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Meilan X6 Hi-Vis LED Rechargeable Rear Bike Light. Hi-Vis Multifunctional Rear Bike Light by Meilan Safety and protection are the top concerns when it comes to cycling in the dark.

Meilan X6 Hi-Vis LED Rechargeable Rear Bike Light

So, if you are looking for peace of mind when it comes to riding your bike, you really should take a look at the Meilan X6. The Hi-Vis LED Rechargeable Rear Bike Light is packed with a raft of multifunctional technology, and the intelligent device offers an incredible 7 flash mode settings, which are designed to increase the safety of your cycling journey. The intermittent flashing red 16 LED setting contained within the unit will ensure that you are noticed by other motorists, even in inclement weather, and will safely power you through most weather conditions. Operating in conditions ranging from -20C, to 60C, will support and take care of your needs, no matter what the climate. you don’t have to let a rainy day spoil your fun. Please note that this particular upgraded model does not come with a User Manual. FL-U5BT Bluetooth Bicycle U-Lock. FL-U5BT Smart Bluetooth Bicycle U-Lock Winner of the German Red Dot Product Design Award 2020.

FL-U5BT Bluetooth Bicycle U-Lock

Coffee Cup Holder for Bike. This travel cup holder is the bicycle accessory you won’t want to cycle without.

Coffee Cup Holder for Bike

No one knows the struggle of transporting liquids more than cyclists and nothing is more upsetting than spilling your morning coffee. Spill no more, the best coffee cup holder for your bicycle is here. Easy to assemble with an Allen Key, (not supplied), this aluminum mount fits perfectly on your bike handlebar mount. This cycling accessory fits the standard-sized cup; with its rubber lining, it holds your drink securely in a place so you can ride without worry.

Whether you’re in a rush on your morning commute or just trying to get some exercise, now you can ride and never have to worry about spilling your morning coffee again. Product details: • Aluminium fixture • Rubber lining • Dimensions: o Rubber Lining: 2.1mm thick o Mount Fixture: 24mm o Bottom Diameter: 85mm (O.D)/ 80mm (I.D) o Top Diameter: 87mm (O.D)/ 83mm (I.D) Cyclists – please consult “Rules for Cyclists” sections 59 to 82 of the Highway Code. Anti-theft Detector. uCatch Motion, Range and Activity Detector The uCatch Motion, Range and Activity Detector is one device with three key functions, all of which centre around range and motion.

Anti-theft Detector

Utilising BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology and working with the Wusa Smart Panel companion app on your smartphone, the uCatch device is designed to alert you when it goes out of range or something comes into range. This gives it its three key functions as an anti-theft device, a key finder, and a baby monitor. With Flip On technology, the uCatch has no on and off button. Instead, it simply turns itself on and off as and when it detects activity. Baby and Child monitoring Using the in-built motion detection functionality, the uCatch Motion, Range, and Activity Detector are perfect for us as a baby and child monitor. For further peace of mind, the uCatch is ideal for older children too.

Buy Running Lights for Shoes – Jogging Night Time Lights. Casting a new running lights for shoesSet off on the right foot with our new LED Shoe Loop!

Buy Running Lights for Shoes – Jogging Night Time Lights

We all know that an active life is a healthy life, but personal safety must always come first. Dark nights, early mornings and badly lit streets can be hazardous for cyclists, joggers, and walkers with lack of visibility leading to accidents and collisions. There are a number of ways to improve personal safety in dark or poorly lit conditions, including wearing high visibility garments and ensuring that bicycles lights are well maintained. A further aid to safety is our high visibility patented LED Shoe Loop lights which are easily worn through footwear lace slot (buckle design patent) and ensures that the wearer can be clearly seen once a hundred meters away by drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists. No More Excuses! Find the Motivation to Ride a Bike Again. Want to start riding your bike again but cannot find the motivation for it?

No More Excuses! Find the Motivation to Ride a Bike Again

We’ve got you covered. All of us struggle with motivation to ride a bike, even the professionals do. Sometimes you just want to lie in bed, hit the snooze button, and laze around all day. But then the reality hits and you’re left sulking that you wasted the entire day doing nothing. Don’t worry. Bicycle Front Headlight. Bicycle USB Power Bank Charger The Bicycle Power Charger is a must-have bike accessory for any cyclist.

Bicycle Front Headlight

Whether you love to speed off over long distances, tackle trails through the woods, or take leisurely rides through the countryside, you’ll find that a bike-friendly power charger will always come in handy. Buy Running Lights for Shoes – Jogging Night Time Lights. Anti-theft Detector. 3 Bicycle accessories every teenager would love having. Choosing bicycle accessories for teenagers is quite a task.

3 Bicycle accessories every teenager would love having

That’s because you need to look for options that aren’t just safe but also fall in the ‘cool’ category. Cyclists are Better and Safer Drivers, Study Finds - Pimp-My-Bike-Retail. A lot of us do not realize it but cycling on the road isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Cyclists are Better and Safer Drivers, Study Finds - Pimp-My-Bike-Retail

Besides putting physical effort, a cyclist requires processing a whole lot of information to get around safely. This includes – traffic signals, road positioning, the behavior of other commuters, potholes and more. This challenge tends to magnify in heavily built-up cities or downtown areas. As cyclists, we learn to be more vigilant on the road. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that we are way better at navigating and evaluating our surroundings than the average commuter.

So, if cyclists are more attentive, it is only natural to assume that these skills benefit us when we get in the driver’s seat. Turn Signal Cycling Gloves. Flashy Cycling Gloves feature Automatic LED Turn Indicators.

Turn Signal Cycling Gloves

Safety is super important to you as a keen cyclist, so being highly visible to motorists is essential. Meilan X6 RechargeableRear Bike Light. USB Smart Rechargeable Bike Light Vibration Sensor IPX4 Waterproof Front Headlight 5 Light Modes Archives - Your New Shop.