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Alys Beach Offers Luxury Beach Living From A New Urbanist Perspective > Home. Inspiring Bunk Room Designs as an Option to Bunk Beds. If you're new here, you may want get our blog updates via email..

Inspiring Bunk Room Designs as an Option to Bunk Beds

Thanks for visiting! Readers searching for bunk beds are pretty popular on Coochicoos, but would you consider a bunk room? While traditional bunk rooms are commonly found in youth hostels, summer homes, and camps, here’s some inspiring bunk room designs that may have you rethink its possibility for your kids’ room. We think the best bunk room designs allow for some privacy via curtains or alcoves, feel cozy by creating individual intimacy for each roommate, and use lively colors and materials.

Certainly, many of these designs were not found at your summer camp. See a gallery of bunk rooms on Flickr, summer bunk rooms at Remodelista, and bunk room styles at Apartment Therapy. Fleux - E-shop décoration - Fleux'

Revetement-chalet contemporain

Deck the halls the Tricia Guild way - It's a cover-up. We love Designers Guild fabrics.

Deck the halls the Tricia Guild way - It's a cover-up

They are vibrant. They are over-sized. They embrace colour and leave you smiling. That is one of the reasons why you will find Designers Guild fabrics in the Bemz Designer collections. So we were thrilled to find Tricia Guild and her London home featured in the December 2011 issue of Living etc. If you like what you see and would like to emulate Tricia, choose from a variety of fabrics from the Designers Guild collections at Bemz. The Miami Collection includes Flamingo Park (left), Bayshore and Coconut Grove (right). Espanola Way, Sagrada, Castellar and Barcelona are all a part of the Barcelona Collection at Bemz. Creadit: Livingetc, December 2011 issue. Le blog de la déco et du design. Le Salon Maison & Objet comme si vous y étiez… Une petite photo du Stand de Mariette Jonbaz [Merci Mathilde & Lucile !]

le blog de la déco et du design

Avec leur Nouvelle Collection Printemps/ Eté 2009 [‘Made in France’ !!] Caravane - accueil. Tiger in a jar. I'm always interested in films that are quirky and try to bring something new to the table.

tiger in a jar

We saw this trailer and thought this might fit the bill. I have a difficult time watching movies with subtitles as I pay a lot of attention to detail and sometimes lose dialogue over trying to see the beauty of the cinematography. So sometimes I have to watch the film twice to capture the film as a whole. Since this film is French, stop-motion and the dialogue sometimes quick and witty, I would recommend following the aforementioned procedure to fully appreciate the humor. While the animation is not anything like the talents of the Brothers Quay or Jan Svankmajer, the somewhat rough stop-motion technique matches the pace and crazy story line of this film. Bright.Bazaar. Two Shades of Pink. Gallery - needle felted animals.