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Giesemann’s new Verve LED fixture will be released next week. The Giesemann Verve LED is a brand new light fixture from the venerable German light designer.

Giesemann’s new Verve LED fixture will be released next week

The Verve LED appears to be the evolution of six generation of lights from Giesemann which included light emitting diodes at their core, and something tells us that this is the light that could resonate with the broader marine aquarists of the world. Giesemann has dabbled in many different new LED light designs and form factors over the years, including the Quazar, the Teszla, the Pulzar, the Aurora, the Futura and the large commercial Galaxxy. Giesemann’s Verve LED borrows the outline of the Quazar and stretches it out into a fully fledged fixture with all of the modern features you’d expect to see in a top of the line, controllable LED fixture.

The Giesemann Verve LED has two clusters of 28 LEDs, for 56 total, with six independent channels of color control. How to thoroughly quarantine your Corals. With just about every endeavor success breeds new challenges.

How to thoroughly quarantine your Corals

As I have already noted in several articles, with the improved success we have now achieved in keeping just about every type of coral and invertebrate long-term we are now seeing another truth of the reef: there is something that eats just about everything. Unfortunately my experience along with that of many other reefers is that once these coral predators are introduced into a tank it is very difficult to remove them. Fortunately, unlike fish, which often require a long quarantine period in order for any parasites present to be removed, corals can be cleaned in a much more expeditious manner. And while I actually have a quarantine tank for all of my new fish and corals, I realize that most of us, for whatever reason do not.

Typical maricultured coral on its cement plug Frag removed from the plug First the corals are acclimated to the tank’s water that they are going to be added to for an hour or so. Corals in treatment bowl. A Simple Guide To Common Problematic Algae And The Means To Control It.. Les vertus de la Vitamine C pour l'aquarium! - Animaux du récif... Trop, c'est pas assez! Hello, Je ne sais plus si je vous en ai déjà parlé, mais dans la dernière année du gros bac, j'utilisais pas mal la vitamine C.

Les vertus de la Vitamine C pour l'aquarium! - Animaux du récif... Trop, c'est pas assez!

Pas dans la nourriture des poissons, en compléments, mais bel et bien dans l'eau du bac, comme un additif. Nourriture maison pour nos poissons et autres locataires de nos bacs. Publié le lundi 29 septembre 2008.

Nourriture maison pour nos poissons et autres locataires de nos bacs

L’idée de base est de nourrir les locataires des aquariums avec une préparation équilibrée, fraiche, économique. Getting lighting right with Neptune Systems PAR Monitoring Kit. Neptune Systems has a new PAR Monitoring kit that allows for continuous light-level monitoring for your aquarium.

Getting lighting right with Neptune Systems PAR Monitoring Kit

The simple kit allows you to get a better understanding of your aquarium’s light level – 24 hours a day. The new PAR monitoring kit is a great way to get a realistic snapshot of the actual light shining down on your reef the entire day. With a “big picture” view in hand, you are better equipped to adjust your lights with the confidence of knowing you will not be giving too much or too little light to your corals and plants. Why would you want to monitor lighting with this? With the advent of LEDs, our lighting schedules have gotten more sophisticated and the color and intensity variables mean it’s easy to over expose corals to excessive light that is not visible to the human eye that can lead to bleaching and burning of corals.

If you control your lighting with the Apex, there is an extra bonus. The Official WWC Eye Candy Thread!!!! You Don't Wanna Miss This!!!! FUEGO! FUEGO! Exquisite firefish, Nemateleotris exquisita – a bigger yellow version of the purple firefish. The exquisite firefish, Nemateleotris exquisita, joins the small but illustrious group of reef fish which are endowed with equally flattering latin names.

Exquisite firefish, Nemateleotris exquisita – a bigger yellow version of the purple firefish

Hailing from the western Indian Ocean, the new exquisite firefish looks very similar to the well known purple firefish, Nemateleotris decora. The new exquisite firefish was described from specimens collected in relatively deep water in Mauritius, Kwazulu-Natal and the Red Sea and it also known to occur on the Thai coast of the Andaman Sea, and the Andaman Islands. Some suspiciously large and bright purple firefish exported from the Maldives could be this new exquisite firefish species but hybrids of the purple and the exquisite firefish have been documented from this region. Like hybrids of regular and purple firefish, the resulting cross shows an even blend of both parents’ colors. We are not surprised that the purple firefish in the Western Indian Ocean is a different species, not only for its size but also for its coloration.

