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Mobile Phone Earpiece / Ear Speaker Problem and Solution. YouTube. Smart Phone Block Diagram. Use these Smart Phone Block Diagrams to Learn Circuit and How Smart Phone Works A Smart Phone Block Diagram helps us to apprehend region of different elements of a Smart phone and the circuit.

Smart Phone Block Diagram

Once we're capable of recognize the circuit diagram, it turns into very smooth to locate the exact area of the fault and restore the smart telephone. Smart Phone Touch Screen Not working. Learn to Fix Smart Phone Touch Screen Not Working Problem.

Smart Phone Touch Screen Not working

Learn How to Fix if Smart Phone Touch Screen Not Working (Unresponsive PDA). You can Fix any Not Working Touch Screen of any Brand – Smart phones and iPhone. These problem and solution apply to all brands and make of Smart phones such as Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, China Smart Phones, Motorola, HTC, Sony, Blackberry, Alcatel, Apple, AudioVox, Benefone, Danger, FIC, Hagenuk, Palm, Kyocera, LG, Panasonic, Huawei, ZTE, Spice, Lava, Sony Ericsson, Micromax etc. What is Touch Screen (PDA) in a Smart Phone? Touch Screen or PDA is a Smartphone component that allows performing a Smart phone with the aid of touching the screen. SIM Card Not Detected Problem and Solution. SIM Card Not Detected Problem and Solution – How to Fix SIM Error, No SIM, Invalid SIM or Mobile Phone Can’t Detect SIM in Android, iPhone, Feature Phone.

SIM Card Not Detected Problem and Solution

Here we Learn about How To Fix SIM Card Not Detected Problem and Solution. Hi-Tech -Download Blackberry Flash file for mobile. YouTube. No Sound in Smart Phone Speaker Problem and Solution. No Sound in Smart Phone – There can be hassle with extent placing or the speaker isn't working.

No Sound in Smart Phone Speaker Problem and Solution

Learn how to restoration this hassle. There may be several motives why there is No Sound in Smart Phone. There could be trouble with volume placing or the speaker isn't working or is defective. YouTube. Basic Laptop Repairing Course. Learn Hitech Institute Basic Modules Laptop BasicBios UpdateBios SettingPartitioning, FormattingPartition MagicWindow Installation (Windows 98, XP SP1, 2, 3, Vista, Win-7, Win-8)Offline Driver InstallationOnline Driver InstallationWindows Backup RestoreDriver Backup/RestoreData RecoveryVirus ProblemWindow File RepairSound ProblemAuto run Virus RemoveUSB ProblemTouch-pad ProblemCamera ProblemLAN ProblemCD-DVD Rom ProblemAdmin password BreakTroubleshootingOnline SupportApplication InstallationPart of LaptopLaptop assembly & DisassemblyTroubleshooting (Card Level)Service Center Class If you want to know about advanced laptop repairing, don't delay, call @ 9212-411-411 Hitech Institute and book your 4-hour demo and don't waste your time and money.

Basic Laptop Repairing Course

This course will give you better education in less time and the opportunity to earn 40,000 to 50,000 thousand per month easily. How to Use a Soldering Iron in Mobile Phone Repair. A soldering iron is used to solder the spare elements on the green colored PCB (Printed Circuit Board) of the mobile phone.

How to Use a Soldering Iron in Mobile Phone Repair

These soldered components may also get disconnected, lose contacts with the PCB or surely come out through the years. They can also come out due to surprise or jerk because of falling down. Hence you may want to solder the parts back again the use of a soldering iron. It is also referred to as soldering station through many phones restore technicians. Soldering is a skill which you may study handiest with appropriate education as well as masses of practice. The maximum common matters you may need to solder are:- Charging port Headset connector Battery connecting Power button LCD (In some handsets, its soldered!) And many extra spare components In Chinese handsets, almost all part is soldered such as mic, speakers and loud speaker (ringer). May be to lessen charges! You will need the soldering iron also to make jumpers if any of the tracks are damaged.

Default Security Codes of All mobile Phones. All mobile phones that are manufactured usually include a manufacturing unit set protection code; this is for protection cause to protect the information and information stored inside the mobile phone by using the person.

Default Security Codes of All mobile Phones

These codes are constant for all fashions of mobile phone with their respective producers. Whenever you need to make any modifications within the safety settings you're asked to input this very code as targeted through the brand except you have got changed this code to as per your convenience. India's Top Mobile Repairing Institute in Delhi. Should I Repair or Replace My Faulty Mobile phone? How to Decide? Mobile phones have become increasingly entwined with human being’s day by day lives.

Should I Repair or Replace My Faulty Mobile phone? How to Decide?

They at the moment are equipped with effective processors, spacious reminiscence, upgraded working structures and every other facility that caters to the improvised telephone capabilities. With each launch of recent updates in Android and iOS, there may be a proportional surge in the earnings margins of mobile phones which are equipped with the today's functions of these structures. There are many motives which could make us contemplate over the fact that it’s high time to repair or replace our mobile-phone as quickly as feasible.

Many applications consisting of gaming and actual-time location-primarily based tracking applications eat tremendous battery electricity because of the requirement of a non-stop internet or GPS. Such exhaustion of sources can result in serious mobile phones issues including a slow interface, unresponsive display screen, sudden strength offs, etc. Repair vs Replace? 1. 2. My experience with Hitech institute. What are the Different types of Locks in Smart Phones? Many users of smart phones are not familiar with many capabilities in a smart phone and it additionally takes time to get to realize the capabilities but an extended use receives us acquainted with those capabilities.

What are the Different types of Locks in Smart Phones?

One of the maximum common issues in a cell phone is that on occasion the handset gets locked so it's far utmost necessary to recognize the motives why a mobile gets locked. This is due to the fact as soon as a smart-phone receives locked it cannot be operated unless and till you get it unlocked. Normally there are sorts of locks which we've particular to you as under: 1. Security Lock: Though this form of lock is already found in your phone, it must be activated if you want to preserve your phone in addition to the records and data secured and inaccessible to others.

If you are a person of this feature then we advise you to often exchange this code. 2. This lock is also referred to as as ‘provider issuer lock’ and ‘network lock’. Hitech®️ ▶️ Mobile Repairing Course in Delhi ▶️ Call / 9212 677 677.