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MEDITATING ALONE vs GUIDED MEDITATION. Have you ever found yourself lacking concentration?


Have you read articles that tell you about the benefits of meditation? Do you promise to yourself to start meditating? Do you plan to meditate and get distracted? Do you stop meditating after a few days? Do you hope that meditation will help you tackle all of your problems? If you have ever been in any of the above situations, we ask you - have you ever tried meditating with a coach? Common Myths About Anxiety - Philosophy Holistic. Anxiety is a common disorder that many of us face.

Common Myths About Anxiety - Philosophy Holistic

Most people do not acknowledge the signs and symptoms of anxiety and find themselves going through the same process again and again. The Benefits of Chakra Balancing - Philosophy Holistic. Very often we find that our emotions and mental ability becomes unstable.

The Benefits of Chakra Balancing - Philosophy Holistic

We may be dealing with different kinds of pressures in our life. Usually when we are mentally and emotionally disturbed our physical body also feels different. We may be unable to perform our daily tasks or we could become tired and can not concentrate on our work. All of these are signs of imbalance within our bodies. Human bodies have chakras (or centres), which allows for optimal functioning of our mental, emotional and physical health.

Over time, as weight and pain are collected your chakra may go out of balance with the other chakras. Energy Healing Therapy & Sessions - Philosophy Holistic. Do we talk about anger management enough? Have you ever found yourself clenching your fists, grinding your teeth or even stomping your feet?

Do we talk about anger management enough?

No, this is not a nursery rhyme but the physical ways that anger is displayed. There are several different ways that each person shows his/her anger. However, what is common is how anger affects you, your health and your body. Luckily, here are some ideas on how you can practice anger management yourself. Let’s first look at the signs of anger: A sudden increase or decrease in appetiteSkin problems and complexities including pimples, hair fall, etc.A general negative outlook towards lifeLack of hope and possibly suicidal thoughts Because emotions are unique to each person, the way that each person may show signs of each emotion will also be different.

However, irrespective of the signs and symptoms, the most certain way that anger affects human bodies is – a shift in energy levels. Whether anger is towards society or the family, the long term effects of anger can be greatly reduced by: Simple Steps to Understand Depression. Depression can affect anyone.

Simple Steps to Understand Depression

The more that we research and understand our brain, the more we realise how deeply connected our body is to our emotions. Every individual’s depression is different and so understanding your emotions will also depend on each individual. The first step to diagnosing yourself with depression would be to accept that you are not feeling okay. Most psychologists agree that depression is far more than feeling ‘sad’. There are various stages to the emotional disorder and each stage has unique symptoms. The best and easiest solution to understand whether you are depressed would be to take depression counselling.

Access Consciousness Therapy - Philosophy Holistic. Very often we are not able to understand our true emotions, feelings or thoughts.

Access Consciousness Therapy - Philosophy Holistic

We are often left confused and in doubt about the choices that we should make. However, when you can access your consciousness and your inner-voice you are able to make decisions and understand yourself better. Access Consciousness is a therapy programme, which uses 32 points on the head to allow energy to flow into your body. The therapy is a calming technique to understand your emotions, feelings, baggage, etc. The therapy allows you to realise how your past influences your present and how you can yourself heal the way your body functions.

The director of Philosophy Holistic, Deepika Gala herself conducts Access Consciousness therapy sessions. Benefits of Yoga For Kids by Deepika Gala - Philosophy Holistic. At Philosophy Holistic, we believe that Yoga is a practice that goes beyond age.

Benefits of Yoga For Kids by Deepika Gala - Philosophy Holistic

Children from the age of 5 to 99 should take up Yoga. Yoga for kids allows the child in each of us to become more flexible, improve our concentration and memory and to reduce the stress of our daily lives. Children these days have the burden of phones, social media, schoolwork and tuition from an early age. Anger Management Sessions - Philosophy Holistic.

Chakra Healing Workshops @ Philosophy Holistic. Chakras are the energy centres in the body, which help in maintaining different levels of our existence.

Chakra Healing Workshops @ Philosophy Holistic

Chakras when functioning properly give us stability in the world, help us enjoy the life, help us in taking charge of our life. They are also the gateway to unconditional love, truth, intuition and creative thought. When any one or two chakras are not functioning properly, the other chakras compensate by moving fast, thus creating a balance in the energy body. But when such a situation arises, the body gets affected as the entire energy system is disturbed. This can lead to various emotional or physical level disturbances. When chakra healing is done, the chakras are cleansed as well as energised. Chakra healing is part of spiritual healing process where one tries to bring balance in the energy body, thereby establishing balance in mental as well as emotional body thus leading to balanced thought patterns and emotions.

Anxiety: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment @ Philosophy Holistic. Anxiety is a result of rush of too many thoughts at the same time.

Anxiety: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment @ Philosophy Holistic

The person in anxiety can not stop the thoughts and as a result becomes nervous, apprehensive, fearful and worries constantly. There are some who will have a personality which is of this type, some others may develop anxiety as part of facing the life situations. Whatever the case may be due to anxiety person looses his/her connect with his/her Self. Advantages, Components & Application of Butterfly Valves @ Pradeep Metals Limited.

What are Butterfly Valves?

Advantages, Components & Application of Butterfly Valves @ Pradeep Metals Limited

Butterfly valves have become more popular than ball valves in many industries these days. Butterfly valves are quarter-turn valves that are used to start or stop the flow of a liquid or gas. It comes with a disk which is mounted on a rotating shaft. Butterfly valves have majorly four components which are listed below: Body: The butterfly valve is usually made to fit between two pipe flanges. Many variations are available in the disk designs for improved functioning in specific industries. Spiritual Healing Sessions - Philosophy Holistic. What is spiritual healing? Spiritual healing is all about restoring the health; the health at mind, emotional, energy & physical level i.e. bodily level. While in today’s world a lot of attention is given to the physical well-being alone, attention must be brought to the divinity that is flowing within.

In fact, the physical reality is a manifestation of the divine. The more one is connected to the divine (which is known as the soul or spirit), the better is the health. Depression Treatment & Counseling @ Philosophy Holistic.