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RepRap HELIOS Sequential Printing. 3D-Printed Solar Systems, Moons and Planets for Your Desktop. The folks over at London-based Little Planet Factory make tiny 3d-printed planets and moons you can sit on your desktop or hold in your hands.

3D-Printed Solar Systems, Moons and Planets for Your Desktop

Designs include everything from entire solar systems to collections of moons, individual planets, and even science fiction creations like a theoretical terraformed Mars globe. See more in their shop! Testing 3D-Printed Bridges at the University of Waterloo. Included new plants. Due to its record production on a new-generation of jet engines, engine components and aircraft systems, GE Aviation announced on February 15 that its investments reached $4.3 billion in its expanding U.S. operations during 2011-2016.

Included new plants

(Another $1.1 billion invested in its international sites.) The U.S. investments include $214 million to establish five new plants in Ellisville, Miss. Auburn, Ala.; Asheville, N.C.; Lafayette, Ind. and Huntsville, Ala. About two million square feet of new manufacturing floor space is being created. “GE Aviation is a global company with significant technology capability around the world,” said Colleen Athans, GM of the GE Aviation Supply Chain. GE Aviation has upgraded current U.S. operations, including expansions in West Jefferson, NC; and Hooksett, New Hampshire; and created centers for emerging technologies such as additive manufacturing, digital engine monitoring, ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) and electrical distribution.

And finally... World’s first 3D printed bridge opens - Scottish Construction Now! The first 3D-printed bridge in the world has been unveiled in a park in Madrid.

And finally... World’s first 3D printed bridge opens - Scottish Construction Now!

The pedestrian crossing was first installed in the urban park of Castilla La Mancha in Spain’s capital city in December last year and now it is ready to be walked on. The bridge, which is 12 metres long and 1.75 metres wide, was printed in micro-reinforced concrete at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in what was to date, the first example of printing being applied in the field of civil engineering. The bridge is also environmentally friendly because the production process that used ‘parametric design’, allowed the team to optimise the distribution of materials and minimize the amount of waste.

They were able to recycle the raw material during manufacture and dispose of by-product only where completely necessary. Make your own 3D-printed sonic tractor beam with Arduino. Make your own 3D-printed sonic tractor beam with Arduino Arduino Team — January 3rd, 2017 From magic to science, man has long dreamed about being able to manipulate objects from a distance.

Make your own 3D-printed sonic tractor beam with Arduino

People have been able to push something using air or even sound waves for a while, but University of Bristol researcher Asier Marzo and colleagues have come up with a 3D-printable device that can not only repel small items, but can also attract them to the source. Electric Longboard by tallaustin2276. This was a summer project to create a one piece 3d printed electric longboard.

Electric Longboard by tallaustin2276

Is your printer big enough? For those that can't print it all in one go, I'll upload files later of the board split in thirds. It is solid Ultem 1010 and engineered to hold 280 lbs. Still a work in progress though. The space on the bottom houses 2 x 4s Lipo batteries, 120a esc, and a 2.4ghz receiver. Martian rover made on 3d Printer (Mars rover) Forget the Bake Off - these are amazing 3D-printed cakes that even Paul Hollywood would approve of. These incredible geometric works of art might look too good to eat, but they are actually cakes - created using a 3D printer .

Forget the Bake Off - these are amazing 3D-printed cakes that even Paul Hollywood would approve of

They've been created by a confectioner who has married her trade with the latest technology to creates eye-catching baked goods that even Paul Hollywood would approve of. Dinara Kasko says all of her designs are inspired by geometric shapes and are based on the principle of symmetry. And the 28-year-old baker has become a star, with one of her creations, which she calls Bubbles, recently adorning the cover of the influential So Good magazine of international confectionery art. The cake moulds which Ms Kasko uses to make her unusual desserts at home in Kharkiv, Ukraine, are now set to be mass produced by top Italian brand SiliKoMart. CEN/Dinara Kasko She explains the process: "To create a dessert, first of all I have to come up with an idea for the shape. "Then I simulate the shape in the Autodesk 3ds Max program and print it in silicone using the 3D printer.

