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As an Agile Leader, I believe that … MoreAgile Manifesto. Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship. Refactoring Manifesto - Because the world needs better code. A new lean software manifesto - Fishpool. This weekend saw Eric Ries's Lean Startup movement produce a conference on the approach.

A new lean software manifesto - Fishpool

People who were there have already summarized and documented the proceedings in quite a detail. One of the interesting take-aways seems to have been Kent Beck's proposal for the evolution of the Agile Manifesto into something more applicable to the startup context of continuous learning and adaptation. Apparently, it has created quite a bit of discussion, but apart from the video recording, I haven't seen it being stated completely anywhere. So, it goes something like this (original waterfall comparison parenthesized): Manifesto for Agile Software Development. The declaration of interdependence for modern management or DOI. The project/product management Declaration of interdependence was written in 2005 as an adjunct to the Agile Manifesto.

The declaration of interdependence for modern management or DOI

See also: Here is an explanation of it I wrote immediately upon returning from writing it “We …