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Kandahar's Combat Knitters use yarn and needles as weapons of self-preservation In the highlands of Peru, sheep are shorn. Their fleece is milled, spun into yarn and exported to a Seattle distributor, which ships the yarn across the continent to a knitting shop on North Fayette Street in Alexandria, where it is purchased in 220-yard skeins by a Navy captain's wife and her fellow knitters of Northern Virginia, who box the skeins into care packages and mail them 10 time zones away to a NATO hospital in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Attn: Combat Knitters. The Combat Knitters tote their yarn and needles in nondescript pouches, sneaking a few stitches here and there, under their desks, between shifts, after saving or losing a patient, waiting for a rocket attack to end, watching F-16s taking off from the airfield. Wrists piston and needles click as the knitters watch a Friday-night movie projected on a barracks wall under the black sky of southern Afghanistan. Kandahar's Combat Knitters use yarn and needles as weapons of self-preservation

Make a Kumihimo Disk and Bracelet Part 1 My daughter and I have been on a bracelet making kick lately. I've found this fabulous method of making bracelets based on a Japanese braiding technique called Kumihimo. My technique uses a homemade Kumihimo disk and embroidery floss. Part 1 of this tutorial focuses on making the disk. Required Supplies:1. Make a Kumihimo Disk and Bracelet Part 1
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CraftSanity My first attempt at soap making was ridiculous. It was my 31st birthday and I was sporting safety googles and rubber gloves. One judging from my getup may have assumed that I knew what I was doing, but that was certainly not the case. At the time, I was beyond nervous about using lye to make soap, so nervous, in fact, that I bought the wrong kind – a diluted, liquid variety – and hurried home to mix up a batch of soap that would never amount to anything more than smelly glop. It was a real disappointment – that first batch of soap. CraftSanity
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