own their own company with the necessary tools they will need in order to succeed. These resources include organizing meetings with industry experts and funding options – even introducing them to potential mentors, who can pilot them through the rough seas to success. The voyage will frequently be stormy and you will need to have considerable reserves of persistence and patience. Pradyumna Samal - PK Samal Divensi INC — PK Samal, Divensi Inc. & The 5000. Pradyumna Samal: PK Samal Divensi , Azimetry, and Patience. Resilience, persistence, patience and flexibility are of absolutely paramount importance when starting up your own company. What looks good on paper, or sounds impressive when talking to colleagues and friends, might not help with the stark realities of obtaining the necessary finance to launch your company successfully.

I should know. PK Samal Azimetry , Divensi & Strategic Planning – Pradyumna Samal. PK Samal Divensi and Social Media. P.K. Samal, Divensi Inc. & Financing. Pradyumna Samal & Management Development. Visionary Entrepreneur PK Samal. PK Samal Alonzi Ventures – Venturing Beyond. PK Samal Azimetry- Striving for Symmetry at Azimetry Inc. PK Samal – Realities of Startups. PK Samal – Ways to Fund Your Business. PK Samal – Making Money in a Startup. PK Samal – What to Avoid with Start ups. Pradyumna Samal — PK Samal – Startup How To. PK Samhal – Divensi Inc. Rising Star.

Pradyumna Samal: PK Samal – Divensi Inc. Making the Inc. 5000 List. Pradyumna Samal — PK Samal – Startup Fair. PK Samal – Divensi Inc. Pradyumna Samal: PK Samal – Exceptional CEO.