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Little People – a Tiny Street Art Project. Email Every human has his own unique story where one’s life seems to be the center of everything, and one’s problems seem to be the biggest on Earth.

Little People – a Tiny Street Art Project

But have you ever thought how small and invisible we are among those other 6.893 billion people who live in our world? Slinkachu is here to remind us this. You’ve probably already seen these little guys more than once as the project started back in 2006, so we thought it’s high time to look at the best moments.

Just in case you didn’t know yet, Slinkachu is a talented artist based in London (a former art director) who now creates tiny scenarios in public places, then photographs and abandons them – to be discovered by no-doubt bemused passers-by. Pickin' Pictures. Profile Pictures. The Big Picture. Your city.

The Big Picture

Your stories. Your Globe. The Center of my World. /  liza-b.