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It's the end of this (very long) story arc, so that means it's time for me to take a break from the regular updates in order to prepare for the next (probably also very long) arc. The main comic here on the site will return on March 31st, with a whole new story far away from the desert and Elan's family and all that. Downside: Less dinosaurs. Sorry. As for what I'll be doing for those six weeks, I wish I could say, "tropical vacation," but no such luck. Here are the highlights: Giant In the Playground Games

Giant In the Playground Games

attu is 500 pages long as of today, which might be around halfway through the story but I'm not sure yet: I know all the important things that have yet to happen but I don't know how long they'll take. Thank you everyone for reading, and for bearing with this occasionally idiosyncratic and slow-moving project. The contents of the second book of Vattu, tentatively titled Sword & Sacrament, are heading towards a close now. Rice Boy Rice Boy
Artiste Gullible - Artiste Gullible - I’ve been cheating on my AG webcomic. I’ve got this idea for a new webcomic and it’s distracting me. Granted, I often have ideas for webcomics that fall by the wayside. It is self-weeding that way and I am grateful for this.
A Girl and Her Fed You know how it's really, really rude to talk on the phone with someone while they're on the toilet? Same thing for cyborg brain-talk. That's much more intimate than shouting through a closed door. A Girl and Her Fed