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20 Not-for-Profit Organizations to Receive Free Media Monitoring Service from CyberAlert. STRATFORD, Conn.

20 Not-for-Profit Organizations to Receive Free Media Monitoring Service from CyberAlert

--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CyberAlert, Inc., the worldwide online news monitoring, press clipping, broadcast monitoring and social media monitoring service, today announced the award of 20 public relations (PR) grants for 2011 to not-for-profit organizations in the United States Canada and Japan. “The PR Grants program is our way of giving back to the PR community that has helped us become a leading worldwide media monitoring company. We intend to continue the grants program for many years to come” Each grant is for one free year of CyberAlert 5.0 Online News Monitoring Service. Award winners may also opt to receive CyberAlert’s TV news monitoring service or social media monitoring services including blog monitoring, message board monitoring, online video monitoring and Twitter monitoring.

In announcing the award recipients, William J. The total retail value of this year's grants exceeds $75,000. The following organizations are CyberAlert’s 2011 Public Relations grant recipients: Social Media: How You Can Guide Lost Families to Their Strollers. My family and I were once leaving a crowded show at Disneyworld.

Social Media: How You Can Guide Lost Families to Their Strollers

Disoriented, we couldn't figure out where to find our strollers before we muscled ourselves toward the exit. A helpful Disney employee about 10 feet away overheard our conversation. He interrupted us, asking, "Excuse me, but are you trying to find your strollers? " He pointed out a shortcut to bypass the crowd and get us there. We were quite impressed with Disney's customer service, but in particular that they could get us where we needed to be without requiring a lot of steps or much effort on our part. Unfortunately, a company can't exactly station contact center employees in every store branch, living room, and street corner to try and pick up on the problems that its customers might be experiencing.

Social CRM Doesn’t Exist, But a Need Does. Social CRM is to the social media craze what eCRM was to the dot com bubble.

Social CRM Doesn’t Exist, But a Need Does

The enterprise apps community is hungry for a big new category and social CRM smells tasty. As a result, software vendors, tech media and research analysts are all racing to promote and opine on this new market. Gartner, for example, appears to have hastily published their Magic Quadrant for Social CRM, which has been panned as confusing and unfocused. But Social CRM Doesn’t Exist In reality, social CRM is a misnomer. It doesn’t exist yet. “There is no such thing as a social CRM suite yet, says Jacob Morgan, Principle at Chess Media Group. The debate over social CRM has been drawn out over the past couple of years and analysts are still at odds over how to define it. “Trying to put a blanket over it and calling it a market is very difficult right now,” says Bob Thompson, CEO of CustomerThink.

So why all the buzz? Social media monitoring. Software vendors are all racing to build complete social CRM suites. Making the research connection. How are market researchers using social media?

Making the research connection

Francesco D’Orazio, Sharmila Subramanian and Jess Owen of Face’s social media team find out. There’s no shortage of impressive stats on social media usage. Social networking now accounts for about a quarter of time spent online in the US, according to Nielsen. That makes it the single biggest category of online activity – bigger than email, gaming and instant messaging put together.

If we see market research as a route to greater consumer understanding, it is going to become increasingly important that we as researchers develop an understanding of the social media environment in which consumers are increasingly immersing themselves. In August, Face began the Social Media in Research project to explore how market researchers are using social media.

The project began by analysing 345,819 tweets posted by 3,500 researchers on Twitter over a one-month period using Face’s social media research tool, Pulsar. 10 Ways To Measure Your Audience On Facebook.