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Proseminar - Skriptesammlung Informatik RWTH Aachen. Speed Reading Training: Über das Subvokalisieren - Lern-Tipps von Akademie & Verlag Grüning. Maths. Computer science. TeX. Universität Innsbruck. Free Online Course Materials. How can I learn better? During the course of our lives we keep learning new things, but all of the areas in which we could be learning are not the same.

How can I learn better?

Learning does not necessarily mean growth and treating all skills with same learning approach is unlikely to be successful. Each one of us has a “comfort zone”, an area within which we are comfortable doing things. One can learn more about the same things (PhD’s “know everything about nothing” because their learning is highly specialized) or more about new things. The key is to realize that we tend to strongly prefer staying in our comfort zone: not just by consciously avoiding unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations but also though our choices.

Schüler und Studierende – Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.