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Tech Consulting Group

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Risto Virkkalan perustamia, omistamia ja johtamia firmoja. Risto Virkkala on DI, Otaniemen teknillinen fysiikka.

Tech Consulting Group: selkeästi holding-yhtiö. Pieni liikevaihto, mutta isoja "muita eriä" eli osinkotuloja. Riston ja vaimon hallinnassa.

ePassi, lv > 10 M
Deveo, lv > 0.6 M
Eficode, lv > 7.6 M
Graywolfventures, est. 2015. Liikevaihto ei tiedossa. Portfolioyritykset:
-Gizlo, Trail, ePassi, Eficode. Gray Wolf Ventures. About Focus on growth and delivery We have our focus on helping early stage startups to create and deliver their innovations as high-quality products.

We are experts in using modern technologies to enable scalability and sustainability from the very beginning. ePassi, belonging to the same group with us, was selected as the fastest growing business in Finland by Deloitte. With us you are stronger We commit ourselves to help you succeed. Portfolio and group members Gizlo reinvents the way consumer research is done. ePassi is the most modern payment method for non-taxable employee benefits. Eficode builds software products that meet business needs with uncompromising efficiency. Trail is a revolutionary tool for tangible asset management. How we integrate to other tools and applications - Deveo. Tech Consulting Group TCG. Front page - Eficode. Etusivu | ePassi: Älykkäin maksutapa työnantajille, työntekijöille ja käyttöpaikoille.