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Day by Day Cartoon by Chris Muir.

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Artiste Gullible -

I’ve got this idea for a new webcomic and it’s distracting me. Granted, I often have ideas for webcomics that fall by the wayside. It is self-weeding that way and I am grateful for this. But when I have more then 10 strips written with another 10 undeveloped strips sitting on the back burner, waiting, I know that the whole concept might have legs. This particular comic will be different in that it will have reoccurring characters, multiple story arcs, will be in color, and if all goes well, completely created on my iPad. I have been exploring the iPad angle for almost a year. What does this mean for AG? Well, I don’t think I will ever be able to just call it quits; not as long as I have ideas in this area, and I always have ideas. Keep an eye out for AG updates, they will still happen from time to time.

As always, thanks for reading. A Girl and Her Fed.