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June 15, 2010 § Want to find your mind? Learn to direct your dreams This article in NewScientist made me nostalgic for the days when I remembered my dreams. There was a time when I was very young when I could lucid dream. For many years I could remember my dreams. Want to find your mind Want to find your mind
Real solutions from real experts. June 16, 2010 § This is what happens when you put scientists, engineers, and physicists in charge of a project instead of bureaucrats, accountants and lawyers. Aspirin and dental floss: Homespun high-energy physics. Real solutions from real experts.
A new way to count
A reason for capitalists to care about Quantum Physics.
July 19, 2010 § Fantastic insights. Humor has always reached me better than any other form of communication. Someone is always going to be offended. A Ridiculous Essay on Rational Outreach (via The Tribal Scientist) A Ridiculous Essay on Rational Outreach (via The Tribal Scientist)
A public immunity to freeloaders « The Tribal Scientist July 25, 2010 § So many articles have been written about the Anti-Vaxers lately that they start to blend together. This one by Mike McRae really stands out. He approaches the subject in a reasoned and rational way. Not that I don’t appreciate the sarcasm and humor of other recent posts that have taken on Jenny Mccarthy and the AVN. A public immunity to freeloaders « The Tribal Scientist
Science-based Hippies? « She Thought Science-based Hippies? « She Thought July 25, 2010 § What? Oh, OK now I get it.
Schedule for LHC’s next few years revealed July 26, 2010 § The race is on, or continuing between the LHC and the Tevatron. Regular readers know of my passion for particle physics. I find the work they are doing at the accelerators endlessly fascinating. Will they find this Higgs? Personally I don’t think so. Schedule for LHC’s next few years revealed
Critical Thinking 101: A Skeptics Toolkit Critical Thinking 101: A Skeptics Toolkit July 27, 2010 § Have you ever tried convincing someone that ghosts aren’t real, aliens are not abducting people or that psychics are con artists, only to end up in an argument? It has happened to me. More often you are presented with a situation where a friend or family member states something you know to be complete baloney, but out of politeness or fear you say nothing. Well, thanks to The Cleveland Skeptics, now you can. They have put together a toolkit.
LHC results: Not just the same old thing LHC results: Not just the same old thing July 27, 2010 § At the International Conference on High Energy Physics someone said something about Supersymmetry. These guys are talking way over my head. But it sounds very exciting and I want to understand. Is there someone who can dumb it down just a little for me? I guess what I want to know is this, does this support the theory of Supersymmettry?
The Importance of Unbelief | Stephen Fry July 30, 2010 § Skeptic Top Trumps Cards by Caricature Club Stephen Fry, for those who don’t know him, is a brilliant actor, writer, quiz show host and all around great guy. The Importance of Unbelief | Stephen Fry
Are you a Skeptic or a Cynic Are you a Skeptic or a Cynic The next time you are about to call something a load of crap, ask yourself this question. Are you being a skeptic or just a cynic? There is a difference. Yes, there is an overlap many times with a lot of people. Just because something doesn’t fit your preconceived notion of how the world works, doesn’t make it wrong.
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AtlasResults < Atlas < TWiki
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