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Leefco. Steelie Connect Case System for iPhone 6. The Steelie Connect Case System for the iPhone 6 is the perfect combination of the durable, protective Connect Case and the portable and functional Steelie Vent Mount Kit.

Steelie Connect Case System for iPhone 6

Two interchangeable clip/bases allow the Connect Case to function perfectly either in your pocket or in any vehicle for the ultimate in portability & protection. Product Information. Steelie - The World's Greatest Mobile Device Holder. Handleband - Universal Smartphone Bar Mount. Product Information The HandleBand Universal Smartphone Bar Mount allows you to securely attach most mobile phones to a handlebar, with or without a case, to be easily seen and conveniently accessible to use while riding, walking, or running.

Handleband - Universal Smartphone Bar Mount

Made with a lightweight expandable silicone with an aluminum base at its core, the single band securely wraps around nearly any sized bar - including bicycles, jogging strollers, and shopping carts. It can be positioned wherever you want, attached and removed as often as you need, and is designed to allow full functionality of your smartphone while it's in place. View maps, talk to Siri, use your training apps, or video camera - or even use your phone as a bike light at night - all while keeping your smartphone safe and accessible. VW Camper Van Tent. Misfit Shine Activity Tracker. Gone are the days of some ex-military jerk yelling in your ear as you force yourself to perform another gut-wrenching pull-up.

Misfit Shine Activity Tracker

With the Misfit Shine Activity Tracker you can now hold your fitness instructor in the palm of your hand...or stick them in your pocket, or attach them to your shoe laces, or clip them to your belt, or wrap them around your wrist. This attentive little tablet accurately tracks your walking, running, swimming, cycling and even your sleep patterns.

Steps, calories, distances, you name it – it's measuring it. Just give it a tap to see your progress throughout the day; a circle of twelve tiny lights gently glow to indicate how you're getting on. Place Shine on your smart-phone screen to wirelessly sync via Bluetooth, set goals and explore a rich hive of stats, trends and insights. BioLite Camping Stove. BioLite Camping Stove. Beardski. FREAK MASKS. Dig out a good quality photo of you, your mate, your dog, a pineapple, anything.


Veho Vecto Speaker & Charger. Outdoor speakers are a bit of an enigma.

Veho Vecto Speaker & Charger

They never quite seem to live up to the expectation. Either the battery life is terrible, they churn out laughably bad sound quality or they just pack it in as soon as they're exposed to even a single drop of rain. Well, allow us to introduce a genuine game changer to this gloomy world of portable speaker mediocrity – the Veho Vecto Speaker & Charger. Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens System for iPhone. Zooka Bluetooth Speaker Bar. Boon Glo Nightlight. Every kid from 3 to 90 years old knows the dark can bring with it all manner of perils.

Boon Glo Nightlight

The Bogeyman, malevolent ghosts, urban foxes, freaky pale girls - with black hair covering their face - walking like crabs, Bob. It’s no picnic. Only light can battle the dark. Smarter Coffee. Thin King Wallet. There are two types of people in this world: Those who love a hearty thick-set wallet, bulging with shrapnel and brimming with decade-old receipts and loyalty cards.

Thin King Wallet

Then there are those who prefer to carry just the very bare essentials, and if you fall into this second category you will love the Thin King Wallet. Perfect for everyday use, this slick little wallet is just 8mm thick and made from a rugged anodized aluminium so that it's incredibly strong but also very lightweight. An ingenious internal gripping method allows you to securely hold between one and four cards without them falling out and its classic modern design means it'll blend in seamlessly with your own style.

Continuing the valiant battle against electronic purse-snatching, the Thin King will also keep your cards nice and safe from RFID skimmers and scanners. LifeStraw. Bear Grylls has shown us that out in the wild you can wring out a large clump of juicy cow dung and enjoy a brief, bitter squirt of brown juice.


Scrubba Portable Washing Machine. Sugru. StickNFind. Try as we might, we all lose stuff.


All the bleeding time. We have those magic spots where we consistently leave our things and yet still, our belongings inexplicably vanish when we need them most. Scarcely bigger than a pound coin and able to firmly adhere to just about anything, the life/time/sanity-saving StickNFind enables you to keep tabs on all those precious items of yours and make sure that they never mysteriously go AWOL again. The intuitive radar app displays all of your devices within range, simply select the sticker on the screen to track it. Robot Head Portable Charger. G-Paws Pet GPS Tracker. Cash Stash Keychain. Citrus Zinger Water Bottle. Fire Stash Keyring.

TanSafe. Sphero Ollie. ChargeKey. Camera Lens Travel Mug. Shirtshuttle MK3. Playbulb Candle. Candles have been the go-to ambient lighting solution since man first "invented" fire and began eating romantic meals in caves.

Playbulb Candle

But it's now time to embrace the 21st Century and bring a little advanced technicolour tranquillity into your home with the Playbulb Candle. BioLite Camping Stove. The Perfect Drink. For too long we've splashed out on over-priced cocktails. Afraid to try it ourselves. Wrongly thinking that it's impossible to achieve the same results without hours of professional training. The Perfect Drink is here to revolutionise home bartending and empower you to create beautiful looking and perfectly proportioned cocktails every single time. This smart set of scales pairs up with a free instructive app on your smartphone or tablet and it's packed with hundreds of cocktail recipes; everything from classic concoctions to more modern mixtures.

Simply place your vessel of choice (or the included stainless steel cocktail shaker) on the scale and start pouring. Samurai Umbrella. Samurai warriors don’t get wet. They dodge the raindrops using ancient techniques handed down to them by some doddery old bloke who looks like Mr Miyagi off The Karate Kid. Probably. Unfortunately, when it’s really bucketing down, even a full-on shogun master needs a bit of help – and here it is in the deeply stylish shape of the Samurai Umbrella.

Boom Box Touch Speaker. Portable party speakers – everyone wants to have a piece of the action (selfishly enforce their own impeccable music tastes). But too often they're thwarted by an outdated iPod connector, a painful Bluetooth setup or a missing 3.5mm cable. You really need a speaker that plays nicely with all devices, you need the Boom Box Touch Speaker.

Just place your phone or mp3 player on top of this frankly magical speaker, and it's sound will instantly become amplified. No docks, no tangled cables, no iffy Bluetooth connections, nothing.