Metamaterial Mechanisms (UIST'16) Bioimpresora 3D con extrusor coaxial dual. NEW TECHNOLOGY SMART CNC 7-axis Machining best ever. HP Multi Jet Fusion technology powering the new HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers. The world’s largest Delta 3D printer creates nearly zero-cost homes out of mud. The future of affordable (and sustainable) housing may lie with 3D printing.

The world’s largest Delta 3D printer creates nearly zero-cost homes out of mud

The World’s Advanced Saving Project (WASP) has unveiled the world’s largest delta-style 3D printer, which can build full-size buildings out of mud and clay for nearly zero cost. The massive BigDelta printer stands 12 meters tall (40 feet), and it's nearly completed its first house at a cost of just 48 euros so far. Italian innovator Massimo Moretti launched WASP with the goal to “create a means for affordable fabrication of homes, and provide these means to the locals in poverty stricken areas.”

WASP’s affordable housing solution combines 3D printing with biomimicry, drawing inspiration from the mud dauber wasp that constructs its home from one of the world’s oldest building materials: mud. This 3-D Printed Home Can Withstand an 8.0 Earthquake. Speed and customizability are highly sought-after qualities in today’s impatient world.

This 3-D Printed Home Can Withstand an 8.0 Earthquake

From gourmet foods to earthquake-proof houses, 3-D printing is foreshadowing a bright future filled with low-cost homes and rapid production processes. Recently, Beijing architecture firm HuaShang Tengda put the finishing touches on an indestructible mansion that it 3-D printed and manufactured in just 45 days, Digital Trends reports. The house has the capability to withstand an 8.0 earthquake, and while the architects don’t disclose its price on their website, they do mention its relatively “low cost” compared to homes built from more expensive materials on a longer timeline.

After developing new software to guide the manufacturing process, HuaShang has high hopes for the future of construction. With these new developments, HuaShang Tengda hopes to lay the foundation for the future of 3-D printing. Limited Time Offer. Eric Harrell 3D prints an amazing and functional mini Subaru flat-four engine. Jul 19, 2016 | By Alec If you’re a guy, chances are you’ve probably opened the hood of your car, poked around for a bit and then thought “Yep, that’s an engine”.

Eric Harrell 3D prints an amazing and functional mini Subaru flat-four engine

While most men are fascinated by engines, unfortunately many of us can do little more than check the oil. But if you’re eager to learn more, you can now do so at home without taking your own car apart. Clerkenwell has the biggest 3D printer in the UK and it’s making models of cities. Clerkenwell has the biggest 3D printer in the UK and it’s making models of cities. These Custom Night Vision Goggles Don't Even Look Homemade. NASA Catalog of 3D Printable Models Continues to Grow, Now Includes Easy to Assemble Model Kits. While NASA is primarily known as the United States civilian government agency that launches spacecraft, explores space and conducts research aboard the International Space Station, they actually wear quite a few different hats.

NASA Catalog of 3D Printable Models Continues to Grow, Now Includes Easy to Assemble Model Kits

As part of their role in exploring the galaxy, NASA collects a tremendous amount of data that is often used to further scientific understanding and to help educate the general public and children about space. Over the years they have collected thousands of 3D models of everything from their own spacecraft, to asteroids, to nebulae and even topographical maps of other planets. This 3D-Printed Camera Can Fit in a Needle. The camera developed by a research team from the University of Stuttgart isn’t to be taken with a grain of salt — because it’s actually smaller than that.

Using 3D printing, a group of PhD students recently created optics small enough to fit inside of a syringe at just .12 millimeters wide. Current manufacturing techniques make it impossible to construct tiny lenses, the team said, but by using 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, the size possibilities change dramatically. The team, led by PhD students Timo Gissibl and Simon Thiele, said that the process of designing and manufacturing the tiny lens actually only took a few hours.

Related: Researchers discover the key to OLED efficiency with a firefly butt While getting one lens into a device that small seems like a feat in itself, the device actually encompasses three lenses and is attached to a five-foot optical fiber that’s only about twice as wide as a strand of hair. SLM Solutions talk "strictly metal" 3D printing at RAPID - TCT Magazine. Carbon M1 Super Fast 3D Printer Demo! Exclusive: Galatea the Ultra fast very large 3D Printer now available.

