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3D Printing (old)

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3D Printed Aluminum Lattice Cube Weighs Just 3.9g & Holds up to 900lbs (408kg) – Over 100,000 Times Its Weight! When it comes to lightweight materials that provide superior strength, there are only a handful of options to choose from. One example would be carbon fiber, which is used in the manufacturing of all sorts of products, from car parts, to hockey sticks, tennis rackets, and even large aircraft. However, now that there are new means of manufacturing available, there are now ways to create objects using traditional materials that can provide that same superior strength-to-weight ratio we see with these more advanced materials. 3D printing is one means by which designers, developers, architects, and manufacturers are discovering new ways of providing more sophisticated designs which do not change the physical properties of the materials they use, but instead provide more advanced end-product properties.

These more advanced end-product properties include objects and parts of objects which can bear more weight, with less materials use and a reduction in their own weight. Avante Technology Introduces Emendo: Avoid 3D Misprints with Automated STL File Repair Software. 3D printed products are only as good as the files they came from. While we’ve seen some truly phenomenal products rise from 3D printers, what that really says is they can each trace their successful prints to successful designs. I doubt any of us will every meet anyone who hasn’t had a failed print project (or two or three…) under their belts, and the lucky ones of that lot are those who didn’t lose money from misprints. Avante Technology, based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, has just begun shipping the latest solution to the misprinting problem. The company — which develops, markets, and licenses products and technology for 3D printing applications, particularly in the commercial sphere — has come to our attention before, for their composite filament system.

A typical cause of failed prints can be pinpointed to inputting a “non-manifold” STL file, and many repairs have necessitated costly, manual repair toolkits. Once everything in the STL file is hunky dory, it’s off to print! 3D Printed Robots Teach Themselves to Move. Station's 3D Printer Makes 1st Part. The International Space Station's 3D printer has produced its first part, ushering in what proponents hope will be a new age of off-Earth manufacturing.

The 3D printer, which was designed and built by California-based startup Made In Space, created an extruder plate — a piece of itself — on Monday (Nov. 24), wrapping up the hour-long task at 4:28 p.m. EST (2128 GMT). The milestone marks a key step toward a future in which voyaging spaceships print out their own spare parts on the go and colonists on other worlds make what they need from the dirt beneath their boots, advocates say. "This is the first object truly manufactured off of planet Earth," Made In Space CEO Aaron Kemmer told "It's a huge milestone, not only for Made In Space and NASA, but for humanity as a whole. " [3D Printing: 10 Ways It Could Transform Space Travel] "We thought a lot about how we could demonstrate the historical shift here," Kemmer said. Made In Space sees a similarly bright future for the technology. Voxeljet Introduces New Phenolic-Direct-Binding 3D Printing Method.

Printing process with temperature management voxeljet is one of the larger companies within the 3D printing space. They manufacture several industrial level, high-speed, large-format 3D printers, as well as offer on-demand printing of parts. Their 3D printers differ quite a bit from other technologies on the market today, as they utilize a powder binding method, relying on particulate materials (i.e. sand) and various chemical binding agents. Close-up of the phenolic-bounded sand mold Today, the company announced a new method of 3D printing which uses phenolic resin binders. “With this binder, we are able to achieve an incredible level of resolution and precision in 3D printing,” explains Dr.

The PDB method provides much more accuracy and strength, when compared to other currently available methods of 3D printing highly elaborate detail on sand molds. Unpacking process “In PDB, temperature management plays a key role in the quality of the components,” explained Dr. The story of Trust: A nano sculpture. Mosaic Manufacturing. Prototype Drone - The First Ascent. Bits to Atoms: The State of Resin 3D Printing Technologies. In light of our recent video on the Form 1+ printer and as a lead-up to a full review, I wanted to delve deeper into 3D printing with liquid resin, so let's start with a primer on the state of resin 3D printing technologies and hardware. Printing with resin typically offers the highest resolution, detail and accuracy available with desktop 3D printing.

For example, layer height for most resin printers ranges from 25 - 100 microns (.025mm - .10mm), as a comparison, human hair can range from 17 - 181 microns and typical filament printers (FFF), like the MakerBot, have a max resolution of 100 microns. Generally when talking about resolution you only hear about the layer height, but there is also accuracy as far as small details and resin printers excel in this area. EnvisionTec DLP print There are various methods of printing with resin, but all involve a liquid distributed in a thin layer and curved via UV light. ProJet 7000 SLA 3D Printer & UV 'Oven' Millenbaugh Motivator SLA print. Best 3D prints: The crazy and coolest things people have printed. The world of 3D printing is well and truly here with printers in homes, online stores and even supermarkets offering 3D printing services.

The result is all manner of weird and wonderful 3D printed objects. In the home people can download or design files and print off objects in plastic. This can be helpful for cheap and easy replacements of parts about the house, quick toys and even furniture. Then there are metal 3D printers as well as organic models. These are generally used by companies or universities and have created things like guns and even human organs. 3D printing is helping to make products appear on the market faster as cheaper and easier prototyping can be achieved. The Pi-Top is a laptop that can be 3D printed and built where it then teaches users how to make products from scratch.

We've rounded up a broad range of 3D printed products here right now. READ: 3D printing: Everything you need to know and when it'll be affordable. FLUX All-in-One 3D Printer/Scanner/Laser Engraver Raises Over $125k in First Day on Kickstarter. It’s remarkable how so many new 3D printers are able to launch on the various crowdfunding platforms and still blow away their self-imposed monetary goals.

You would think that after so many major 3D printer success stories with some machines raising millions of dollars via crowdfunding, the market would dry up. After all, how many people are purchasing multiple 3D printers on Kickstarter or Indiegogo? With quite the amazing Kickstarter launch today, a Taiwan-based company called FLUX Technology LLC has healthily eclipsed their $100,000 goal in under 24 hours, thanks to 224 backers (at our last count). With 39 days left, it will certainly be interesting to see just how high this Kickstarter project is able to go.

Why the excitement? FLUX is not just a machine, but an entire ecosystem. Some of the general specifications for the FLUX all-in-one machine: Printer Size: 30.5 x 26.5 x 55 cm Let us know if you are one of the early backers of this new machine. 3d Printed Surfboard - Hobbies of a Bogue RatHobbies of a Bogue Rat. Sitting at breakfast one morning with my son admiring the miniature surfboards on the wall, I said “I bet we could make a surfboard on the 3d printer” and he exclaimed “that would be so cool!”

So here we are, nearly a year later and we have finally completed the challenge of a 3d printed surfboard. This page documents the journey, pitfalls, and ways to do it better next time…if there is a next time. If you have never glassed a board before, do not believe the videos that make it look so easy to do. Pour a little here…brush a little…squeegee a little…tuck a little…sand a bit to make it look nice then shine it up. Easy. Yeah right. Okay, the initial board shape was actually pretty easy.

This design was imported into Solidworks for the Extruded Cut pattern. The ‘stringer’ is 2.70mm allowing this to be a cut and print in two manageable, glue-able pieces. The leash cup was also an Extruded Cut at the tail to accommodate a vented leash plug from Greenlight Supply. The Test Run The Real Deal. Father and Son 3D Print a Full Size Surfboard. Matej poses with 1/3 scale test print It’s hard to find anything these days that somebody hasn’t already created using a 3D printer or at least made a decent go at it. In July we covered an Australian company that is producing 3D printed surfboards… as models for full sized creation on a CNC.

Now, we bring you what may very well be the first completely 3D printed, full size surfboard. As many of these kinds of projects do, it began with a conversation between father and son over breakfast. As they ate, the pair had been admiring miniature surfboards that adorned the walls of the restaurant. Jody Roth, the father in this case, recalls on his blog “Hobbies of a Bogue Rat” that he said to his son, “I bet we could make a surfboard on the 3D printer…” To this, his son immediately and enthusiastically replied, “That would be so cool!” And from these humble beginnings was born a yearlong process of design, refinement, and innovation. Model in BoardCAD 1/3 scale model print. Show and Tell: 3D Printing a Lightsaber. 3D-printing a lunar base. Instructables Designer Builds 3D Printed ‘Walkerbot’ Featuring Arduino Software and 4 Pencil Legs. Robots and science fiction fantasy have gone hand in hand throughout the years, with most of our connections to robots coming from a classic movie or TV show.

An aspiration of man since ancient times, robots did not become a rudimentary reality until the Industrial Revolution when it became possible to equip machines with small motors. While we may still have a vision of the humanoid robot that communicates with us and performs both menial and major tasks, they have evolved for use in multiple industries for use as precision tools, they are sometimes manipulated by remote control, and artificial intelligence has been in the works since the ’60s.

With 3D printing technology, robotics are just an idea and a design away, as the technology presents makers with the ability to create parts on whim. Randy from Instructables created a design demonstrating just how easy it is to 3D print a robotic pal of your own. ck. Program the Arduino Have you built anything like this? Arduino + Car = Carduino. 3D Printed RC Car That Can Be Customized, Printed, & Controlled via a Smartphone.

