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Polycraft World. Minecraft Physics. Here is a great video showing some physics in the game Minecraft.

Minecraft Physics

Similar to Angry Birds, this is a great world to explore physics. Why? Mostly because you can set up your own experiments. That is exactly what is done in this video. Essentially they do the following: 0.0]Steve's Carts v0.10. [TP] Wormhole X-Treme - Multi-World capable Stargates v1.011 [1185. Double-Slit Experiment in Minecraft. Main Page - Steam-Craft. Minecraft Mods - Mods For Minecraft. MCModCenter. Minemapper - Home. Home. Pjpuas's Minecraft Worlds. Mojang — Creators of Minecraft. The Word of Notch. Minecraft Wiki. Minecraft.

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