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How to Clean Different Types of Flooring in Your Home. How to Make Your Home New Using Concrete Cleaning. Best Foundation Repair Guidelines and Proposals. Pile Cleaning Systems. PILECAP, Inc.'s patented Automated Cleaning System is unparalleled to all other pile cleaning methods.

Pile Cleaning Systems

It provides a strategically effective alternative to all other pile cleaning methods in a fraction of the time. PILECAP, Inc. is the first company in the world to develop a completely Automated Pile Cleaning System. Our patented system can prepare your piling for inspections and repairs, guaranteeing a 100% clean surface, above and below the waterline, without the assistance of a diver. PILECAP Perma Pile Systems. PILECAP Installs 36 Perma Pile Jackets for the Pier in Seattle, Washington PILECAP supplied Louis Dreyfus Commodities with 36 Perma Pile jackets for their pier in Seattle, WA.

PILECAP Perma Pile Systems

PILECAP’s Perma Pile System is designed for corrosion protection and has been proven to be the best preventative maintenance on the market for longevity of marine piles. Louis Dreyfus chose to partner with Pilecap, utilizing their Perma Pile System, to not only protect their pile against future corrosion and provide a stronger pier structure but also to assist the environment. Lessening the amount of corrosion the pile have leads to less repairs in the future which is safer for the environment by way that marine life is not continually being knocked off the corroded pile into the water and disrupting the marine environment. PILECAP’s Systems are a smart choice in both aspects of structure and environmental safety. PILECOAT System Research Findings. About pile repair or cleaning. PILECAP, Inc. offers the only proven, structural repair for all piling types.

We developed and patented the process by which a damaged piling, either concrete, wood, steel or H-pile can be restored to its intended structural integrity; whereas under normal circumstances the pile would need to be entirely removed and a new pile driven. PILECAP, Inc.revolutionized the marine industry with the development of the world’s first completely Automated Pile Cleaning System. This patented system is capable of cleaning 100% of a pile above and below the water line and is more efficient than traditional methods utilizing divers. Commercial and private structures such as piers, docks, and bridges, rely on the incredible strength of their substructure. PILECAP addresses the constant threat of corrosion and erosion through the Perma-Pile System, which combines the patented Friction Coupler System with our proprietary PILECOAT for the longest life expectancy in the marine industry today.

Steel Piling Systems. Perma Pile System jacket. PILECAP, Inc.has developed a superior method, the PERMA-PILE System to mitigate the on-going challenge of corrosion on steel piling and erosion of concrete piling. The Perma Pile System utilizes PILECAP's patented Friction Coupler System with a modified steel jacket made to fit the specifications of any pile shape or length. Each Perma Pile System jacket is coated with PILECAP's proprietary Pilecoat Spray which provides longevity to the life span of the steel while the steel jacket provides protection of the petrolatum tape from extreme splash zone conditions. How Much Does Foundation Repair Cost. Steel Pipes - Essential Building Blocks of Homes and Industry. Dock Bumpers - Protection for Your Dock and Boat. Piling a Precondition For Any Construction Project.

Concrete Foundation Maintenance. What is Sheet Piling? Structural Steel Detailing - What it Is. What Are the Different Types of Home Foundation Repair. Pile coat Systems and Their Corrosion Resistance.