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Shuva Baidya

is an online outsourcing firm specialized in image manipulation and serving the global market since 2012. Phototrims is the second to none in Bangladesh in providing image editing services. It has already been able to draw the attention of giant clients and has got the working experiences with them.

Corporate Identity Design. We have this service first because it’s where it all starts (with you) and our design staff has years of experience and expertise in this field.

Corporate Identity Design

Your brand and identity needs to be professional and, above all, consistent. Visual Identity is presenting your story in a way that “captures” its audience and gains respect through its dynamic and unique look. At Veer90, we discuss an entire visual plan for you and your brand, then “hit the pavement” (hard) to develop options that explore every possibility to ensure memorable identification. Wedding photo editing services. Wedding photo editing service is an important part of wedding photography industry.

wedding photo editing services

Being a wedding photographer you understand how it's critical to deliver the wedding photo session order in time and of the highest quality. Photo Manipulation Backgrounds. Advanced technologies have put the control of scientific images in the hands of researchers and authors.

Photo Manipulation Backgrounds

For example, the blots and gels that accompany and represent data in an article, may be manipulated in a variety of ways. However, there are two basic categories of image manipulation or image editing in scientific research articles: 1) Clarification 2) Deception In clarification, an author may, quite ethically, attempt to “clean up” an image in order for it to be more readable. Image editing software programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, allow for the digital manipulation of an image to highlight the areas of interest and diminish the areas that distract from the relevant information. However, if the author fails to note that the image has been altered, this could lead to trouble—the author could be accused of misconduct and the journal could be accused of publishing inaccurate or misleading material.

Headshot Retouching Services. Face the problem of digital headshot retouching of your photos?

Headshot Retouching Services

Need it to be done quickly and naturally? Fix The Photo has a new service for actors, photographers, agents, studios and models providing digital headshot retouching according all photography standards. Are you looking for high-quality headshot retouching services? We provide top-rated headshot photo editing services, ensuring clarity of your facial features and tiny details. Our experts at PGBS have an extensive experience in digital manipulation of photographs and can enhance the quality of your photos to the maximum possible level.

Crop And Resize Image Photoshop. Photoshop may be your tool of choice for serious digital image editing, but it's quite capable of less serious pursuits, such as editing a photo of your friend so his head is several times larger than it actually is.

Crop And Resize Image Photoshop

It's not a hard thing to do, but it will take some work, especially if you want the result to appear somewhat natural. E-Commerce is no more just an online replica of trading your goods. It has fashioned its appeal spectacularly. This is only because of the editing and designing wonders that keep trending every day, especially the norms that are associated with E-commerce product editing. Photo Restoration Services. While Photoshop is a great tool to enhance or modify digital images, it is also a fantastic application to repair or restore photographs damaged by the effects of age, neglect, or acts of nature.

Photo Restoration Services

In this tutorial, we will show you how to restore a heavily damaged photo in Photoshop. Let's get started Step 1. Shadow Creation Services. A shadow is the contour created when an object or person blocks rays of light from reaching a surface.

Shadow Creation Services

The shape of a shadow change based on its relationship with its light source. The distance, angle, and size of the source work together to determine the intensity for shadow effect Photoshop and scale of the shadow. While this may seem to be a fairly obvious explanation, a shadow's role in photography is often fuzzy. Silhouettes and reflections can be mistaken for shadows. Like shadows, silhouettes are formed by restricted light. Shadows can enrich a photograph in numerous ways. Color Correction Services For Photographers. Color Correction or Grading is the technique of changing the colors present in an image.

Color Correction Services For Photographers

This could be a stark change (blue to red) or a subtle change (white balance).The difference between the word correction and grading is a gray area (pun intended). If the colors are already perfect, there is no need to change them. If you do change the colors, you could call it your artistic expression or correction. The audience will only see the final version, no matter the herculean effort that went into changing red into blue. Photo color correction service means the colorizing the product with striking color with the best level saturation.

Whatever damaged condition to your photographs, photo re-coloring can enhance the images in such a way that it attracts the customer. Jewellery Photo Editing In Photoshop. After getting the unique photos of jewelry by a good photographer, in some parts it can be seen some scratches, spots or blemishes.

Jewellery Photo Editing In Photoshop

It is a fact that these defects make an adornment undesirable. Where a jewelry photo retouching makes color correction, adding contrast, polishing scratches, cleaning without doing any damage to photos. With high-quality expert editing a shiny and brand new feel appears on the photos of jewels. Jewelry retouching service refers to the delicate process of getting sparkling, glittering and shining images of gems, diamonds or gold. The scintillation of light arise client’s expectation to buy the jewelry. All kinds of precious metals or ornaments to decorate you in a colourful or interesting way- are jewelry to us.

Photo Trims provides high quality jewelry retouching services. Ecommerce Product Image Editing Services. High End Photo Retouching Services. Photographs might be smashed or appeared weird by an abundance of unpredictable instances.

High End Photo Retouching Services

Photos captured by photography enthusiasts are unable to always be best to present. And we often are inclined to demonstrate our priceless photograph or images with a little bit more editing or ornamentation. In Image Editing, this technique is termed for Wedding Photo Retouching Services. The exquisite work includes sky-importance in photography Enterprise, Web or Marketing reason. Professional Photo Editing Service Company. Image Background Removal Service. Background Remove by using the Pen tool By using the pen tool, we can remove the background to get a perfect and attractive white background.

In this process, the product background cut down and replace it with a white layer. Although this process is very effective and easy, it’s an extremely time-consuming process when you want to bring out a large batch of clients. The other negative side is when the product sharp is sharp and blurred and the product is cut down, there is a chance the product looks unnatural and it may lose it beauty. Adjustment Brush Using Auto Mask This is another well-known system, basically for Lightroom users. The Best and Quickest Method All right, now we have a good knowledge of two well-known methods by which we can change the background and make it white.

Clipping Path Service Provider. Clipping path is an essential service for all types of web based company that promotes web business like E-commerce business, online shop, design shop etc. Cutting image is the most positive issue for e-commerce sector which has a set of product's images to draw the attention to their customers.

Clipped images are also used in Posters, brochure, flyers, catalogs, websites, newspaper, magazines, photo agency, advertising and many other different regions where images are used smoothly. For this reason, Best Clipping Path Service/Cut Out/Deep Etch is becoming very popular for web-based company all over the world.