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Understanding LV Professional Liability Insurance. Business Insurance » Insurance » Las Vegas » Understanding Professional Liability Insurance In the past ten years or so, the landscape concerning employee hiring has changed dramatically.

Understanding LV Professional Liability Insurance

Instead of hiring new employees, companies are hiring independent contractors and consultants for specific projects. It is pretty much common knowledge that companies’ bottom lines are the reason behind the surge in hiring independent contractors instead of hiring new employees. Since these independent contractors/consultants are hired for a specific project, the company saves a fair amount of money, since they probably will have to pay zero towards any benefits for this person. Understanding Professional Liability Insurance. Over the past ten plus years, more and more companies across the country have forsaken hiring new employees and have used more independent contractors.

Understanding Professional Liability Insurance

Now, we all know why corporations are using independent contractors instead of hiring new employees–attention to the bottom line. Independent contractors can be hired for a specific project, and since they are not an employee, there are zero benefits being paid out, which can save the company quite a bit of money. As a result of this shift in corporate operations, the consulting industry has seen quite a boom in the last ten years. About PJO Insurance Brokerage Nevada. Nevada Insurance Brokerage. Important Notes On California Business Insurance. Reviewing Your Current OC Insurance Policies? Reviewing Your Current Orange County Insurance Policies?

Reviewing Your Current OC Insurance Policies?

Ensure your Orange County business has the insurance it needs by reviewing your policies. Patrick O’Neill talks about things you may have overlooked. Are Your Phoenix, AZ Insurance Policies Protecting You? Are Your Current Phoenix, AZ Insurance Policies Protecting You?

Are Your Phoenix, AZ Insurance Policies Protecting You?

When did you last review your insurance coverage? Ensure your business’s policies are up to date. Phoenix, Arizona In any business, internal audits and reviews are a large part of the business plan. From the products and/or services you sell to vendors and subs you may use, every facet of your business is always under some kind of review.

Start with your General Liability policy. Some Very Important Notes On CA Insurance. Some Very Important Notes On California Insurance Does a CA start-up business really need insurance?

Some Very Important Notes On CA Insurance

Broker Patrick O’Neill tells about how getting coverage later can become problematic. Orange County, California Over the past several years of working with my clients and potential clients, there have been a few “special” situations we have encountered. PJO Brokerage AZ sur Twitter : "A Few Important Notes On Arizona Insurance #businessinsurance #commercialinsurance #arizona. A Few Important Notes On Arizona Insurance. In the last ten to fifteen years of working with clients and potential clients, we have seen quite a few unique situations, to say the least.

A Few Important Notes On Arizona Insurance

It seems like, in the past year, our website has received quite a few requests for quotes for insurance of all kinds, and some companies that have been in business for several years have had no insurance coverage of any kind, which, to us, is mind boggling. In one case, the company had been in business for eight years installing equipment, and the equipment required plumbing work, which, as we all know if not done properly, can be a huge claim waiting to happen. In talking with this person, it became evident that he just couldn’t imagine a situation where he would ever need General Liability Insurance coverage. His only reason to get the insurance was that a huge contract that he was recently awarded required it. Product Liability Insurance, Vital to Your CA Company. In Southern California each year, thousands of new small businesses are created, and many of these new companies will engage in selling some kind of product from a store-front operation or direct to the consumer through their own website.

Product Liability Insurance, Vital to Your CA Company

In fact, with all the advantages that the internet can offer a new business in this day and age, it has never been easier or more affordable to start a new business than it is in current times. Many of those new entities are in the business of selling products, everything you can imagine from food products, health-related products, energy drinks, computer-related products, and so many things that it’s hard to keep up with them at times. If your new start-up venture is in the area of selling a product, then one of the best first moves your company can make is to make sure that you have an Orange County Product Liability Insurance policy in place. Written By: Patrick O’Neill – Owner ShareThis. Need to Know About AZ Business Insurance. This is a very interesting question because the answer is as much as you possibly can.

Need to Know About AZ Business Insurance

Each business is unique and comes with its own set of must-have coverages. Since there are numerous coverages available, we will cover a few basic coverages. General Liability Insurance Acquiring an Arizona General Liability Insurance policy is the first step that should be taken. This type of insurance policy is designed to protect your company in the event that someone files a claim related to one of the following areas: bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and advertising injury, such as slander and libel. What is Arizona General Liability Insurance?

General Liability is an insurance policy that is designed to protect your business from potential claims filed against your company related to the following: advertising injury, such as slander and libel, property damage, personal injury, and bodily injury.

What is Arizona General Liability Insurance?

