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Chili Smith Heirloom/Heritage Beans and Family Foods — Bring Delicous and Nuticious to your meals with all-natural heirloom beans! Popped Beans and Explosive Struggle - Cuzco Eats. Toasted Beans By David Knowlton They look like little pigeon eggs, but when tossed in the mouth they crunch into a puff of air and taste. Sold on many streets in Cuzco these are something uniquely Andean that have created a bit of a stir elsewhere as they raise a challenge to international notions of property, though here they are just a common snack.

They are the popped beans, or toasted beans in Spanish, known by the Quechua word Ñuña, simplified into English as Nuna beans or Nuña beans. Besides corn, and potatoes, Peru is the land of beans. From here comes that bean whose name in English is the same as the Peruvian capital, Lima beans, known as pallares in Peruvian Spanish. Each region, except for the high, cold valleys and plateaus, have their own varieties of beans, making frejoles or porotos (as they are called in Spanish) an important part of Peruvian gastronomy. Among these the ñuña is unique. In fact, these beans have been found in remains from 1100 years ago. Buying Popped Beans. From the Andes to Epcot, the Adventures of an 8,000-Year-Old Bean.

WHAT may be the world's oldest bean has driven Daniel Debouck, a Belgian plant geneticist, in and out of Andean mountains and valleys from Bolivia to Ecuador for 20 years. Recently, the bean has embarked on an international circuit, from Peru's Sacred Valley of the Incas to Disney World, with stops in the Midwest and Japan. This is the story of the nuna, a 8,000-year-old bean. For most of its history, the nuna has been a bit player on the agricultural stage. Its name comes from the native tongue of Quechua, and it is one of the ''lost crops of the Andes'' -- a phrase applied to the ancient crops that for centuries have remained practically unknown outside the South American mountains. Sometimes, science and food processing join forces to put these crops into the world's breadbasket, and some scientists believe this is the nuna's destiny. It is known in English as the popping bean, but it also shares qualities with nuts.

Dr. In Dr. He predicted that this will be the nuna's big year. Dr.