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* La Santé_Maison d'arrêt de Paris (MAPLS) James Bullough – WeTransfer This Works. When it comes to James Bullough’s magnificent murals, the idea of massive models being reconfigured and fragmented might be a little unsettling.

James Bullough – WeTransfer This Works

But this only paves makes the effect even more surprising when you come face-to-face with these gigantic masterpieces. James manages to display amazingly-detailed hyper-realistic images of people swirling across the canvas, playing with the notion of realism versus abstraction by moving bits and pieces of the models around. At first James only painted realistically, but once he started to collaborate with others, his style changed step by step. “We would start with the idea of a portrait and then break it into sections where I do the realistic part and the other artist would do the other parts in their style,” James explains.

“Eventually I started experimenting with that a bit more, and rather than having missing pieces and taking them out, I started just moving them around on the canvas.” ImaG'One - Club Absolut Photo. Photographes, modèles et maquilleuses sur Lyon. La Gourguillonnaise. Cercle d'Art Photographique de Lyon - Club Absolut Photo. Galerie. L'Homme invisible en personne: Anamorphoses. Process. Watch Video A Noble Process in a Digital Age The dawn of the 21st century has seen an unprecedented boom in the industry of photography due in large to the commercial advances of the new technology of electronic imaging and sky rocketing prices in the auction houses.


Digital capture is replacing film; silver printing papers are disappearing. Old processes give way to convenience, creating the modern desktop darkroom. So how does the connoisseur avoid becoming part of an industry that is turning fine art into a commodity? With platinum printing, noted for its beautiful luminosity and wide tonal scale, the absence of a binder layer allows very fine crystals of platinum to be embedded into the paper giving it a 3 dimensional appearance.

This process gives tones that range from cool blacks, neutral grays, to rich sepia browns. Contact printing means you need a negative the size of the image. The paper is first humidified in a humidifying chamber. Andreas Lie (@artworkbylie) Testclod: novembre 2014. Le golden retriever ou simplement golden est une race de chien d'origine britannique.

testclod: novembre 2014

Sélectionné comme un chien de rapport, le golden retriever est une race très populaire depuis les années 1990. Il s'agit d'un chien de taille moyenne, ressemblant au labrador, mais possédant une robe à poil long, de couleur crème à doré foncé. Rare et peu connue il y a quelques dizaines d'années, c'est aujourd'hui l'une des races de chiens les plus communes car elle est facile, très tolérante et ses exigences envers le propriétaire sont limitées : exercices réguliers, nourriture et examen de routine chez le vétérinaire. Intelligent, sensible et attentif, il est un excellent candidat comme chien de service utilisé dans des fonctions d'aide ou de support à son maître. Digital SLR Photography. The October 2015 issue of Digital SLR Photography Magazine has arrived!

Digital SLR Photography

Want to learn new and creative techniques to try with your DSLR or mirrorless camera? We’ve got 148 pages crammed with ideas and inspiration this month! Gift Ideas For Her Lookbook. Gift Ideas For Her Lookbook. Andreas Lie. Une jetée musicale qui joue en permanence de l'orgue avec les vagues. Photographer Spotlight: Éric Lafforgue.

Éric Lafforgue is a professional photographer who travels for well-known magazines, documenting people in situations that most of the world doesn't get to see or want to witness.

Photographer Spotlight: Éric Lafforgue

He's taken photos in areas that many would consider off-limits to travel, such as Somalia and North Korea, where he documents his subjects with a friendly intimacy that challenges our preconceptions about their culture and their lives. Some of Lafforgue’s most well-known images are from North Korea, where he traveled six times before being banned for publishing his work online. His photos capture unscripted moments of soldiers relaxing or even sleeping in the grass, all of which infuriated his hosts. Rather than take the images down, as they insisted, Lafforgue jeopardized his chances of future visits to the country for the integrity of his craft. “Not an easy task to shoot a smiling soldier!” “3 August 2014 will remain the day the life of the [Yazidis] has changed,” Lafforgue writes about one of his photos.

Mushroom ~ 3132H9. Something blue. Trésors d'images, éducation à l'image, arts plastiques, film d’animation, Valence, Drome, 26. 40 lieux abandonnés terrifiants et poétiques. #3.

40 lieux abandonnés terrifiants et poétiques

Minolta MC Rokkor 58mm 1:1.2 Review - Introduction This is the most popular manual Minolta lens, I sold it twice just to buy another copy because it is such a nice lens.

Minolta MC Rokkor 58mm 1:1.2 Review -

Its most distinctive quality is the great bokeh. It is pretty heavy and large for a standard lens and sharpness from f/2 is a tiny little bit worse than the much cheaper and somewhat smaller Minolta MC 1.4/50 but this lens has superior bokeh and is a joy to use. Specifications. Les forums de galerie-photo. Taos-photographic. Focus Numérique - 1er magazine sur la photo et vidéo numérique. Caroline barbera. MP #130 : Réaliser un projet photo 52.