Unknown Mauritius Valenciennea sleeper goby spotted at Greenwich Aquaria. Sleeper gobies are large showy sand-sifting gobies of the genus Valenciennea, of which there are many popular species in aquariums.

Unknown Mauritius Valenciennea sleeper goby spotted at Greenwich Aquaria

A newly discovered specimen from Mauritius hints that there could be yet another new addition to this highly desirable and attractive group of reef fish. The new Mauritius sleeper goby was brought to our attention by Jason Edward of Greenwich Aquaria. Lately Mr. Edward has enjoyed the discovery of new fish as much as he’s enjoyed the aquarium hobby, with the co-authorship of the recently described Pseudojuloides zeus, and the Pseudojuloides edwardi being named in his honor. Unlike some of the new species of reef fish which show only the minutest differences in colors, patterns, habitat or behavior, the new Mauritius Valenciennea sleeper goby shows a clear difference in color pattern, and similarities with two currently known species. Valenciennea decora from the West Pacific ocean. The Water Change Conundrum. We all have a friend in the hobby or know someone who constantly brags about how he or she has never done a water change and their tank is perfect.

The Water Change Conundrum

The corals are growing and colorful, the fish vibrant and active and all seems right in this tank. To add insult to injury, he also says that he rarely does any testing in the tank. I have seen the comments and threads by numerous hobbyists making these claims and to be honest I am jealous. S.E.A’s coral reef display is a veritable kaleidoscope of beauty. Oh S.E.A.

S.E.A’s coral reef display is a veritable kaleidoscope of beauty

Where do we begin. In our travels we’re fortunate enough to visit a hodgepodge of public aquariums. Often times we get to see behind the scenes, to the heart of the facility, where the quiet humming of machines and staff strive to set the gold standard of display. While most aquariums aim to captivate, educate and enthral, some just do it better. The public aquariums at Long Island, Omaha and Steinhart are some of the best we’ve seen, and joining the list is Singapore’s S.E.A aquarium.

Pseudanthias pictilis. Bali babies on display at Aquarama 2015. Bali Aquarich, the Asian sensation of the aquaculture scene, has been collecting accolades and trail blazing this niche in the last few years.

Bali babies on display at Aquarama 2015

They’ve come a long way since captive bred clownfish, and now boasts a stunning repertoire of angelfish species, captive bred for the aquarium hobby. Papua New Guinean endemics on display by Paradise Aquariums at Aquarama 2015. Aquarama is a fish and accessories exhibition held biennially in Singapore, where exhibitors, exporters, industry authorities and hobbyists gather for a glimpse of the aquarium happenings in South-East Asia. Although Aquarama is mostly geared towards freshwater fish and their corresponding ribbon ponies, it offers a healthy dosage of marine related paraphernalia, such as the market debut of new fangled gadgets and equipment. More importantly, it’s also an excuse for the various industry personalities to gather and discuss on the latest happenings and gossip (kidding).

A largely Papua New Guinean endemic, Chrysiptera niger. While the event floor is largely plagued with booths featuring gewgaws and other thingamabobs, rare fish of both realms are usually not in short supply. Exhibitors and exporters take the chance to show off unusual species of fish, because why not? C. niger is a small species endemic to Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the nearby D’Entrecasteaux Islands. The Tufi Damselfish. Phytoplancton et zooplancton, les indispensables pour l'élevage - Vivant - Articles - Articles - Cap Récifal. La reproduction sexuée des poissons en eau de mer est un pari difficile mais pas impossible. Depuis notre tout premier bac nous avons toujours été séduits par cette aventure. Supplementation la methode Balling. Leopards and Tamarins – Show me your teeth. When it comes to colloquial nomenclature, biologists are often perplexed at the colorful inter-species cross over, name lending charade that plague their respective fields.

