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Social Networking for Teaching and Learning in Music Classes

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As an instrumental music teacher in the public schools, I believe it is important to tap into student engagement with social media, even in the music class.

This curation includes examples and ideas of how the integration of social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Edmodo, etc.) can positively influence learning in the music classroom.

(Check the comments area of each item for a short summary by pianogal87 to learn more about it.) The Socially Minded Music Classroom - National Association for Music Education (NAfME) The Careful Use of Social Media can Engage Students and Parents By: Robin Giebelhausen This article originally appeared in the April 2015 edition of Teaching Music Magazine Are you an NAfME member?

The Socially Minded Music Classroom - National Association for Music Education (NAfME)

Subscribe or login to view previous editions of the Teaching Music Magazine ROBIN GIEBELHAUSEN, who specializes in both elementary and secondary general music at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, notes that social media can offer powerful tools in the music classroom and “allow for many new possibilities, including higher levels of engagement.” However, Giebelhausen first has some cautions—for instance, she advises music educators not to use their personal Facebook pages to connect with students. She also notes that if teachers invite students to join a Group, they should consider inviting parents as well. “Facebook has the most diverse membership and makes sense as the first stop. Other platforms have different uses, and it has more to do with the way the platform is structured.”

A Return to Participatory Oral Traditions in Music Education. 4 Ways Technology Can Make Your Music Lessons Sing. Curriculum Page 2 of 3 4 Ways Technology Can Make Your Music Lessons Sing Helping Kids ComposeAmy Burns, an elementary school music teacher at Far Hills Country Day School (NJ), said she started using technology because she thought it could help young students do things they couldn't do traditionally.

This article from describes the use of technology in the music classroom, including a more-difficult-to-find example of rehearsing via social media in instrumental music class. The interviewed band teacher used Edmodo for chair placement tests and for sharing of student compositions. – pianogal87

Composing music with very young students can be difficult, even though it is among the New Jersey state music standards, she said.

4 Ways Technology Can Make Your Music Lessons Sing

"But now with tools such as NoteFlight, second- and third-graders can create wonderful melodic compositions and play them on their recorder," she said. Besides helping with composition and creation, technology can also enhance performance. Burns also uses tech tools to help with assessment. Rehearsing Via Social Media Looking back over her 14-year teaching career, Lori Pirzer, director of bands and music teacher at Oak View Middle School in Newberry, FL, said she can see how much larger a role technology plays now. Tips on Teaching by Skype - Music Teacher's Helper Blog Music Teacher's Helper Blog.

Skype and other online learning options are increasingly attractive for people who are comfortable with communicating via computer, and especially for people who have few local learning choices.

This blog provides some great tips to using Skype in teaching music lessons. A viewer's comment on the blog from April 23, 2013 describes how she uses Skype for giving online lessons to her students, as well as taking her own private lessons on the violin. – pianogal87

For music teachers, working online presents some special challenges.

Tips on Teaching by Skype - Music Teacher's Helper Blog Music Teacher's Helper Blog

Here are some tips. If you’ve tried Skype teaching or learning, please contribute your thoughts as well. Using-Social-Media-and-Technology-to-Strengthen-Your-Choral-Program.pdf. The New Horizons for Music Technology in Music Education.

While this article does not focus on particular social media sites, such as YouTube or Facebook, it does mention them in regards to social sharing between musicians. These, along with stressing the value of other free Internet sites termed "net communities" for music sharing and collaboration, combine for an overall picture of successful social media use. – pianogal87

What the Tech is Going On? Social Media and Your Music Classroom

Social Media Retrieval for Music Education.

This article provides a case study example of a multimedia guitar tutor program which incorporates YouTube videos with learning different aspects of the guitar. – pianogal87

Using social network sites to foster creativity and collaboration in the music classroom.

Again, this article is not available in its entirety for free, but the abstract gives specific information on how the social media site, Edmodo, was successfully used with particular reference to music classes and boys' learning and creativity. – pianogal87

Evolving technologies require educational policy change: Music education for the 21st century.

While YouTube is mentioned here in passing as a useful social media tool, this article focuses in on an blended learning project called Project Music X. Project Music X had students learning online from experts and sharing with other students, all combined with hands on music instruction, resulting in great benefits to overall learning and higher student interest in learning to play various instruments. A great example of using the Internet to create engaged learners. – pianogal87