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Kriskowal/q. Les promesses avec Q et nodejs. Les promesses avec Q et nodejs Lorsque l’on commence à monter une application web qui tourne sous node, avec quelques requêtes http sur un autre serveur et une persistance dans une base mongodb on est vite pris par l’enfer des callbacks (en anglais callback hell et qu’on trouve également sous le nom de Pyramid of Doom).

Les promesses avec Q et nodejs

La solution la plus courante est d’utiliser les promesses. Simple… sur le papier en tout cas. Car dès que l’on dépasse le stade des 2-3 promesses à lancer l’une à la suite de l’autre on peut vite se retrouver à imbriquer des promesses les unes dans les autres, exactement comme on cherchait à ne pas faire avec les callbacks. Les promesses permettent de construire un enchaînement d’actions, synchrones ou asynchrones. L’article commence par présenter l’implémentation des promesses dans des cas simples, puis propose des solutions à des cas plus élaborés pour permettre de garder un code plus lisible et donc plus maintenable. Installation Approche naturelle avec des callbacks. Node.js on the Road: Node.js @ Yahoo - Developer Center. Like we were pretty early adopters for it.

Node.js on the Road: Node.js @ Yahoo - Developer Center

But when we saw that transition, we knew like this stuff is getting pretty solid, and so we started putting a lot of stuff on it. A lot of the new Yahoo-based products that you've seen, our properties, digital magazines, we have Yahoo Tech, David Pogue is now at Yahoo, writing for Yahoo Tech; and Yahoo Food, and these are more advanced single page applications, but also work as content sites, it's a nice hybrid. Node.js on the Road: Node.js & Yahoo - Developer Center.

Slack line not pictured but it's pretty cool.

Node.js on the Road: Node.js & Yahoo - Developer Center

I work at this little known startup that no one's ever heard of, and so when I was approached about this talk, about giving this talk, they wanted to me to focus a lot on production use of Node, and that's awesome. We use it in production, so I have a lot to talk about, but I thought it would be useful to explain to this audience that production at Yahoo has meant something different than production at other companies I worked at at the past. And the big thing about this, is most people think of production as something that keeps your company running, and at Yahoo, this means stuff that people actually use and what makes Yahoo money, right?

So this is what production is, but it's also for us, we have a lot of engineers—thousands and thousands of engineers, and it's very important that we keep them productive and working, and that's a big part of what my job is all about. Episodes - Learn All The Nodes. 10 Best Node.js MVC Frameworks for JavaScript Developers » CODECALL. Node.js is one of the most popular javascript framework that allows you to build scalable network web applications.

10 Best Node.js MVC Frameworks for JavaScript Developers » CODECALL

Node.js contains different kinds of framework, such as MVC framework, full-stack framework, REST API and generators. They are included as server libraries, which allows Node.jsto run a web server without the use of external software like Apache and Lighttpd. These frameworks make it user-friendly and allows it to support a large number of features and functions to develop huge web applications in just a few steps.

26 modules Node.js que j’utilise tout le temps. Je suis comme vous, je reviens toujours à une petite boîte à outils essentielle, qui m’accompagne de projet en projet, chaque outil ayant maintes fois prouvé sa valeur.

26 modules Node.js que j’utilise tout le temps

Node Js. How to Build A Slackbot + Deploy an App to Heroku... Back in ye olde days of the internet, there was IRC (Internet Relay Chat), a chat network with channels and servers for every microcosm in the world.

How to Build A Slackbot + Deploy an App to Heroku...

Folks would make these little bots or services — they’d greet you when you joined a channel, played trivia, Uno and other chat-based games with you. Unfortunately, if you wanted to make one yourself, you likely needed some knowledge of Perl, client-server architecture and a handful of Unix commands. Today, most will opt for a more aesthetic alternative to IRC. "Automatisez votre startup" par Julien Le Coupanec. Npm2dot. Convert npm dependency list to graphviz format Convert npm dependency list to dot file which can be visualized using graphviz Install npm install npm2dot -g Usage 1.


Npm ls --json | npm2dot. Node Logging Basics - Ultimate Guide to Logging. Node provides an easily extensible logging system, allowing you to control which messages get logged and to where they are output.

Node Logging Basics - Ultimate Guide to Logging

Additionally, it has good support for structured logging using JSON. JSON allows more advanced logging patterns such as recording data fields for analysis and extending log objects to track complex call graphs. We’ll give examples for each of these in the sections below. Web Development with Node and Express: Leveraging the JavaScript Stack - Ethan Brown. Dominos. API for domino's Pizza This is a node.js wrapper for the Domino's pizza API's This work is licenced via the DBAD Public Licence. npm install dominos By Postal Code.


NodeJS. GRUNT TUTORIAL - Grunt makes your web development better! DailyNode - The most timely and complete Node aggregator. Node.js. Home · koajs/koa Wiki. Christophe Porteneuve @ Paris Web 2014. En voiture Simone !

