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Not Always Right | Funny & Stupid Customer Quotes (A girl of about 12 starts to examine a table of pajamas that I had just folded a few minutes ago. At first I’m afraid that she’ll make a mess of everything but she does her best at folding the stuff that she unfolded. Soon her friend comes and looks at the pajamas.

Not Always Right | Funny & Stupid Customer Quotes

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You are devastated because she does not want to be with you anymore? Maybe the situation appears hopeless, but in many cases it is not. There is a great probability that you were the real cause for the break-up. In order to know what you should do to fix the situation fast, you must understand how men attract women in the first place. If you ask a woman about this, she would not be able to explain how attraction works and you have to look deep into human psychology to really understand why. » The Church of Google » The Church of Google
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Back in 1995, Time magazine published a cover story called 'On A Screen Near You'. It highlighted the results of an 18-month Carnegie Mellon University study (with the dated title 'Marketing Pornography on the Information Superhighway') that looked at how much porn there was on the Net. And as demonstrated by the magazine's cover image of a shocked little boy in front of a computer, the Internet was overrun with porn and perverts, and the kids weren't safe any more. But it was the nature of the article itself that was interesting. The 50 most significant moments of Internet history

The 50 most significant moments of Internet history