Entomologists specializing in butterflies may find themselves vexed at the numerous bird-related common names, such as albatrosses, crows, tits and jays. A Blue Jay, to an ornithologist, refers to the common passerine bird Cyanocitta cristata. To a lepidopterist, the fast flying swallowtail Graphium evemon comes to mind. Elevage de copépodes : Généralités de maintenance marine. Bonjour, tout dépend des copépodes que tu veux cultiver, certains ont des besoins spécifiques. Comment obtenir les plus belles couleurs de vos coraux à petits polypes (SPS)! Combien d'entre nous, récifalistes de tout poil, ont déjà acheté des coraux aux couleurs vives dans un magasin aquariophile pour, en définitive, voir lentement ses couleurs étonnantes, somptueuses, éclatantes, s'estomper et finalement virer au brunâtre, au cours des semaines qui ont suivies son accueil dans nos aquariums?

Wall. Le bac des Maniacodesrécifs (méthode Reefcorner) - Page 17. Guide de l'éducateur - L'exploration de l'espace. Hands-on with the Biotek Marine USB PAR Sensor. BioTek Marine really got a lot of attention when they announced their unique BTM3000 PAR meter. The BTM 3000 is actually a bare PAR sensor with a USB connection to be ‘powered’ by any regular old computer, PC or Mac, and we couldn’t be any more impressed with the execution on the hardware. Users of Apogee Instruments PAR meter will be immediately familiar with the look and feel of the BTM 3000 which is made by Apogee exclusively for BioTek Marine. There are some custom electronics in the sensor side of the BTM 3000 to allow it to be USB powered, and the 15 foot long USB cord really helps to move the sensor around while it is tethered to a stationary machine, and it will be able to reach much deeper in tanks than the standard Apogee PAR meter.

It took just a little while for the software side of the BTM 3000 to reach the 1.0 version, especially for the Mac platform but now that it has, the BTM 3000 is truly a tool worthy of recommendation and widespread deployment. Hervé - Eau de mer. BelgianReef..... le recifal simplement.... Petit Coin de Récif - Espèces utiles : à chaque indésirable sa solution! Note utilisateur: Maintenance d'un aquarium récifal. Quels animaux pour entretenir le sable ? - Microfaune - Cap Récifal. Maladie bacterienne qui atteint mes coraux - Animaux du récif... Trop, c'est pas assez! Hello, Bon, j'ai un peu le temps pour écrire en ce moment, alors je vais me lancer dans le récit de cette bien malheureuse aventure qui me touche depuis quelque temps! Water Refill Genie is a new ATO kit with a novel type of level sensor. The Water Refill Genie is a new all-in-one auto-top-off which is aimed at being your go to ATO device no matter what your method of replenishing evaporated water.

E-Fins, makers of the Algae Mower Vac has designed the Water Refill Genie to be a complete ATO system for any aquarium setup whether it is reservoir based or direct RO filter connection system. The Water Refill Genie has fail safe features against low reservoirs, pump failure, tank leaks and even main pump failure. It also comes with a brand new water level sensor with no moving parts that is durable, accurate to within 0.1 inch (2.5mm) and it is not affected by environmental conditions like waves, bubbles, algae, snails, lighting, electric field from other equipment etc. We are really curious about this tricky new water level sensor as this is one of the areas of ATO monitoring that can always benefit from a more robust design. Ocean Swipe 360 — A Robot that can clean all four sides of an aquarium. Keeping reef tanks is a big job that takes a large investment in time. One of the bigger tasks is cleaning the aquarium glass especially removing it from any built up algae.

A new product called Ocean Swipe 360 seeks to change our hassle of cleaning aquariums with a novel way to clean the inside of aquarium glass. The product uses black colored tracks on the top and bottom of the reef tank so the robot type system can clean away (all four sides) of the aquarium. What’s more is the unit will sense obstacles that might get in the way of the cleaning device as the video below shows. Ocean Swipe 360 has been in development for over two years and just last year a patent was filed on the technology and technique the company is now using. Coralific Delite. Suivi d'un aquarium recifal DSB depuis sa création jean paul 94300 aquarium / Aquariophilie. Vends détritivores escargots cérithium (cérithidé) (petite annonce) Aquarium récifal. Btlstf 2.0 * - Page 2. Température et Densité Aquarium récifal. Reef Hobbyist Magazine.