Drawn, the French startup founded 2 years by Sylvain Charpiot in Lyon, is unveiling today its disrupting 3D Printer, the Galatea 1.0. Introducing Our Newest Material: Black High Definition Acrylate. How GE is using 3D printing to unleash the biggest revolution in large-scale manufacturing in over a century (PDF download) Mind-Blowing Magic Magnets - Smarter Every Day 153. Mind-Blowing Magic Magnets - Smarter Every Day 153. Autodesk's Project Escher.

Rutgers University Prints 3D Maps for the Blind. Located in New Brunswick, N.J., the Joseph Kohn Training Center offers the blind and visually impaired a chance to learn necessary skills for independence. From kitchen and communication skills to braille and mobility skills, attendees jump into an intensive training program that lasts 20 weeks. However, the building maps provided to program attendees, as described by Rutgers Univ., are “clunky, old wooden maps,” and the building has “few braille labels on walls.” Mechanical engineering student Jason Kim and Prof. Howon Lee, of the Dept. of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, are making strides to improve the maps offered to students via 3D printing. The idea was spawned from a trip Lee took to the Korea Institute of Technology. Architecture students developed a 3D-printing pen that "draws" incredible acrylic structures in mid-air. A group of students at the University of Tokyo created a 3D-printing pen to bring architectural designs to life in plastic.

Architect Kengo Kuma oversees the team that developed the technology, which they use to “draw” architectural structures in place. The student team feels their project serves as a tangible reminder of how important the human element still is within a world of digital design, even as machines continue to replace human roles. Other approaches to 3D-printed architecture typically involve a stationary platform on which the designs are constructed, but this handheld pen changes the game.

The pen 3D prints strings of thermoplastic filament, which are used to connect acrylic rods. The result is an ethereal structure unlike any 3D-printed contruct we’ve seen before, and it’s the largest one the team has built so far. 3D-printed wormbot "wolly2.1" - peristaltic movement. 3D Printed V8 Solenoid Engine: Another Intricately Engineered Project from Sgt. Enochs. Sergeant Bryan Enochs is at it again. We’ve followed him previously in an endeavor that involved an incredibly intricate 3D printed carousel, made on his two MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printers.

Now, he’s fired them up again for another complex project which takes a much different turn from the whimsical world of his last undertaking. With the V8 Solenoid Engine, Sgt. Build a DIY Desktop 3d Scanner with infinite resolution. An arduino. Any arduino will work. I used a mega because it has pins which aren't covered by the LCD shield which makes it easier to wire.

A SainSmart 1602 LCD Shield which provides a display and a bunch of buttons to control the scanner. A stepper motor driver (I am using an Easy Driver) This allows the Arduino to drive the stepper motor. 3D-printed Watch with Tourbillon - How it's made. This is the first object 3D-printed from alien metal. But today Planetary Resources is showing that it can do the last item on that list: building with metals not from Earth. VIDEO: Researchers can now 3D print extremely strong and temperature resilient ceramics. There's a reason they're used in everything from jet engines to Formula 1 race car brakes: Ceramics are tough. They can withstand an absurd amount of heat and pressure without warping or breaking, all while brushing off many of the physical and chemical assaults that would rust metals and wear away plastics. "The problem is that ceramics are just notoriously difficult to process," says Zak Eckel, an engineer at HRL Laboratories in Malibu, California.

Apis Cor 3D Printer Can Build House, Only Uses 8kW of Energy. 3D printing is taking off in a big way, and will soon be the foundation of manufacturing, medicine and home repair. Microstructures to Control Elasticity in 3D Printing. NASA Launches Mars Trek — Explore & 3D Print Any Part of the Red Planet You’d Like. NASA has been at the forefront of 3D printing in numerous ways, especially over the last 2-3 years. Whether they are working with companies like Made In Space to 3D print replacement parts on-demand at the International Space Station, or they are making 3D printable files available to the general public, related to their operations, NASA has certainly seemed enthused by this incredible technology. If you are like me, then you are likely mesmerized by the quality of photos that are accessible online from planets such as Mars. Top 10 3D Printing Tricks HD. Codename Colossus: The HMC Boudicca. [Michael Sng], founder of [Machination Studio], wanted to create a toy line unlike anything the world has seen.

