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The Macroeconomics of Chinese kleptocracy The Macroeconomics of Chinese kleptocracy China is a kleptocracy of a scale never seen before in human history. This post aims to explain how this wave of theft is financed, what makes it sustainable and what will make it fail. There are several China experts I have chatted with – and many of the ideas are not original. The synthesis however is mine. Some sources do not want to be quoted.
Earlier today while surrounded by women President Obama again demonstrated his fondness for governing by dictate and signed two executive orders designed to force federal contractors to pay women as much as men for equal work.One prohibits government contractors from punish workers who talk about their wages. The second ordered contractors to compensation data based on sex and race to the federal government. The move is obviously designed to shore up his electoral base among women voters. Foundations of Economics Foundations of Economics
Economics in One Lesson