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How to make T-shirt Yarn. One of my best friends came to stay with us over the weekend and she showed up with a fun little craft project for us to do together. She showed me how to make t-shirt yarn and then how to finger weave a necklace! It was very simple and the possibilities of what you can do with the t-shirt yarn is endless. I can't wait to think up more t-shirt yarn projects. First things first. You need be a little bit picky about what kind of t-shirt you choose to cut up to make your yarn. Now that you have picked out a suitable t-shirt for your yarn, lay it flat and cut off the bottom seam and the top portion, right under the armpits. Fold what is left of the t-shirt in half but leave about an inch hanging over as in picture below: Now cut your shirt into about 1 inch strips, STOP cutting right after the first edge.

You will not cut all the way through the shirt. Now unfold your strips and start to open up the end of the shirt where it is still connect. Madelinetosh | Hand-dyed Yarns for Knitting and Crocheting | Patterns. Crochet and Knitting Patterns and Pattern Books. Tricots Prima | Prima | Page 3. Madder: Knit Patterns. Vantar för alla årstider. Diagonal Eyelet Hand Warmers Free Pattern. Let's start posting again some more interesting things! And what else could I choose to be back with, other than a new pair of cute hand warmers?

Fall is arrived with lot of rain here in Rome, making my hands cold.It has been such a hot summer, that I'm really happy to be able again to put on a chunky wool cardigan, drink warm tea and watch the rain falling over the window.This pair of hand warmers are made with a diagonal eyelets and ribbing cuffs and tops, I hope you'll enjoy this new free pattern! Here it is:Materials:One ball 100% Merinos wool extrafine (50g/135m), any DK weight yarn will work4.00mm Straight Needles5.00mm Straight Needles Abbrevations:k = knitp = purlyo = yarn overk2tog = knit 2 stitches togetherst/sts = stitch/stitches Handwarmers (make two!) :Cuff's Ribbing:Cast On 34 sts leaving a long tail for sewing handwarmer's cuff and part of body.Row1: k2, *p2,k2* acrossRow2: p2, *k2,p2* acrossRow3-14: Repeat Row1 for odd rows and Row2 for even rows.

SpringLeaves-f.pdf. My free patterns. A new crocheted beret, made with a Puff stitch pattern and embellished by a bow on a side! I think this is sooo cute, and the Merino wool makes it very soft and cozy.The pattern is simple, not so quick because of the Puff stitch, but not even too long...Here's another detail, (more pics on my Etsy shop)... ...and here's the pattern: Materials:Two ball 100% Merinos wool extrafine (50g/135m), Red. (DK weight yarn)4.00mm hook Abbreviations:ch = chainhdc = half double crochetyo = yarn oversc = simple crochetsl st = slip stitch Notions:Puff stitch (Ps): (Yo, insert hook in st, draw up long lp) 3times, yo and draw through all loops on hook, ch1.2Pstog.: (Yo, insert hook in st, draw up long lp) 3times, yo and draw through 6 loop, (Yo, insert hook in st, draw up long lp) 3times, yo and draw through all loops on hook, ch1.

Bow:Ch20, hdc in third ch from hook, and in each ch across, turn.Row 1: ch2, hdc in next st and in each across, turn.Rows 2-7: repeat row1.Cut yarn and weave in ends. Fair Isle Hat Pattern | Ruth Sorensen Nordic Hats Knitting Pattern. Ruth Sorensen Nordic Hats Fair Isle Knitting Pattern Have fun with color knitting! This versatile Fair Isle hat pattern features several patterns and the ability to knit hats at several gauges.

Ruth Sorensen patterns are written using metric measurements: 2.54 cm = 1". The hat is intended to be knit large and felted down to size. Knitters wishing to substitute superwash yarns should take this into consideration. Size: Adult You will need: 1 ball each of 2 colors Kauni Effektgarn yarn OR 220 yards each of main color and contrast color Size US 1 to 4 needles Gauge: 22 sts and 33 rows to 4" in pattern before felting. Par monts et par laines. Modèles gratuits sur nos zaiguilles. Pantoufles à rayures obliques. Voici un motif que j’aime bien ! J’ai tricoté avec deux fils en même temps mais c’est facultatif.

Version imprimable Taille : Femme : longueur de semelle 8 3/4 po (22 cm)Les indications pour la taille Enfant (longueur de semelle 6 po (15 cm) sont indiquées entre parenthèses. Si une seule indication est donnée, c’est qu‘elle s’applique à toutes les tailles. Fournitures : • Laine acrylique ou phentex de couleur pâle (P) • Laine acrylique ou phentex de couleur foncée (F) • Aiguilles : 5.5 mm Abréviation :gl. env. : glisser la maille en plaçant l’aiguille comme pour tricoter à l’envers Instructions : Le nombre de mailles doit être un multiple de 5. Monter 40 (30) mailles avec la couleur foncée (F). Répéter ces 2 blocs jusqu’à obtenir une longueur de 5 po (4 po) — 13 cm (10 cm), soit un total de 5 (4) blocs. Avec la couleur (P) :Rang 1 (end.) : 1 end., 2 end. ens., tricoter à l’endroit jusqu’à ce qu’il reste 3 mailles, term. par 2 end. ens., 1 end. Bon tricot ! Diagonal Striped Slippers Like this:

Falling in Love! | Diabollical Knits. Knitting on Paper – Laylock Knitwear Design. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that one of my new year’s resolutions for the past TWO years has been to knit a Fair Isle slipover, possibly with matching socks or legwarmers (& a jumper for Teddy?) And I haven’t even come close to designing one.

