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Project Learning. Interactive WhiteBoard Resources. 4Teachers : Main Page. Teaching Resources. Easy Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers. Microsoft Mouse Mischief. Download Microsoft Mouse Mischief (Thai) Before you may install or use the software you must accept the license terms below. If you do not accept the license terms, installations will not proceed. You may print the license terms by clicking the "Print" button below. After installation, the license terms are available by returning to this page. Once downloaded you may install Microsoft Mouse Mischief. I accept the license terms. I do not accept the license terms. After accepting the license terms, you should download a copy to your computer. The Top 5 Web 2.0 Sites for Teachers - Associated Content - asso. There has never been a better time for teachers to integrate technology into the classroom curriculum.

The Top 5 Web 2.0 Sites for Teachers - Associated Content - asso

The internet is awash with innovative and creative websites for teachers to use with their students. The following five sites are the best of the bunch, and all of them are free for educators! 1. Animoto for Education - This slick online video editor really has to be seen to be believed. You upload pictures or video to the Animoto site, choose some music from their online library, add text and then let Animoto work its magic. 2. 3. 4. 5. Testmoz - The Test Generator.

Education - For K12 Education. Free Textbooks: A Meta Collection. Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Teacher Resources, and Rubrics from Top 11 Free Tools For Schools. CyberSmart! Student Curriculum. Graphic Organizers. Graphic Organizers Graphic Organizers are effective visual representations of knowledge.

Graphic Organizers

They chunk information thus complimenting the manner in which our brains work. Graphic Organizers can be used to... MotivateGuide ThinkingIncrease RecallDevelop VocabularyOrganize Information Assist UnderstandingPromote Active Learning Activate Prior KnowledgeFacilitate Prereading, Postreading, Prewriting, Revising & Discussing Graphic Organizers have many forms... Bar Charts...#1 (Bar Chart 10) #2 (Bar Chart 20) Cause & Effect... #1 (Cause & Effect - Students can write about one cause & three effects.) #2 (Cause & Effect - Students write about what happened in a box and space is provided in three ovals to write the causes.) (Cause & Effect - Students can write about two causes that lead to one effect.) #4 (Cause & Effect - Students write about 4 causes and the effect.) #14 (Cause & Effect Star - Provides space for 1 cause and 6 effects.)

Utah Education Network. Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Teacher Resources, and Rubrics from KS2 Bitesize: English - Poetry - read. All Grades, All Subjects, Lesson Plan Directories. Free PowerPoint Presentations Using, Finding, Citing Primary Resources Core Knowledge Units: PK K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, , 4th, 5th, 6th Lesson Plans for Teachers (scholastic) Huge Number of Lesson Plans organized by subject (BC) C-R-E-A-T-E from Mississippi Teachers The Teachers Network Interactive for Younger Students (Fun Brain) Utah Teacher Link Science Lesson Plans (NIH) Yale New Haven Teachers Thinkquest Index BBC Education Teaching Online PBS Teacher Source Huge Lesson Base (K-12, CA) Smithsonian Lesson Plan Base.

C&#0183R&#0183E&#0183A&#0183T&#0183E for Mississippi >> Classroom Resouces >> Lesson Plans >> Celebrity Stew. Celebrity Stew Subject Area: Language Arts Grade Level(s): 7 Duration of Activity: Three to five, 50-minute class periods Description of Activity: Students will research information about a chosen celebrity from book and multimedia sources.

C&#0183R&#0183E&#0183A&#0183T&#0183E for Mississippi >> Classroom Resouces >> Lesson Plans >> Celebrity Stew

Maths: General Resources: Planning & Assessment. Lessons: 1968 to the present. Skip Navigation.

Lessons: 1968 to the present

Teachers Home > Teachers' Resources > Teaching With Documents >Lessons: 1968 to the present Lessons by Era More Lesson Plan Resources Primary Source Research & Classroom Resources DocsTeachFind and create interactive learning activities with primary source documents that promote historical thinking skills. State & Regional Lesson Plans Analysis Worksheets Contemporary United States (1968 to the present) More Online Primary Source Resources for Era 10 -- Contemporary United States PDF files require the free Adobe Reader.

Primary Resources: English: