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Blog about saltwater, corals, reef tanks, corals and more marine stuff! Get information about beautiful reef aquariums. › I Love Reefing - Saltwater & Reef Aquarium Blog. AquaNerd - Reef Aquarium and Saltwater Hobbyist Blog. Présentation de D@mien - Bonjour à tous, je me présente ici également, D@mien, 32 ans, de la région Bordelaise.

Présentation de D@mien -

J'ai actuellement plusieurs bac à la maison, donc 1 récifal de 400 Litres et un bac dédié à la maintenance des hippocampes que j'ai depuis 1 an. Je viens de mettre en eau mon nouveau bac qui va remplacer a terme mon 400 Litres. Il s'agit d'un bac de 150x75x65 (731 Litres brut) en 12mm extra clair avec une décantation de 80x60x40 . Ci dessous quelques photos de mon bac actuel et des photos du nouveau bac. Voici des photos du nouveau bac qui a été mis en eau le 4 Juillet. Mon bac actuel ne tourne pas sous Zéovit, mais j'utilise déjà quelques produits KZ (Bak, FlatwormStop, PIF, Coral Booster, LPS amino Acid). Our Tigerpyge hybrid gets a video update in HD. Although much of the hype surrounding the Tigerpyge angel has died down since its meteoric appearance a few years ago, there is no denying its sheer beauty and grace.

Our Tigerpyge hybrid gets a video update in HD

Of all the hybrids we’ve seen and gawked at, the lemon peel and eibl’s angelfish love child still remains one of the most beautiful and organic looking hybrids yet. It’s not everyday you get to see a cross where both parental traits are expressed to such an equal degree, with the fish retaining practically a nearly perfect representation of C. eibli in terms of patterns, yet being coloured entirely in the yellow of C. flavissima. A beautiful Tigerpyge angelfish belonging to the author. In the hybrid world, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to predicting what the cross of two different species will yield. Some hybrids have the misfortune of appearing muddied or clashed in coloration, despite having two beautiful parents. Majority of the Tigerpyges are collected from Bali or Java, where lemon peels are really rare.

Sponsors. Reef and The City. DaStaCo calcium reactor is an automatic calcium dissolving beast. The DaStaCo calcium reactor is a sleek and automated reactor that comes with a central controller to keep everything on track.

DaStaCo calcium reactor is an automatic calcium dissolving beast

The DaStaCo calcium reactor’s central controller allows you to manage the flow control of the effluent, the supply of CO2 through the media and even sounds an alarm when you are running out of CO2. Flow control on the controller allows you to keep the right amount of effluent being delivered to your tank to keep your calcium and bi-carbonates levels on track.

Simply adjust the control knob to add more or less flow of effluent into the system. You will need to maintain outside testing of the parameters to get the system dialed in for your particular reef needs. The DaStaCo system also includes monitoring and regulating the CO2 portion of the reactor. This reactor system comes in seven sizes from a 500 to a 3,600 liter model and the ability to build custom reactors for your particular system. Prices start at £693.98 ($1,130.30 USD) for the 500l model. BelgianReef..... le recifal simplement.... M’enregistrer Vous devez être enregistré pour vous connecter.

BelgianReef..... le recifal simplement....

L’enregistrement ne prend que quelques secondes et augmente vos possibilités. L’administrateur du forum peut également accorder des permissions additionnelles aux utilisateurs enregistrés. Avant de vous enregistrer, assurez-vous d’avoir pris connaissance de nos conditions d’utilisation et de notre politique de vie privée. Assurez-vous de bien lire tout le règlement du forum. Voir le forum - Présentation. RÉCIF FRANCE - L'aquariophilie marine et récifale à la portée de tous.

My Little Reef@Home. Inscription Vous devez être inscrit(e) avant de pouvoir vous connecter.

My Little Reef@Home

L’inscription est rapide et vous offre de nombreux avantages. Par exemple, l’administrateur du forum peut accorder des fonctionnalités supplémentaires aux utilisateurs inscrits. New rubber mount dramatically reduces noise of MaxSpect Gyre pump. The MaxSpect Gyre has been making literal waves in the aquarium water pump space for the last several months and the larger XF150 is a beast of a water mover.

New rubber mount dramatically reduces noise of MaxSpect Gyre pump

The 50 watt DC motor powering the large, dual-vaned gyre generator is capable of pushing substantial mass water movement in the aquarium but that concentration of power and the high RPM does make an audible sound in the aquarium. During regular use the Gyre XF150 is no louder than any decent aquarium powerhead but at the highest setting it can be noticeable almost to the point of being noisy. Being able to hear the sound from the Gyre XF150 has never been a huge detractor but MaxSpect didn’t let this slight go unsolved and a new soft mount aims to reduce the level of noise and vibration of the pump. The first mount that shipped with the MaxSpect Gyre 150 featured a small degree of vibration dampening in the form of soft silicone in the base of the magnet and in the ‘hub’ that holds the whole pump together. Récifal 59. Reef Builders Editor’s Choice: 10 best new products of 2014. Every year we have been doing this reef aquarium blogging gig, we’ve looked out for the best and most innovative new products to be announced around the world.

Reef Builders Editor’s Choice: 10 best new products of 2014

Hundreds of new aquarium products are introduced every year and the competition for the Editor’s Choice Award gets more fierce every year but more than any other year, 2014 had so many great introductions we could have made this list twice as long. However we feel it is important to distill the best, most innovative, and most groundbreaking new reef aquarium gear to a concise top 10 so only the best of the best are recognized for their significance.

New Tropic Marin ELIMI-NP and NITRIBIOTIC for nutrient reduction. Tropic Marin release a couple of new products, Tropic Marin ELIMI-NP and Tropic Marin NITRIBIOTIC, that help reduce nutrients in your reef aquarium.

New Tropic Marin ELIMI-NP and NITRIBIOTIC for nutrient reduction

ELIMI-NP is a liquid carbon dosing concentrate and NITRIBIOTIC is a combination of both probiotic and nitrifying bacteria. AquaLife Reef Cafe is like Starbucks for your coral. Reading over the menu for the new Aquarium Life AquaLife Reef Cafe sounds more like a menu from a coffee shop or health food cafe that food for your reef tank.

AquaLife Reef Cafe is like Starbucks for your coral

Taking a novel approach, AquaLife Reef Cafe allows you to mix-and-match four base food components to create your own unique nutrition regimen. The four base components are: Aquarium récifal / aquarium marin / aquarium eau de mer - Reefguardian. Forum Petit Coin de Récif - Brabant Wallon. Voir le forum - Forums généraux. Portal. Latest Articles. DSR Reefing Forum (support forum for users of the DSR Method) - Index. Vidéo. Portail. Aquariophilie. Forum recifal, aquarium eau de mer, forum redseamax 130, 250 et 500.: Topic image: Pseudoceros.

Aquariophilie. Forum recifal, aquarium eau de mer, forum redseamax 130, 250 et 500.: Le reef de "Solsoledad" (2) Ajouté le : 21/06/2013 16:51 Message : Hello, quelque temps déjà sans donner de nouvelles, tout pousse bien et jusqu'à ces jours-ci rien de spécial, si ce n'est deux nouveaux pensionnaires, dont un que je n'ai pas revu depuis deux jours !

Aquariophilie. Forum recifal, aquarium eau de mer, forum redseamax 130, 250 et 500.: Le reef de "Solsoledad" (2)

C'est un petit gobiodon histrio, déjà qu'il a tendance à se cacher, là dans mon bac il est dur à trouver ! Enfin, j'espère le voir réapparaître ce soir...