Remote controlled (RC) cars hold a place in the hearts of so many. Just as we’ve seen through resurgences of Tang, My Little Pony, and even the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block, nostalgia is a powerful force. Think back to a younger, maybe even more innocent time, and the toys and games of that era. For a lot of people, RC cars were a real staple. First, just getting one at the store and feeling the glee of being able to control its zooming. Nostalgia combined with ingenuity is a driving force too in the 3D printing industry. The team behind UK-based Maker Club — which will be kicking off its Indiegogo campaign today — have now rolled out (pun intended) their twist on the classic RC car. Maker Club has a mission: “3D Printed Robots, for Everyone.”

With that sensibility in mind, the Carduino is among Maker Club’s first four big projects that can be implemented at the school level and undertaken by kids and families. Will you be making your own Carduino? OPM Aerospace Welcomes Two New VPs: Larry Varholak and Sal Bordonaro. Oxford Performance Materials Inc. (OPM) has just announced that they are welcoming two new members to their team at the Connecticut-based materials technology company. Lawrence (Larry) Varholak has been appointed Vice President of Programs, OPM Aerospace & Industrial, and Salvatore (Sal) Bordonaro has been appointed Vice President of Operations, OPM Aerospace & Industrial.

Varholak and Bordonaro together bring decades of truly dynamic experience in the fields of engineering, innovation, project management and operations, as well as negotiations. “I am very pleased to welcome Larry and Sal to OPM, both of whom bring significant and relevant experience that will further strengthen OPM Aerospace & Industrial and drive our growth in key markets,” said Paul Martin, President of OPM Aerospace & Industrial.

OXFAB 3D Printed Lattice Structure OPM’s 3D printed OsteoFab Patient-Specific Cranial Devices (OPSCD) are customizeable implants. Paul Martin, President of OPM Aerospace & Industrial. Graphene 3D Lab Inc. FDM-printed fixed wing UAV | AMRC. A team of engineers from the AMRC’s new Design & Prototyping Group (DPG) have designed, manufactured and flight tested a prototype Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) airframe constructed entirely of ABS plastic, using Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) technology. The recent increase in the use of both additive layer manufacturing and UAVs has led to the availability of a number of 3D printed UAVs for a range of applications. Small wingspan, fixed wing aircraft are used for applications ranging from hobby flying to reconnaissance and humanitarian aid.

Key drivers in the development of these vehicles are manufacturing lead time and cost, with additional focus on ease of assembly. With this in mind, the DPG undertook an internal project to design and build a low cost UAV airframe in ABS using their Stratasys Fortus 900mc FDM machine. The manufacturing aspects of the project were led by Additive Manufacture Development Engineer Mark Cocking: Senior Design Engineer Dr. Wasp: 3D Printed Houses. Seventh Graders at Perry Middle School in Ohio Build 3D Printer for STEM Class. I don’t know if you remember what you were doing in seventh grade, but I’m pretty sure it was something along the lines of doodling in my notebook and staring off into space. These days, things seem a little more rigorous. The seventh graders at Perry Middle School were using their time more productively and have built their own 3D printer.

Four students, Charlie Kluznik, Jacob Holroyd, and the twin brothers David and Eric Paquin put the final touches on their machine on October 1st and have been giving it a run for its money ever since. These ambitious kids took on this project as part of their STEM class and while right now they are printing things from designs provided by the manufacturer’s software, they have already started imagining what they can design on their own. Blanche Davidson, the STEM teacher at Perry decided that rather than buy a ready made machine for the students to use, she would pursue deep learning by having them build it on their own. [Source:News-Herald] The bug (process feb,2014)

Incredible Retractable Assassin’s Creed Blade Created with 3D Printer. We have seen our fair share of 3D printed props based on those found within video games. In fact, there are a whole slew of cosplayers who rely on many of these props to express themselves in a type of performance art. 3D printing has taken prop making, added precision and complexity, and has allowed for much more realistic pieces to be made. One such piece was recently created by a man named Farell Rozan, based off of one of his favorite games, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. The game, set in the early 18th century during the Golden Age of Piracy, and developed by Ubisoft Montreal, pits players against one another or the computer, in a fun, intriguing, stealth action-adventure.

Rozan had recently purchased a Flashforge Creator pro 3D printer and wanted to create something fun, yet a bit challenging for his first project. What better an item to choose than the Assassin’s Creed blade. “The Assassins Creed Blade is actually my first major 3D print project. Student Creates 3D Printed ‘Airy Arm’, Allowing For Surprising Use of Paralyzed Appendages.

