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The Google+ Cheatsheet Is a Quick Reference To Using Google+ How to Migrate Your Facebook Account and Data to Google+ Arrrrrgh, the really sad part is that you sent this to me and in all that searching for an alternative fb/g+ sharer, I didn't realize this could also do that. I'm having some trouble loading stuff up though.

The home page is very slow, but loaded...but now that I've got it installed the Facebook and Twitter "login" pages don't seem to be loading at all. I'd love to add this to the article, but I can't really do that until I get it working...any advice? The FB/Twitter icons on the right side of the top toolbar should pop up authorization windows for each of the services and require you to login, once that is completed, you will have to click those buttons again & hit the "login" link one more time to get it to actually connect.

Once you've connected, there will be checkbox/icons in the share box for whatever services you're signed into. Hopefully that helps... Yeah, what I'm saying is that when I click on the icons you mention, they *don't* pop up authorization windows. 19 Essential Google+ Resources.