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Front Porch Makes a Comeback, Invites Family and Friends to Gather. The front porch used to be a place where friends and family would gather and spend time enjoying each other’s company, chatting with neighbors and taking in the weather.

Front Porch Makes a Comeback, Invites Family and Friends to Gather

However, new technology introduced over the years –TVs, computers, cell phones, tablets – has provided distractions, and people have gotten away from visiting on the front porch, as they choose to spend more time indoors with their technological devices. Today, however, front porches are making a comeback. Builders are including them in more new home construction, while homeowners are adding them to homes they remodel. The return of the front porch brings opportunities for creating comfortable seating that will invite family and friends to enjoy the area and each other’s company once again. Outdoor Chair Cushions Add Style and Comfort to Outdoor Seating. Comfort indoors is something we may take for granted.

Outdoor Chair Cushions Add Style and Comfort to Outdoor Seating

Plush sofas and comfortable chairs provide a relaxing retreat after work. But wouldn’t it be nice if we could bring that same comfort to our outdoor living spaces? By adding outdoor chair cushions to your outdoor seating your practical patio furniture transforms into an extension of your home – a comfortable haven to enjoy any time of day. Seating Arrangements Promote Conversation. New Life for Your Old Couch. Your family room is the hub of your home, the place where everyone gathers to enjoy TV and movies, relax and chat, stretch out and nap.

New Life for Your Old Couch

But now everyone’s favorite piece of furniture is beginning to look a little tired. Not ready to invest in a new couch? Great news! You don’t need to. Here are four quick, inexpensive ways to spark new life into your couch and family room. Move it. Velvet Throw Pillows Add Sparkle and Sophistication. Pillow Inserts Instruction Guide. Replacing pillow inserts may seem like an easy task, but by following these guidelines you can shorten the process, minimize the chance of harming your inserts and ensure you have optimally stuffed pillows to showcase in your home.

Pillow Inserts Instruction Guide

First, make sure you purchase the correct size insert. A general guideline is to select a pillow insert that is one size larger than the pillow cover. Following this rule will help ensure your pillows looks fuller, withstand use without sagging and prevent them from looking under-stuffed. Secondly, plan to take your time. Force-fitting a pillow insert into the pillow cover may take more time than you think – especially the first time you replace it. Third, gently fold the pillow insert before inserting into the pillow cover.

Tips on Choosing Outdoor Replacement Cushions. Measuring Your Outdoor Furniture for Cushions. Outdoor furniture is created for durability, but you will need outdoor chair cushions to provide comfort.

Measuring Your Outdoor Furniture for Cushions

Following these steps in measuring your outdoor furniture will help ensure you buy outdoor chair cushions in the correct size. Measuring for Outdoor Patio Chairs: First, measure the length of the chair from the front of the seat to the back. Add one inch to this measurement to ensure a more comfortable fit. Next, measure the width of the chair at the center of the seat (if the chair has arms, measure the width between them).

The Big Deal about Throw Pillows. What do Rocking Chair Cushions do for your Chairs? If you want to have some time for yourself but don’t want to spend it in front of a PC monitor, you can look for a good spot in your home, pull up a rocking chair, and do whatever it is you want to do.

What do Rocking Chair Cushions do for your Chairs?

Most people enjoy sitting in their rocking chairs while drinking a refreshing beverage, reading their favorite book, relishing the view, or just plain relaxing. There’s not much to be said about relaxing if your rocking chair proves to be uncomfortable. For optimal comfort, put a comfortable cushion on the seat. Not only do cushions make for cozy sitting, but just the right firmness can benefit your health. Rocking chair cushions can effectively support your back and lumbar area by limiting pressure on those areas. Apart from its health benefits, a nicely cushioned rocking chair, also doubles as a pleasing decorative furniture piece. Like this: Like Loading... Spice Up your Living Room like a Parisian. Feel like lounging in picturesque Paris?

Spice Up your Living Room like a Parisian

You can turn your living room into an authentic-looking Parisian living room by following these tips. Group your furniture and furnishings with floral prints. Decorative pillows, seat cushions, and table covers must contain at least a small helping of large soft floral designs in order to create that classy, chic feel. Remember to look for upholstery made from natural materials such as linen and silk, and keep all other décor in plain, toned-down hues to avoid overloading the room with florals. It would help augment the ambiance more if the furniture has curvaceous soft silhouettes. For the windows, weighing them down with heavy drapes is a no-no. A Guide to Choosing Outdoor Furniture Cushions. Updating your patio furniture’s looks for the season is can be quite the challenge considering the fabric is often exposed to the outdoor elements.

A Guide to Choosing Outdoor Furniture Cushions

If you’re a bit concerned about picking the right ones, however, here are a few handy tips. Measurement– Of course, what good would a brand new cushion do if it wouldn’t even fit on a chair? To avoid this dilemma, make sure that you’ve adequately measured and jotted down your furniture’s length and width. It’s a simple step, but important nonetheless. Material– Probably the most important item on this list, the cushion’s material is of utmost importance. Different types of materials are used for outdoor cushions. Design– The design aspect of the selection process relies heavily on you. Like this: Like Loading...