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G. Guest Blog: Words, pictures, and the visual display of scientific information: Getting back to the basics of information design. Data visualization.

Guest Blog: Words, pictures, and the visual display of scientific information: Getting back to the basics of information design

Infographics. Ooh, better yet, make that interactive infographics. The recent buzz around the visual display of information makes it seem like everyone should be rushing to whip up some multi-colored cartogram, bubble chart or word cloud. Never before have we had both the tools and the vast amounts of raw data to play around with, and scientists and journalists alike are making fabulous use of this opportunity. From unemployment rates to air traffic patterns to the wealth and health of nations to blood test results, information has never been so fun to look at. But before we get too carried away with swirling globes and animated charts, it’s worth going back to the basics – taking note of some simple methods for visually presenting data. Put words into pictures If I handed you an anatomical drawing and told you to label different body parts, what would you do?

[Left - Viscera of a Pigeon, Zoology: an elementary text-book, 1901. [Right - Orion, Uranometria, 1661. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Seas by Jules Verne – Free eBook on Read Print. 1351381367867.jpg (446×336) VUrUA.jpg (424×600) eMaax.jpg (JPEG Image, 400 × 497 pixels) Game of Thrones, All Houses with Banners. All of your favorite house’s from the Best Book Inspired Depiction on TV Don’t forget to tell which is your favorite house in upcoming Game Of Thrones Season 3.

Game of Thrones, All Houses with Banners

House Baratheon The youngest of the Great Houses, born during the Wars of Conquest. Its founder, Orys Baratheon, was rumored to be Aegon the Dragon’s bastard brother. Orys rose through the ranks to become one of Aegon’s fiercest commanders. House Stark The Starks trace their descent from Brandon the Builder and the ancient Kings of Winter. House Lannister Fair-haired, tall, and handsome, the Lannisters are the blood of Andal adventurers who carved out a mighty kingdom in the western hills and valleys. House Arryn The Arryns are descended from the kings of Mountain and Vale, one of the oldest and purest lines of Andal nobility. House Tully The Tullys never reigned as kings, though they held rich lands and the great castle at Riverrun for a thousand years. House Greyjoy House Targaryen House Tyrell House Martell.


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