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Pimp my bike retail are a small independent London based online retailer specializing in innovative bicycle accessories and cycling related products.

Pimp My Bike Retail. Cycling is so much more fun when you have all the protective gear to keep you safe.

Pimp My Bike Retail

You can get the latest bike gloves online, and couple them with a quality helmet and you’re all set for your journey. Design trends in 2020 have ensured that you don’t miss out on creative apparel, and the same goes with bike gloves. You can procure innovative LED gloves, which are also machine washable. Dark morning routes or late night treads are adventurous, but you need to up your safety game. With LED indicator gloves, you add an extra layer of security to your escapade. Benefits of Wearing Bike Gloves and Helmet 1. Professional cyclists embrace protective gloves and helmets because that’s their source of income. 2. Road accidents are frequent, and they happen even when the parties involved are careful. 3. Sweat-free gloves prevent excessive sweating, thereby improving the rider’s grip on the handlebar. 4.

Our bare hands don’t adapt to varying temperature conditions. In a Nutshell. Things you need to know about Bicycle Laser tail Lights. Relish Soothing Bike-Rides While Having your Favorite Beverage. Paddling your way through lush-green outfields, smooth roads, and even the streets of your locality can instill a notion of pleasure and peace.

Relish Soothing Bike-Rides While Having your Favorite Beverage

Cycling is for everyone, irrespective of their age, their profession, and their social status. Some prefer to ride their bicycle early in the day while many tend to wait till dusk. All in all, cycling is satisfactory, and works wonders for your physical and mental health. Here a few benefits of bicycle riding: 1. When you fix a time for a bike ride and abide by it, you introduce yourself to the various benefits of cycling.

Pimp My Bike Retail. HDW-BL002 Bike Tail Light Laser. HDW-BL002 Remote Control Rear Bike Light Adding remote control lighting convenience to your bike, the Remote Control Rear Bike Light is designed for your ultimate visibility with its laser lane capabilities.

HDW-BL002 Bike Tail Light Laser

Bringing convenience to your bike, all of the lighting functions on this bike light are controlled by a handy remote control which is designed to affix to the handlebars of your bike. For additional convenience, the remote control controls the bike light with no need for wires which run the risk of being tangled within the components of your bike. Instead, wireless operation keeps things simple. The remote control and the light pair together with no interference from similar light sets or other devices. Using its integrated LEDs, with the Remote Control Rear Bike Light you can beam out a virtual laser light-lane behind.

Offering high visibility, the bike light features 16 LEDs and 2 Lasers. Specifications Features. Turn Signal Cycling Gloves. Flashy Cycling Gloves feature Automatic LED Turn Indicators.

Turn Signal Cycling Gloves

Safety is super important to you as a keen cyclist, so being highly visible to motorists is essential. While you’re used to having lights on your bike, these don’t warn other road users of your intention to change direction. Now you can give your bicycle indicators by buying LED indicator & winter cycling gloves. Hold your arm out to turn right or left, and your glove lights up like a flashing indicator on a car. It’s simple but highly effective – and it could save your life. The Adventurer X1 indicator bike gloves are the next generation of cycling gloves – and the brilliant design means that unlike inferior LED indicator gloves, they are machine washable. Available in attractive red, blue or yellow trim, the durable and comfortable bike gloves will last for years, even if used in the rain. Cycling safety These are, therefore winter cycling gloves, when the nights are longer and the mornings darker. Buy now Cycling safety Buy now.

Coffee Cup Holder for Bike. This travel cup holder is the bicycle accessory you won’t want to cycle without.

Coffee Cup Holder for Bike

No one knows the struggle of transporting liquids more than cyclists and nothing is more upsetting than spilling your morning coffee. Spill no more, the best coffee cup holder for your bicycle is here. Easy to assemble with an Allen Key, (not supplied), this aluminum mount fits perfectly on your bike handlebar mount. This cycling accessory fits the standard-sized cup; with its rubber lining, it holds your drink securely in a place so you can ride without worry. Whether you’re in a rush on your morning commute or just trying to get some exercise, now you can ride and never have to worry about spilling your morning coffee again. Product details: • Aluminium fixture • Rubber lining • Dimensions: o Rubber Lining: 2.1mm thick o Mount Fixture: 24mm o Bottom Diameter: 85mm (O.D)/ 80mm (I.D) o Top Diameter: 87mm (O.D)/ 83mm (I.D) Cyclists – please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code. Bicycle Accessories UK.