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Data Analytics through Big Data. Data Analytics is the method or more specifically a process of collecting and analyzing large data sets to discover accurate information.

Data Analytics through Big Data

Big data Analytics mainly used by businesses for Market Trends, Customer Behaviour, Needs and Decisions, additional business information to make more precise business decisions. In Big Data Analytics, there is some specialized software application are developed to perform operations. Best Big Data Analytics Tools Apache Hadoop, MONGODB, ELASTICSEARCH, INFINITE. There are four types of Big Data Analytics Predictive Data Analytics: - It recognizes earlier data patterns to predict the future outcomes. Example: - Discovering future prospects and opportunities for a company. Prescriptive Analytics: - It helps to discover the actions that should be done and also provides suggestions for the next steps.

Example: - Analyzing Patient's health information to find better solutions for recovery. What is Apache Hadoop? If you know that what is Big Data then understanding Hadoop is not difficult for you.

What is Apache Hadoop?

Hadoop is open-source software which developed by Apache corporation. It can store and analyze structured and unstructured large data sets called "Big Data". The Apache Hadoop is baked with immense power to process Big Data. A Hadoop Developer should have knowledge of major programming languages like Java, and SQL. Hadoop allows distributed processing of huge data sets over clusters of computers more effectively than the conventional enterprise data warehouse. "Did you know the name "Hadoop" was given upon the toy elephant of Doug Cutting's son. " The Hadoop framework is comprised of the following modules: Hadoop Common: - It includes libraries and utilities required by different Hadoop modules. Top 5 Most Popular Messenger Applications for Android Mobile. In this Digital world, There are so many trends are most popular in youngsters life.But one of the most popular and most likable is an instant messing so everyone wants a best messaging app for it.

Top 5 Most Popular Messenger Applications for Android Mobile

How much time did you spend with your smartphone? I can say that most of the time you use to chat with your friends or family and use messaging apps for that. There are lots of messaging apps available on the play store that you can user at daily basis. Some most popular apps are WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Hike, Hangout, Skype, IMO, and many more. The basic features of a messenger app are to allow a user to send text, images, audio, and video files to other users. Most Useful Firefox Tools for Web Developers. Mozilla Firefox is the oldest browser that we are using and it is fast, efficient, and user-friendly as well.

Most Useful Firefox Tools for Web Developers

Some people say that Google Chrome is faster than Firefox because maybe they don’t know the genuine and useful features of Firefox. For simple browsing, it is just awesome and it is also being used by Web Developers across the in Web Development. Here are sharing some most useful Firefox tools for Web Developers. Screenshot: We can generally use old Print Screen method or browser plugin to take a screenshot of the particular page. Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins 2017 – Piblog. A Testimonial plays an important role in promoting your product or services and build trust.

Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins 2017 – Piblog

A testimonial helps to boost conversions. Because of its big advantages, it became an important element of a website. In WordPress, you can easily add testimonials to your website with a plugin. There are many WordPress testimonial plugins available which help to add testimonials on the website easily. 10 Useful Ecommerce Marketing Tips to Boost your Sales and Revenue. If you have an e-commerce web portal then you want to boost your sale online in an easy way.

10 Useful Ecommerce Marketing Tips to Boost your Sales and Revenue

Because the main goal of any e-commerce website is to increase sale. You want that individual to buy what you have to offer whatever product or service. If you want that your e-commerce website display in front of many peoples for boost your sale and increase revenue then here is the most effective tips for you because after following mention tips you can easily bring your sale. Here are the lists of top 10 useful Ecommerce Marketing Tips to boost your Sales and Revenue 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Android App Development company in Indore. In recent few years, Android apps have enclosed the whole market of mobile application development and it has become possible because of the numerous benefits of Android like open source development platform, minimum investment, and so on.

Android App Development company in Indore

Pi technologies is well-known Mobile Application Development Company in Indore, which provide custom mobile Application Development Services for all platforms including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and web apps.Our highly experienced Mobile Application developer team makes sure your app concepts are converted into apps that are loved by your app users.

Our expert’s android app developers in Indore also build custom mobile application that fully matches to our clients requirements. Pi technologies, being an Android app development agency in Indore is well aware about the importance of the need of android apps in the market and therefore we are here for you to develop creative, fully functional apps for your industry. 24*7 support. Google Ads vs Facebook Ads Tips for Effective Online Advertising for Your Business. Looking to advertise your company online?

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads Tips for Effective Online Advertising for Your Business

Or to advertise your business/products/services on the internet, which in convert help in improving sales/revenue for your business? Then the apparent path you select is to tie up with Google Ads or Facebook Ads who declare to help in improving your sales/revenue. But have you ever considered how can Google or Facebook help any company in improving their sales/revenue? Google or Facebook don’t sell any Company’s products/services straight & take income for doing so. When you invest money on either Google Ads or Facebook Ads all they will provide you with in exchange is how many opinions they provided, how many opinions, how many clicks of the mouse, and to a level how many users (Leads) none of which are $$$ income.