Acheter MSM en poudre. Les vertus de la Vitamine C pour l'aquarium! - Animaux du récif... Trop, c'est pas assez! Vitamine C. Questions fréquentes - page 1. Aquarium récifal / aquarium marin / aquarium eau de mer - Reefguardian. World-Leading Exhibition for the Pet Supplies Industry. Liste des DVD parus - Aquariophilie récifale - Océan Passion On The Road - Océan Passion On The Road. Hervé - Eau de mer. Les Paramètres de l'eau de mer. Zeovit Automatic Elements may actually reduce the cost of dosing Iron, Potassium & more. Les nanos poissons - Planilhas Google. Traduction. Traduction. Vertex va sortir cerebra son controller tactile : Automatisation.

Phytoplancton et zooplancton, les indispensables pour l'élevage - Vivant - Articles - Articles - Cap Récifal. Chariot nu - Force 500 kg. Remorque parois bois - Force 400 kg - Plateau 545 x 945 mm. Chariot poignée amovible - Force 250 kg. Chariot poignée amovible - Force 150 kg. Fût à ouverture totale homologués UN - Bleu. Conteneur Click Pack - 15 à 25 L. Fût à ouverture totale à poignées intégrée - Blanc. Fût - Manutan. DAP DJ-Switch 10 - prise multiple (50364)

Les changements d’eau - Matériel - Articles - Articles - Cap Récifal. Red Sea Reef Base - Aragonite premium pour aquariums marins et récifaux. Sables et graviers - Page 2 - Maintenance - Cap Récifal. Sables et graviers - Vivant - Articles - Articles - Cap Récifal. Elevage d'artémia adultes - Animaux du récif... Trop, c'est pas assez! My Little Reef@Home. Aquarium récifal / aquarium marin / aquarium eau de mer - Reefguardian. Hervé - Eau de mer. RAC.pdf. La maitrise du RAC (Réacteur A Calcaire) Aquarium récifal / aquarium marin / aquarium eau de mer - Reefguardian. Preis Aquaristik - le point de contact pour les aquariophiles. Les Acroporas Aquarium récifal / aquarium marin / aquarium eau de mer - Reefguardian. Maintenance d'Acropora en aquarium. Meerwasser. Maintenance des azooxanthellés... - Page 10 - Coraux azooxanthellés - Cap Récifal. La nourriture vivante pour vos poissons - Boutique aqualiment.

Elevage de copépodes : Généralités de maintenance marine. Ctenoides scaber. Marta Spano’s one year old reef tank puts all others to shame. Cryptocentrus cinctus. Extreme PE Fetish. Copépodes (microfaune) vivant sont arrivé mais... : commandes groupées - Page 3. Un refuge adaptable à votre aquarium par Atelier de Marianne - Articles - Récifal News. Les Algues. Le refuge algal : un allié précieux ? Le magaZine des fondus des pico nano recif et micro recifs marin, aquarium recifal. Techniques recifales. reef. Aquariophilie marine. Conseils articles eau de mer nanorecif microrecif.

RÉCIF FRANCE - L'aquariophilie marine et récifale à la portée de tous. Petit Coin de Récif - Le Refuge dans tous ses états. Feature Aquarium: The 246 Gallon Reef Aquarium of Sonny Harajly. Aquarium Corals: A Look at the Sun Corals. Feature Aquarium: Ralf Prehn's 870 gallon "Little Coral Reef" Feature Aquarium: The Reef Aquarium of Eren Yelkenci. Mike Paletta's 300 Gallon Mixed Reef Aquarium - Part I. Aquarium Corals: Making Corals Colorful: New Information on Acropora species.

Feature Article: Coral Feeding: An Overview. Featured Aquarium: vpreef's 360 gallon reef. Aquarium Corals: Making Corals Colorful: 'Kaede' Fluorescent Proteins. On the Captive Biology of Tube Anemones. A Look at a Successful 125 Gallon Mixed-Reef Aquarium.