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How to Create A Table in HBase for Beginners. I have accumulated some knowledge and know-how about MapReduce, Hadoop, and HBase since I participated in some projects.

How to Create A Table in HBase for Beginners

From hence, I’ll post the know-how of HBase by period. Today, I’m going to introduce a way to make a hbase table in java. HBase provides two ways to allow a Hbase client to connect HBase master. One is to use a instance of HBaseAdmin class. HBaseAdmin provides some methods for creating, modifying, and deleting tables and column families. Thus, in order to make a hbase table, we need to connect a HBase master by initializing a instance of HBaseAdmin like line 4. In order to describe HBase schema, we make an instances of HColumnDescriptor for each column family. Finally, you can check your hbase table as the following commands. HBase schema design case studies. What are the best tutorials on HBase schema. Understanding HBase and BigTable - From The hardest part about learning HBase (the open source implementation of Google's BigTable), is just wrapping your mind around the concept of what it actually is.

Understanding HBase and BigTable -

I find it rather unfortunate that these two great systems contain the words table and base in their names, which tend to cause confusion among RDBMS indoctrinated individuals (like myself). This article aims to describe these distributed data storage systems from a conceptual standpoint. After reading it, you should be better able to make an educated decision regarding when you might want to use HBase vs when you'd be better off with a "traditional" database. It's all in the terminology Fortunately, Google's BigTable Paper clearly explains what BigTable actually is. A Bigtable is a sparse, distributed, persistent multidimensional sorted map. Note: At this juncture I like to give readers the opportunity to collect any brain matter which may have left their skulls upon reading that last line. map persistent distributed. Rdbms - how to design Hbase schema. Hi all suppose that I have this RDBM table (Entity-attribute-value_model): col1: entityID col2: attributeName col3: value and I want to use HBase due to scaling issues.

rdbms - how to design Hbase schema

I know that the only way to access Hbase table is using a primary key (cursor). you can get a cursor for a specific key, and iterate the rows one-by-one . The issue is, that in my case, I want to be able to iterate on all 3 columns. for example : for a given an entityID I want to get all its attriutes and valuesfor a give attributeName and value I want to all the entitiIDS ... so one idea I had is to build one Hbase table that will hold the data (table DATA, with entityID as primary index), and 2 "index" tables one with attributeName as a primary key, and the other one with value each index table will hold a list of pointers (entityIDs) for the DATA table. HBase Installation - Cloudera Support. HBase - HBase Home. Mysql - Large Data Sets - NoSQL, NewSQL, SQL..? Brain Fried.

I'm in need of some advice.

mysql - Large Data Sets - NoSQL, NewSQL, SQL..? Brain Fried

I working on a new start-up in the data mining field. This is basically the spin off of a research project. Any way we have a large about of data that is unstructured, we are doing various NLP, classification and clustering analysis on this data. We have millions of messages ranging from twitter messages, blog posts, forum posts, new paper articles, reports etc etc...

All text. So we need somewhere to store all of this information in a format that we can actually process and query and get relative real-time results. Any way we need somewhere to store of this data... As this is a new start-up we really cant/dont want to pay for a licensed product, e.g. I was thinking this may be the perfect application for a Non-Relation "NoSQL" database such as Apache Cassandra or Hadoop/HBase (column family), MongoDB (document), VoltDB (community edn) or MySQL. Currently all the data is in tsv text files and is processed as its written to file. Cheers! Hbase Map Reduce Example : Frequency Counter.