He has recently completed the first production prototype in the Codename Colossus toy line: the HMC Boudicca. Amsterdam's new 3D-printed steel bridge is revolutionizing the building industry. The goal behind the experimental 3D-printing project is the eventual creation of an automatic construction site. HR-OS1 Humanoid Endoskeleton. Taulman3D Releases New High-Strength Filament, In-PLA. EMBARGOED May 4th 2015, UK and Netherlands Time Zone MONDAY MORNING – Taulman3D has a new product that should cause everyone to take note of, once again, adding to their ongoing line of premium filaments.

XRobots - 3D Printed Star Wars R6 Droid Part 10, Details & Arduino! 3D Printing Frosted Detail Plastic. Shapeways Blog - Announcing Frosted Extreme Detail (or FXD), our highest resolution 3D printed plastic ever. Destination Moon by Max Grueter Today we are excited to announce our newest material, Frosted Extreme Detail! It uses the same resin and printer as our popular material Frosted Ultra Detail (FUD), but it’s almost twice as detailed! 3D Printed Battlebot, Combat Highlights. Transparent Material for Clear Plastics Simulation.

World’s First Commercial Conductive Graphene Filaments for 3D Printing. Interactive chart helps you compare 150 3D printers before buying. This Tortoise Will Have A Happier Life, Thanks To Her New 3D-Printed Shell. Take a Spin on this Voice-Controlled 3D Scanning Rig. BBC World News - Click, 14/03/2015 GMT, 3D printing helps build the Sagrada Familia. 3D printed transmission. The Collective Project: Robert Downey Jr. Delivers a Real Bionic Arm. 3D Printing world from rainy Seattle. Designer Creates an All-in-One Solution for Testing & Calibrating Your 3D Printer. Build Your Own 3D Printed Mars Curiosity Rover Featuring LED Lights, All-Wheel Drive & Steering. One year with my 3D Printer. 3D Print Your Game. Kerbal Space Program now offering 3D printed models of your ships. Australia's Monash University 3D prints an entire aircraft engine. Scientists To Create Armor System Based On Animal Scales.

OpenRC Swift: The Amazing 3D Printed Radio-Controlled Flying Wing. Video: Watch Virginia Tech's 3D Printing Vehicle Design Challenge. Military May Soon be Able to Copy & 3D Print Exact Replicas of Bones & Limbs For Injured Soldiers. 3D-Printing a Low-Cost Mechanical Sensor. Uk.businessinsider. 6-Axis Robot-Arm 3D Printer Runs on Arduino, Slings Spiderwebs. Folding Quad with Removable Gimbal Mount #3DPrinting « Adafruit Industries – Makers, hackers, artists, designers and engineers!

Lessons from 3DPrinting multiple objects simultaneously. ColorFabb Unveils New Carbon Fiber XT-CF20 3D Printing Filament. A Ridiculously Expensive Remote-Controlled Car That's Powered by a Rubber Band. Design a LEGO-compatible servo holder and print it with Materia 101. Creating Functional Objects with 3D Printing and Lego. 3D Printing with Nucleic Acid Adhesives - ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering. 3D Printing? 4D Printing? Autodesk talk 5D Printing at International CES.

ATLAS 3D - The 3D Scanner You Print and Build Yourself! by Murobo LLC. A network of passionate volunteers using 3D printing to give the World a "Helping Hand.". Augusta boy gets new 'trooper' arm. Making Rockets — the Democratization of Matter - Steve Jurvetson. 3D Printer that Prints Carbon Fiber. Full Printable ITX Case Mac Pro 2013 style 3D Model 3D printable .stl.

Voxel8: The World's First 3D Electronics Printer. 3D Printed Shelby Cobra. ORNL 3D Prints Working Shelby Cobra Replica — President Obama Approves. Casa Fortunata – WhiteClouds’ Most Detailed Home Architectural 3D Print Ever at 2015 CES. A Novel Way to Speed Up 3-D Printing, Using Bio-Inspired Architecture. Ultimaker 2 Go & Ultimaker 2 Extended - Intro. Automatic 3D scanning performed by Artec Spider operated by PR2 robot. Fend of unwanted advances with the ferocious “Spider Dress” #WearableWednesday. First Ever Hardware is ‘Emailed’ to Space — Made in Space and NASA Email Wrench to ISS. Jelwek launches 3D printed, wood filament watch collection.