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The Importance Of Online Video In Transmedia Campaigns - Starlight Runner's Jeff Gomez. Transmedia Keyword Research. How Transmedia Storytelling Is Changing TV. Lisa Hsia is Executive Vice President of Bravo Digital Media.

How Transmedia Storytelling Is Changing TV

Until now, media companies have focused on getting audiences to watch shows “live” via a TV set, where the bulk of advertising dollars are. But transmedia storytelling — which is defined as telling a story that extends across multiple media platforms (for television, it's going beyond the on-air show) — has the ability to upend that. “Transmedia” is one of those hot buzz words du jour, with conferences, articles and trend reports devoted to it. Yet it’s not a new concept. Creating Transmedia Narratives: The Structure & Design of Stories T...

Why Transmedia Storytelling Matters To Your Brand.