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How do energy convert? - Studi Physics. Energy 101: Electricity Generation. Where energy comes from. Climate change 'has moved firmly into the present,' U.S. report says. Global warming is rapidly turning America into a stormy and dangerous place, with rising seas and disasters costing citizens from flood-stricken Florida to the wildfire-ravaged West, according to a new U.S. federal scientific report.

Climate change 'has moved firmly into the present,' U.S. report says

Climate change's assorted harms "are expected to become increasingly disruptive across the nation throughout this century and beyond," the National Climate Assessment concluded Tuesday. The report emphasizes how warming and its all-too-wild weather are changing daily lives, even using the phrase "climate disruption" as another way of saying global warming. Still, it's not too late to prevent the worst of climate change, says the 840-page report, which the White House is highlighting as it tries to jump-start often stalled efforts to curb heat-trapping gases. 'We're being hit hard. We're holding steady, and we're getting hit in the jaw. Jacoby, other scientists and White House officials said this is the most detailed and U.S.

PwC Map. Petroleum Economist in association with PwC, is proud to introduce the Global Renewable Energy Digital Map, a cartographic representation of installed renewable energy production capacity around the globe.

PwC Map

Detailing production and consumption of renewable energy around the world, this unique map enables you to pinpoint installed production capacity for hydro; onshore wind; offshore wind; solar; geothermal; marine; and biomass, with each energy type clearly labeled with its own icon for ease of recognition. Stay ahead of your competitors - quickly spot regional trends and potential areas for development to enhance your company's presence within the industry. Major installed renewable infrastructure developments: hydropower, onshore wind, offshore wind, solar (thermal & photovoltaic), geothermal, marine (wave and tidal) and biomass Clickable world map to regional and then individual country maps.

Illustrating the renewable energy infrastructure. Digital version published: November 2012. The Best Sites To Learn About Climate Change. My latest student interactive for ELLs at the NY Times is on climate change.

The Best Sites To Learn About Climate Change

It introduces students to the problem, and it also teaches them about the “Five W’s” – who, what, where, when and why. A writing prompt is included. I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of related online resources that are accessible to English Language Learners. I also have a number of links on The Best Sites To Introduce Environmental Issues Into The Classroom, and won’t be duplicating them here. So you might want to check-out that list, too.

Countdown To Copenhagen is a Wall Street Journal interactive timeline displaying major events related to climate change over the past forty years. Advancing Emissions is another interactive from the Wall Street Journal charting changes in greenhouse gas emissions over the past forty years. Breathing Earth is an intriguing visual representation of the effect each country has on climate change. PowerUp the Game. - Science Museum. Controlled Tornadoes Create Renewable Energy. Tornadoes may be destructive, but even funnel clouds have a silver lining.

Controlled Tornadoes Create Renewable Energy

Inspired by the process that creates natural twisters, electrical engineer Louis Michaud of Canada’s AVEtec Energy Corp. designed a nonpolluting source of swirling power he calls the Atmospheric Vortex Engine. The device can spin waste heat from power plants into usable energy. Instead of directing excess heat into conventional cooling towers that simply disperse it into the air, power plants could usher the heat into the hollow, open-topped tower of a vortex engine. A heat exchanger outside the tower transfers the extra heat (piped in as warm water) to ambient air. When this warmed air is directed into the tower at an angle, it encounters cooler air and produces a circular current. Michaud has already demonstrated working models of the engine up to 15 feet across, but the real deal would measure 300 feet wide and half as tall, capable of producing tamed twisters that stretch nine miles high.


Oil. Biomass. Tidal. Coal. Wind. General energy info. Solar. Geothermal. Natural gas. Games. Nuclear. Kids Zone: Energy & Electricity Electricity is an essential part of our daily lives.

Kids Zone:

We use electricity for almost everything we do, whether it's turning on the lights in our house, playing our favourite video game, or even blow drying our hair. Did you ever stop to think about where this electricity comes from? Electricity is a form of energy. Electricity begins with the smallest of all particles, the atom. Electricity can come in many different forms.

The type of energy that we use in our homes, schools, and businesses is different than static electricity. Every time you turn on a light switch, or your television, electricity is there working for you. First, the electricity needs to be made somewhere.