We believe that every business, whether you are large or small, should have an Arizona General Liability Insurance policy. Most General Liability policies can cover the cost of an attorney and their fees, court costs, and may cover potential settlements or a judgment against your company, including a claimant’s medical expenses up to your policy limits. A claim may also include injuries or damages that happen at your place of business as well as one that is off-site that may have been caused by you directly or by some neglect on your part or on the part of one of your employees.

Please be aware there is no set premium for General Liability Coverage. Written By: Another Day, Another Data Breach Happens. Whether you read the newspaper in the morning or go online on your tablet/Smartphone for your daily news fix, chances are you will be reading about another company reporting that their data was hacked, exposing their clients’ names and personal information including credit and debit card info.

Another Day, Another Data Breach Happens

Now, I’m sure that most small or medium Arizona business owners are thinking that mostly only large companies get hit by hackers, and that there is little to no risk that it would happen to a company of their size, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, hackers are getting much smarter about which targets to go after. They already understand that small and medium businesses generally are not spending the kind of money on securing their networks as they should, and, therefore, become easy prey for hackers. Business Insurance on a Vacant Business. Question: Can business insurance be obtained on a vacant commercial business? Will a vacant property that is being purchased be considered “vacant” during the renovation? I need to purchase a insurance policy but I am being told a lot of different alternatives.

My main concern is if the property is unoccupied but being renovated is that considered vacant under an Arizona commercial insurance policy. Answer: This question was posed by one of my clients, but there was a little more to the question. He was purchasing a vacant building with a plan to renovate it so that it would more desirable to potential companies looking for quality space to lease.

The first thing we did was to secure a builder’s risk policy to cover the renovations on the building. After the improvements were completed, my client was not quite sure how long the property would be vacant until he found the right tenant. Reposted from Yahoo! Written By: PJOInsurance : The OC Entrepreneurial Spirit ... The OC Entrepreneurial Spirit - Alive & Doing Well. With the Orange County, CA economy coming back to life, to a level we haven’t been accustomed to for a few years, there has been a sizable increase in people taking that giant step forward and starting their own business.

Overall, this has been the highest rate of new entrepreneurs being created we have now than in the past fifteen years. In a perfect world, all these new companies that started would become successful, but, unfortunately, that isn’t the case. The facts say about 15% of them fail in the first twelve months, and almost a third of them are out of business by their third year. The main cause for this type of failure rate is fairly simple – the new owner was not prepared, in other words, they did not have a viable business plan in place to guide them or would not be ready when a major disaster happened, and that incident closed their doors forever.

PJOInsurance : Entrepreneurial Spirit: Alive ... Entrepreneurial Spirit - Alive & Doing Well in Arizona. With the economy recovering to levels we haven’t seen in a few years, more and more people are taking the plunge and starting their own Arizona business. In fact, the rate of new entrepreneurs being created are at the highest level we have seen in the past twenty years. Scottsdale Umbrella Insurance By PJO Brokerage. PJOInsurance : The Case for an Umbrella Policy... The Case for an Umbrella Policy. Phoenix Business Insurance By PJO Insurance Brokerage. Orange County California Business Insurance. Scottsdale Business Insurance By PJO Insurance Brokerage. The Best Way to Compare Insurance for Professional Services Firms. We believe one of the best ways to compare coverages and pricing for a small professional services office is to contact an experienced and professional insurance agent, one who has experience writing the type of business insurance that will fit your particular needs.

By choosing an independent agent, the agent can obtain a quote from several carriers on your behalf, which will give you choices that a captive agent will not be able to do. The agent will then analyze the quotes for comparable coverages and extras provided at various premiums to determine which program is best suited for the client. By contacting an independent agent, the client saves time and effort, since they will not have to spend their valuable time calling several agents for comparison quotes. The Art of Shopping for Scottsdale Business Insurance. I have noticed lately that more and more commercials about insurance are more or less saying the same thing, “We can save you hundreds of dollars or save you fifteen to twenty percent of what you are currently paying for insurance. Just go online and we will send you a quote, and you are good to go.” Now, this really fascinates me, because I am looking at these commercials and wondering if the client has any idea if they are getting the right coverage for their hard-earned money?

I can only assume that one way they will find out if they have proper coverage is if they file a claim, which is definitely the wrong way to find out you didn’t get the correct and necessary coverage. Recently, I quoted two different accounts: a roofing contractor and a counselor who works with kids and young adults. When presenting the insurance quote for the Scottsdale roofing contractor, he informed me that he had acquired another quote so we compared the quotes side by side. Written By: Magic.piktochart. Orange County Start-Up Business Insurance By PJO Brokerage. Have You Reviewed Your Coverage Lately? PJO Insurance Brokerage. Understanding Business Insurance Rate By PJO Brokerage.