The trouble is that there are so many wonderful possibilities! Where to begin? More Fair Isle inspiration on Pinterest. Do I want colours of similar hues, or do I want to mix them up? What about keeping the background colour constant throughout? With so much to keep in mind, I thought it would be better to start small, and use this knitting paper I designed to doodle Fair Isle patterns I liked, when I came across them. (more on that later) gave me a head start on patterns, and when I have time I’ll be working through her Fair Isle course on Craftsy. Once I have the patterns I like, I can cut them out in strips and play with the positioning until I’m happy with the way they look together.

Noro Striped Scarf de Jared Flood - Coté Passions. 15 décembre 2011 Noro Striped Scarf de Jared Flood ......ou la magie de la laine Noro Silk Garden Vous vous munissez de deux coloris de Noro Silk Garden et la magie nait toute seule...les rayures se forment et vous découvrez les couleurs subtiles de votre écharpe au fur et à mesure !! Magique !!! Modèle : Noro Striped Scarf de Jared Flood Laine : Noro silk Garden N°349 x 2 pelotes et N°252 x 2 pelotes. En gros, Jared explique que ce n'est pas vraiment son invention, donc vous montez 39 mailles, 2 rangs de chaque pelote en côtes 1X1 en glissant la 1ère maille de chaque rang. 5 soirée télé et un cadeau assiette en moins !!

Et ce soir, après la magie de Noro, j'ai décidé de laisser rentrer la magie de Noël dans la vire toutes mes décos d'automne... A bientôt Commentaires Poster un commentaire. Noro Scarf. Noro ScarfI know I've said it before, but there are some projects that I think I enjoy photographing even more than knitting (we're splitting hairs here, but there it is). This scarf is surely one of them - and this post is so photo heavy, I doubt the text will be able to hold its own. Pattern: Generic 1x1 Ribbed Striped Scarf (See details below)Materials: Noro Silk Garden; 45 silk | 45 kid mohair | 10 lambswoolAmount: 4 balls in total in Shades 201 (2 balls), 234, and 86; Approx. 440yds/200gNeedles: US 7/4.5 mm KnitPicks OptionsDimensions: Approximately 5.5 inches in width and just over 6 feet in length, unblocked Start Date: 6 April 2007Finish Date: 25 April 2007 Manually striping Noro is a classic trick done by many a knitter before me - just check out all the beauties over on Flickr.

I've gotten a lot of e-mails about this scarf so I thought I'd throw out all the details - if it's too much for you, feel free to gloss over this section and rest your eyes on the hypnotic color changes. Woolly Mammoth Knits. Tuto : Tous les messages sur tuto. Feuilles tricotées. Starling Knits and Crafts. Le châle”Douceur de Vivre” (explications des steeks) | Du Tissu, de la Laine et du Thé. Pattern: Convertible Center Row Lace Headband / Neck Warmer « Rewind Knits and Crochet. January 18, 2010 by M & B Category: KNIT Featured Color Group: Fresh / Weathered Wood Featured Yarn: Vanna’s Choice in Taupe With curly hair, a busy work schedule and winter doing it’s thing, a headband that doubles as a chic neck warmer seemed like the perfect pattern to offer up in January.

It’s perfect to glam up that quick ponytail. Inspiration comes from quite the variety of places, from beautiful movie stars of an earlier era, to runway looks of today, to vintage pattern photos to YEP, that’s right, Slick Watts circa 1979 Seattle SuperSonics. You must forgive me, I grew up in Seattle and this team and especially this guy with his jaunty ever-present headband captivated the city as they brought home the only men’s professional sports championship this town has seen since, well, ever.

Back view Converted to Neck Warmer Bear (Mary’s Saint Bernard) got in on the photo shoot. Like this: Like Loading... ° Tricot ° - ° Ouvrage météo ° Du brillant , du glamour, un truc de fille quoi! Faire face au froid , à la pluie, à la neige ( si, si bientôt!!) , d'accord... dans une version féminine, brillante, scintillante! Qui s'enroule autour du cou tel un gros chat câlin, tout doux, tout moelleux! Un col ultra simple à faire , en côtes 1/1, avec du mohair pour enrober la froideur toute relative du lurex, pour se sentir confortable, et des aiguilles n°12, pour pouvoir en faire 1,2,3 sans même avoir eu le temps d'y penser!

A vos aiguilles! En français:Le_Col_Glam_VF In english:The_Glam_Collar_English_version Pour information, voici ses dimensions avant la couture: 1m de long/0,45m de large. Une version Noire du col Glam' tricoté avec des aiguilles 15 est visible ici, avec son tuto bien sûr! Et un grand merci aux connaisseuses d'à côté : Marguerite, Pétunia, Violette et leurs copines au top du Glam'!