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Pinnacle Woodcraft

The retail outlet of Pinnacle Woodcraft LLC. We have been selling our wooden pet furniture to furniture retail stores and pet supply store for quite some time. Visit Us:

Shaker End Table Side Table Solid Oak. Shaker End Table Side Table Solid Oak. Shaker End Table Side Table Solid Oak. Amish Oak End Tables. Dog crate tabel. Non Toxic Cooling Mat For Dogs. Pinnacle WoodcraftPinnacle Wood Craft. VibraLife Natural Dewormer. 42 Inch Metal Crate Pan. 48 Inch Metal Crate Pan. Dog Crate. Corner Cat Litter Box Enclosure. Crate Mattress Bed. Wooden Dog Crates. Wooden Dog Crates Made For Incredible Aesthetics And Dog Safety. Climber Slope Pet Ramp. Share and get 10% off Some studies suggest that more than 60 percent of pet owners in America allow their four-legged friends to join them at bedtime.

Climber Slope Pet Ramp

The Climber Slope Pet Ramp is ideal for young puppies, senior dogs, toy breeds, and pets with congenital joint problems – even cats. Those fur babies who have difficulty getting to bed on their own will surely appreciate the compassion and kindness of a pet ramp. Do you have a very small dog? Climber Slope Pet Ramp comes in two options for width – 12 or 16 inches. . • Climber / 26-degree slope / 12 inch ramp is 60 inches long / 16 inch ramp is 64 inches long • Normal / 22-degree slope / 12 inch ramp is 70 inches long / 16 inch ramp is 74 inches long.

Dog Crate. Natural Dog Dewormer. Vibralife is the Tasty Way to Give Your Dog a Happy and Vibrant Life!

Natural Dog Dewormer

Ever heard of Coccidia and Giardia? They are nasty intestinal protozoan parasites that are common in young puppies. They can cause horrible symptoms including diarrhea weakness lack of appetite anemia dehydration and more Vibralife Health Supplement Multivitamin and Natural Dewormer Alternative is packed with all-natural ingredients like reed sedge peat and diatomaceous Earth which work as a team to bind and remove toxins and parasites from your pet.

That’s not all! The ingredients in Vibralife for Dogs also help with the following: Log Crate End Table. Share and get 10% off The living room is a private retreat for most American families, and those families often include canine companions.

Log Crate End Table

Dogs are as much a part of many families as its human members. Regardless, you may have guests that do not care for a slobbering canine on their lap. In other circumstances, you may need to head out to run errands, and the safety of your pet is paramount. In either event, your four-legged friend needs to be crated. Adjustable Wooden Pet Gate. Non Toxic Cooling Mat For Dogs. 36 Inch Metal Crate Pan. Mattress That Fit Inside The Crate. Wooden Cat Litter Box Enclosure. Share and get 10% off Cats are adorable.

Wooden Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Soft, furry, affectionate, and requiring minimal supervision, our feline friends are in many ways the perfect pets. That is, until it comes to the litter box. Millions of American families work to hide their litter boxes in obscure corners of the house. A constant source of messes, a litter box wastes precious floor space and can be an embarrassing eyesore when guests come to visit. Fortunately, the Amish craftsmen of Pinnacle Woodcraft have designed a solution for your home that will turn that embarrassing litter box into a beautiful piece of furniture. Corner Cat Litter Box Enclosure. In most ways, cats are our perfect pets.

Corner Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Although they can’t be trained the same way dogs can, our feline friends do not need constant supervision. They offer us sweet and sincere cuddles, and will take care of their own preening and grooming. On the other hand, dogs can be trained to do their business outdoors while your cat is going to require his or her indoor litter. That leads to a variety of issues including messes, lost floor space, and lack of aesthetic appeal. Many cat owners throughout American sacrifice an entire room to hide the litter box from the prying eyes of company. The Corner Cat Litter Box offers a number of unique features and benefits: • Can be crafted in your choice of wood with a variety of stain finishes. • Beautiful construction offers a rustic, elegant piece for the interior of your home. • Cut-out entrance keeps small children out while containing messes. • Large hinged door makes clean up simple.

Dog Crate Entertainment Center. If your house is like most across America, your beloved family pets want to join you to watch a movie or a primetime TV show.

Dog Crate Entertainment Center

But as we all know, your dog is much more interested in you than the plot. A Dog Crate Entertainment Center means that you can enjoy your favorite show while your pet has somewhere comfortable to lounge, all without sacrificing any additional floor space. Ensure a beautiful match with your home décor by selecting brown maple or oak wood, all-natural choices free from both filler and particle board. With numerous available stain options and several sizes for your interior and convenience, you are sure to get the functional entertainment center you need. Make the choice to give your canine companion the most comfortable experience possible by adding a plush pet mattress to the crate itself.

For additional functionality, considering the addition of a draw to tuck away the remote control, or perhaps some toys and goodies for your fur baby. Amish Wood Dog Crate Cover. For a canine that has enjoyed the solitude of his or her crate since being a puppy, it can be difficult to introduce new routines.

Amish Wood Dog Crate Cover

Removing the existing wire crate your dog has come to know and love could be a source of anguish and confusion for him or her. For years it has served as a safe place for naps, a sense of comfort when you need to leave home, and it is sometimes stocked with treats and toys! It’s easy to understand how your four-legged friend could grow attached. Regardless of the reasoning, you and your dog may both desire to retain the wire crate you already own. If that is the case, the Amish Wood Dog Crate Cover is definitely the perfect solution. Pinnacle Woodcraft Cat Little Box. Pet Crate Furniture.