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Installing Apache Solr in Tomcat for Drupal on Snow Leopard. Adding Pager Navigation to Nodes in Drupal 7. My father, a part time sculptor, recently asked me to build him a website to showcase his work.

Adding Pager Navigation to Nodes in Drupal 7

Sensing an opportunity to learn some new Drupal 7 tricks, I agreed. Being a fairly simple site with a few pages and an image gallery, the site was completed in a few days…almost. When I was at a stopping point, I asked my wife to click through the site, thinking she might pick up on some usability issues that I missed. Sure enough, she did. She noticed that after clicking on a thumbnail in the gallery (a simple grid view of thumbnails) and arriving at a sculpture node, there was no way to get to the next sculpture without going back to the gallery. Next and Previous buttons were the obvious solution- but not so obvious to implement. For websites built around image galleries, node-level pagers make perfect sense. With some Googling, I found some prebuilt solutions: the Custom Pager Module and the Previous/Next API. <? If ( Then, in my node.tpl.php template file, I added: That’s it. Happy paging!

Les meilleurs modules pour Drupal. Introduction à Drupal 7. Top Drupal 7 Modules: Summer 2012 Edition. Jay Callicott | Product Manager, Lead Architect Introduction to Jay’s Summer List UPDATE: Check out my latest D7 top modules list!

Top Drupal 7 Modules: Summer 2012 Edition

There are literally thousands of modules available on The funny thing is, most developers tend to use only a small percentage of those modules. So out of 16,000+ modules, many developers have only installed up to 200 different modules across their various projects. Late last year I released my first top Drupal 7 modules which superseded my original Drupal 6 top modules list. NOTE: that I have tried to indicate on the list where I have made changes. I think this is a really good list for newbies to get started with, but I would love for your feedback. Jay’s List Administration Admin or Admin MenuEither module is a good choice for admins/developers to quickly navigate various parts of the site.

Developers Backup & MigrateA must have utility module for all developers. Site building Content Publishing Users Utility / API Modules Notable Mentions.