Christophe Porteneuve @ Paris Web 2014

Node.js. NodeSchool. Node.js. Tutoriel vidéo NodeJS : Créer un tchat avec NodeJS et Socket.IO. Premiers pas avec Grunt. Nous vous conseillons aujourd’hui d’utiliser un gestionnaire de tâches qui nous paraît être mieux sur bien des points: configuration plus souple, lisible et facile et rapidité vous attendent avec Gulp. Vous avez sûrement déjà entendu parler de Grunt à droite à gauche, en conférence, voire votre boite l’utilise déjà mais vous ne savez toujours pas trop ce qui se cache derrière ce terme saugrenu digne d’un personnage de Warcraft. Soit, ce n’est pas bien grave. Grunt est simplement un JavaScript Task Runner, un outil vous permettant de créer des tâches automatisées en JavaScript. Felix's Node.js Beginners Guide. « Home / All Guides. NodeJS en mode démoniaque avec upstart sous Debian.

Comment installer NodeJS sur Debian et le faire tourner comme un démon, avec démarrage automatique. On va utiliser, sur un petit VPS, une install propre de nodejs et l'utilitaire upstart. Underscore.js. Underscore is a JavaScript library that provides a whole mess of useful functional programming helpers without extending any built-in objects. It’s the answer to the question: “If I sit down in front of a blank HTML page, and want to start being productive immediately, what do I need?” … and the tie to go along with jQuery's tux and Backbone's suspenders. Underscore provides over 100 functions that support both your favorite workaday functional helpers: map, filter, invoke — as well as more specialized goodies: function binding, javascript templating, creating quick indexes, deep equality testing, and so on. NodeSchool. Functional Javascript.

Package.json: an interactive guide - Name The unique name of your package and should be down in lowercase. This property is required and your package will not install without it. This also indicates the name of you package in the public node module registry (if you choose to publish it) If you deploy your application on Nodejitsu, this property will represent the name of your application. version.


Node.js Paris. Dynamisez vos sites web avec Javascript ! Bienvenue à toutes et à tous, Qui n'a jamais entendu parler du JavaScript ? Créé dans les années 90 en tant que simple langage de script, JavaScript est désormais un des poids lourds du développement Web ! Conjugaison : travailler, finir, prendre ou aimer ? Pogoapp. Node Hosting · joyent/node Wiki. Hosting compatible with Node Managed Managed providers provide a simplified "Node Appliance" solution. Node and NPM will already be set up for you, and deploys are typically done via git push or similar method. You will have less control of your server, but everything will be set up for you. How To Use node.js, request and cheerio to Set Up Simple Web-Scraping. Introduction: In this tutorial, we will scrape the front page of Hacker News to get all the top ranking links as well as their metadata - such as the title, URL and the number of points/comments it received.

This is one of many techniques to extract data from web pages using node.js and mainly uses a module called cheerio by Matthew Mueller which implements a subset of jQuery specifically designed for server use. Cheerio is lightweight, fast, flexible and easy to use, if you're already accustomed to working with jQuery. jOWL - semantic javascript library. Sencha Ext JS. Tool nodejs for scrapping. Spider aspirateur de donnée. Drichard/mindmaps. Docs. #Installing. Ghost - Just a blogging platform.

Use jitsu to deploy your Node.js applications on Nodejitsu. Authentification et WebSocket, avec Node.JS, Express, et Socket.IO. Intro to Sails.js. - The Database of JavaScript Libraries. Strongloop/express. Authenticate. Authenticate Authenticating requests is as simple as calling passport.authenticate() and specifying which strategy to employ. authenticate()'s function signature is standard Connect middleware, which makes it convenient to use as route middleware in Express applications.'/login', passport.authenticate('local'), function(req, res) { res.redirect('/users/' + req.user.username); }); By default, if authentication fails, Passport will respond with a 401 Unauthorized status, and any additional route handlers will not be invoked.

If authentication succeeds, the next handler will be invoked and the req.user property will be set to the authenticated user. Note: Strategies must be configured prior to using them in a route. Redirects. Developers. Getting Started. Comment télécharger un fichier avec Node.js ? - Social Mobile dev. Zooniverse/Ubret-Dashboard. Useful Node.js Tools, Tutorials And Resources. Andzdroid/mongo-express. Etabits/node-penguin. Anephenix/dashku. How do I get started with Node.js. Senchalabs/connect. Référence JavaScript. Flickr Services. Oauth-signature. Passport - Simple, unobtrusive authentication for Node.js. 2.0 — OAuth.

Andreassolberg/jso. t1msh/node-oauth20-provider. Package.json: an interactive guide - Nipster! npm search tool for Node.js. Compound. Npm. Node for Rails developers: using Compound.js. Créer un site simple avec Node.js, Express et Jade - Code4fun - Dev Blog. CompoundJS. Instance Node.js. Chat Realtime avec Node.js et Session-based Authorization with Socket.IO.

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