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Convert OSM files to IMG files. If you are a user of, then you may have already realized the power of being able to download free maps from their website.

Convert OSM files to IMG files

If you have the apporpriate software, you can even take these free maps, and import them into your Garmin GPS! OSM to IMG The map file that is exported from open street map is in osmarender format (OSM). This format cannot be uploaded as a map to your Garmin GPS... but using our free program, you can convert OSM maps to IMG maps within a few seconds. Learn how to do this with our instructional video. Shp2kml 2. OziExplorer track (.PLT) to Google.Earth path (.KML) converter. GPSies Convert. GPS Visualizer. POI EDITOR - POI Convert. Convert CSV, GPX, OV2, KML, LMX, etc. Conversion d'un format GPS vers un autre format GPS. RouteConverter. RouteConverter est un outil GPS gratuit et convivial pour afficher, éditer, enrichir et convertir des routes, des traces et des points.


Il m'aide à planifier des parcours et consolider des traces et j'espère qu'il pourrait vous aider. La dernière version, la v2.12 du 4 avril 2014, offre un ensemble de nouvelles fonctions et améliorations. Route Converter Téléchargements.