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How we did it: Tag driven Information Architecture using MOSS at SharePoint Config. Early last year I was involved in developing a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) based Intranet for the Ministry of Transport.

How we did it: Tag driven Information Architecture using MOSS at SharePoint Config

This post explains how we utilised the tagging capabilities provided by MOSS to create this award winning Intranet. Findability was a major focus for the Intranet. All content entered into the site is tagged with metadata that we can use to display content in a variety of ways. This also allows us to display; tag clouds, contextual navigation, links to related content, enhanced search results, and provide summary views of relevant content from various areas of the site.

How to implement faceted navigation in Azure Search. Faceted navigation is a filtering mechanism that provides self-directed drilldown navigation in search applications.

How to implement faceted navigation in Azure Search

While the term ‘faceted navigation’ might be unfamiliar, it’s almost a given that you have used one before. As the following example shows, faceted navigation is nothing more than the categories used to filter results. What it looks like Facets can help you find what you are looking for, while ensuring that you won’t get zero results. As a developer, facets let you expose the most useful search criteria for navigating your search corpus.

Implementing faceted navigation differs across search technologies and can be very complex. In terms of application development, writing code that constructs queries constitutes the bulk of the work. Creating an AngularJS AutoComplete Tag Input Widget. Are you building an AngularJS app that needs an autocomplete tag widget?

Creating an AngularJS AutoComplete Tag Input Widget

You might have tried several jQuery solutions. But trust me, it's very easy to create such a custom autocomplete widget with pure AngularJS. This tutorial is going to teach you how to build an autocomplete tag input widget with AngularJS. Here is a video demo of the end product. Getting Started. CDYNE. CDYNE services are post-pay.


Your credit card will be charged one month from the day of sign-up, then billed monthly startingCancel at any time. Wdyl. WebPurify™ Profanity Filter. Automated image categorization API based on machine learning. Product Discovery Imagine a website for interior design inspiration.

Automated image categorization API based on machine learning

The API can be trained to recognize if the user-uploaded image has a chair, sofa, table, TV set, bath, and so on. Then the website can present the products in a neatly sorted set of categories instead of a random unsorted mess of images. Asset Management Processing large volumes of photos is a problem, which every organization that needs to handle image content relates to. Concept Recognition. Sentiment Analysis. Free Site Crawler and Google Sitemap Generator. This free crawler (designed by Jim Boykin) lets you generate Google Sitemap, spell-check, identify your site crawl issues and errors; Crawl as deep as 1000 pages!

Free Site Crawler and Google Sitemap Generator

It can take a while to crawl and analyze the whole website: Feel free to provide your email and we'll message you the results as soon as it is done! Disclaimer: We don't store or use your information in any way Links are one of the most essential elements of any website. Not only do they allow pages to connect with other related pages and sites, they are also essential in optimizing pages for SEO. The Google Sitemap Generator makes it easy for SEOs and webmasters to check the external and internal links on their website to find any errors and identify link rot and redirects. To begin using the sitemap generator paste or type the home page URL of your website into the box and select how many pages you would like scanned.

The data that results from the online sitemap generator is interactive. Results Tables. ROR - Structured Feeds, Content, Blogging. Salmon Run: Exploring OpenCalais and Alchemy NER APIs. We are building a new NLP pipeline at work for Natural Language Understanding of Patient Health Records (PHR).

Salmon Run: Exploring OpenCalais and Alchemy NER APIs

We plan on extending our existing concept mapping technology that has served us well so far. The text corpora we have dealt with so far are journal articles and book chapters at one end of the spectrum to blog posts on the other - in other words, articles written by professionals and generally proof-read for grammar and spelling. MonkeyLearn - Text Mining Made Easy. OpenCalais. 8 APIs your news organization should start using today. If your news site isn’t using APIs, you’re missing out.

8 APIs your news organization should start using today

APIs represent one of the fastest and most effective ways to enhance the quality of your site. They let you build on the work of others and provide your readers and viewers with a premium browsing experience. Tag Clouds Gallery: Examples And Good Practices. Advertisement Compared to conventional navigation patterns tag clouds don’t necessarily offer a more convenient and intuitive navigation.

Tag Clouds Gallery: Examples And Good Practices

However, used properly, they can provide visitors with an instant illustration of the main topics, giving a very specific and precise orientation of the site’s content. Since human beings tend to think in concepts and models, it’s easier to get an idea of presented content if the main concepts are given straight away — in digestible pieces, and prioritized by their weight.

In fact, the main advantage of tag clouds lies in their ability to highlight the most important or/and popular subjects dynamically which is not the case in conventional navigation menus. Tag clouds offer a quite interesting approach for site navigation; although the technique is sometimes considered to be an “alternative”, it shouldn’t replace the “common” navigation but support it giving users additional clues about the content of the site. Tag Clouds: Are They Here To Stay? Dynamic Tag Based Navigation for Web Sites. Conceptual formulation Topic.

Dynamic Tag Based Navigation for Web Sites

Reegle tagging API. Mongodb - How to implement post tags in Mongo? CMS Content Organization Structures: Trees vs Facets vs Tags. This article discusses the state of trees as a content organization structure in modern CMS as opposed to other approaches. Update 18th Feb, 2015: This post got a reply from Contentful, which you can read here. MongoDB Blog. By Jon Rangel, MongoDB Consulting Engineer Introduction Faceted search, or faceted navigation, is a way of browsing and searching for items in a set of data by applying filters on various properties (facets) of the items in the collection. It is increasingly seen as an important part of the UI for many search platforms, and indeed nowadays is pretty much expected in places such as e-commerce websites. Faceted search makes it easy for users to navigate to the specific item or items they are interested in. It complements more free-form keyword search by facilitating exploration and discovery and is therefore useful when a user may not know the specific keywords they wish to search on.

Add Tag Cloud With Spring Data MongoDB And Thymeleaf - Welcome to Jiwhiz Consulting Inc. Recommended SQL database design for tags or tagging. Solr Keyword Tagging Plugin - Automatically Identify keywords in Solr. Searchbox-Tagger is a keyword extractor plugin for Solr. Our plugin identifies keyword by creating in an unsupervised fashion a model based directly on your respective corpus. This painless process guarantees high quality keywords with maximum information content, extremely well suited to your text. Searchbox-Tagger operates as either a SearchComponent or a RequestHandler.

Thus it has the option of providing keywords from plain-text via a Solr endpoint or supplementing existing searches by appending keywords per document in the result set. These tags have are nearly instantly computed and greatly help with the information retrieval or faceting processes. Use Cases.