3D Printed ABS for Mould Making – PART 1. Full Details Emerge on Arduino & Sharebot’s Materia 101 3D Printer. 3D Print Your Own Miniature Strati. World's First 3D Printed car first test drive. Local Motors’ 3D Printed ‘Strati’ Car Has Just Taken Its First Test Drive. Local Motors Begins Their Six Day Quest to 3D Print the ‘Strati’ Car Live at IMTS. 3D Castle Completed. Philips Brand, Smit Röntgen Revolutionizes the Metal Additive Manufacturing Industry by 3D Printing Pure Tungsten Parts. X Taking 3D Printing to the Final Frontier. FarmBot: An Open Source 3D Farming Printer That Aims to Create Food For Everyone. Ultrasonic 3D Printing Allows for Electronics to be Embedded in Metal via Sound. Pushing the 3D Printer to the Limit: Zealot Prints Amazing 3mm Tall Miniatures. How It Works. King Richard III’s Entire 3D Printed Skeleton Unveiled For Museum Opening. Tech: Free Software Released to 3D Print Objects Larger Than Printer’s Build Volume.

The Entire Country of Bahrain has Been 3D Printed in a Huge 1:10,000-scale Model. Autodesk and HoneyPoint3D Team to Offer 3D Modeling and Printing Classes. In Amazing Feat of Science, Surgeons Save Child's Life by 3-D Printing a New Heart. College Students Use 3D Printing to Improve Rocketry. French Company, Drawn, is Now 3D Printing Entire Furniture Pieces.. And They Are Amazing. Researchers Develop Minibuilders, Tiny Robots Capable of 3D Printing Large Buildings. 3D Printed Scale Model Assembly. Markus Kayser - Solar Sinter Project. San Francisco as You’ve Never Seen it Before… 3D Printed. Using a 3D printing pen to make a fully functional quadcopter. 3D Printing Bridges University of Alabama - Huntsville Students to Private Sector. Bits and Parts | Makerchairs. 3D Printed Vehicle. Scientists 3D Print Shark Skin: May lead to technologically advanced boat propellers & more.

MakerBot’s Unknown Invention is Uncovered: A 3D printer that switches build materials midprint. Oklahoma State University Engineering Semester Ends With Students Creating Phenomenal 3D Printed Objects. Egypt unveils exact replica of Tutankhamun's tomb made with a 3D printer - Archaeology - Science. Rabbit Proto Introduces Open Source 3D Printed Integrated Circuitry. U.S. Navy Installs 3D Printer On Their First Ship, The USS Essex. Architect Plans to 3D Print a 2-story Home in Minnesota Using a Homemade Cement Printer. A Viral Marketing Gag That Uses 3-D Printers and Rubber Chickens | Design. 3D Printing a Functional Boat with Post-Consumer Milk Jugs. This Gigantic 3-D Printer Can Create an Entire Table | Wired Design. Grand Prix 3D Printing | 3DPrintWise. 3 CATWALK Fashion Show 3d Printshow New York 2014. 3D Printed Food: It's What's for Dinner.

New York docs’ 3D-printed windpipe may one day let patients breathe easier  This awesome ‘replicator’ combines industrial machining with laser 3D printing to create just about anything. The Top 10 Personal 3D Printers (2013) 3D Printed Vehicle - Rear Suspension Test. Kinematics. Boy gets prosthetic hand made by 3D printer. The Printer That Can Print A 2,500 Square Foot House In 20 Hours. Titanium additive manufacturing layer by layer. FarmBot - Humanity's Open-Source Automated Precision Farming Machine. NASA Fires Up Rocket Engine Made of 3-D Printed Parts | Autopia. Direct_indirect_printing.jpg (600×843) Printing tiny batteries.

Contour Crafting: Automated Construction: Behrokh Khoshnevis at TEDxOjai. Company develops new fiber-reinforced wood, concrete ink for 3D printing. A 3D-printed Moon base baked from lunar dust. Microscale 3D printing of a spaceship. The Gigabot 3D Lets You Print Things That Are Bigger Than A Few Breadboxes. LEGO 360° Milling Machine. MakerBot Announces Its First Easy-To-Use Desktop 3D Scanner, The Digitizer. Lyman Filament Exrtuder II Video. The Bay Lights Project: Attaching 25,000 Lights to the Bay Bridge. Slick Trick Adds Much-Needed Shine to 3-D Printed Parts | Wired Design. Will 3D Printing Change the World? | Off Book | PBS. 3D Printing Revolution: the Complex Reality. Robohand: How cheap 3D printers built a replacement hand for a five-year old boy.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering. A closer look at high accuracy ceramic 3D printer: CeraFab 7500. The first open-source 3D-printed gun. 3D Printshow meets: Matthew Plummer Fernandez (Part 1 of 2) LEGO 3D Milling Machine - "3D Printer" First flight of 3D printed plane. 3D Printing: Personalized Production for the Mass Market. Stratasys & Autodesk Produce First Full-Scale Turbo-Prop Aircraft Engine Model with 3D Printing.