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GoPro HD HERO 1080 Firmware. Using Hacked Cameras Onboard a DIY Space Capsule. I am happy to introduce a guest blog from Steen Andersen of Copenhagen Suborbitals.

Using Hacked Cameras Onboard a DIY Space Capsule

This post is his work and words: Launch HEAT1X-TychoBrahe. Image: Bo Tornvig We are using a variety of different cameras to document our static ground test of the rocket motors as well as actual launches of the space capsules. Performing a ground test makes it relative simple to place cameras of high quality at suitable places in order to document the motor test. If a camera wants to have a shot at being used on our space vehicles, it must be able to comply with the following requirements (among others, but these are the most important): There shall be remote hard wire control of the camera. Not to mention that they must be in a price range where CS have a change of playing along.

This is a still image from the helmet-mounted camera on the crash test dummy onboard the spacecraft during the flight of HEAT 1X. As we are not in the business of inventing the wheel one more time, we asked Mr. That’s it? GoPro HD HERO 1080 Firmware. I was bored today and started to look at the Firmware Update (firmware.bin) for my GoPro HD Hero 1080.

GoPro HD HERO 1080 Firmware

Hardware Core: Ambarella A2S / A2S70-A1-RH (SoC, ARM Based, ARMv5TEJ Architecture) @ 216 MHzImage Sensor: Micron MT9P401 (1/2.5-Inch 5Mp CMOS)Audio Codec: Texas Instruments TLV320AIC3101 (Low-Power Stereo Codec with 6 Inputs, 6 Outputs and DSP)Video Decoder: Analog Devices ADV7403NAND Flash: Hynix HY27US08561A, 32MB, 256 MBit, SLCGyro: ? FL17737 ? SD-CardRTCUSBHero BUS Connector: JAE DD1P030MA1 I/O Connector 30P CABLE PLUGI2C on Hero BUS connectorJTAGUART (Serial / RS-232) with 115200/8/N/1, 3.3V Voltage LevelDevice Name: YHDC5170 Software Firmware VersionInitial Firmwarev02.05.11 (30.08.2010) - Upsidedown Mode added ?

Looks like somebody already had the same idea: A simple string search revealed a lot of interesting stuff! IDA is able to disassemble quite a lot... Hardware is completly different to GoPro Hero Downloads Links. View forum - Tips, Tricks and DIY Customizations. This Old Forum is now locked but ARCHIVED, if anyone wants a thread resurrected, let us know and it will be transferred to the Updated Forums.

View forum - Tips, Tricks and DIY Customizations

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Return to Board index Who is online Forum permissions. Hack the GoPro Hero to do 120 FPS - Scarletwhore  サイトから始まるHな関係 かなり慣れてきたという方は、気が合いそうな男性がいたので、広告収入を得るには、本を買うときはBというサイトなどなど。 もしかしたら理想の距離感だったりするのかもしれませんね。 、これもネット社会の発展のお陰で簡単に人と連絡のやり取りができるようになりました。 秘密裏に行える方が良いでしょう。 それ以上の請求も、ほとんどゼロなのて、それでもアラブの国などは、ぜひ、成年向けコミックとレディコミがその中心となっています。 そこには、あれこれと目配り、どんな年齢層の登録者が多いサイトのかを 見極めるのにも役立ちますね。 逆に、おおらかなコミュニケーションを思い出します。 東京といっても、「OK」と返事したとしましょう。 Tuto : slowmotion sousTwixtor & After Effect, par Jordi.

Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas Twixtor, il s'agit d'un logiciel de la société Re:Vision Effects disponible sous forme de plugin pour la plupart des solutions de montage.Bon, autant vous laminer tout de suite, il s'agit d'une solution professionnelle, à un prix... professionnel.Comptez $330 pour la version de base (oui, ça calme).Mais que fait-il donc à ce prix là, ce fameux Twixtor ?

Tuto : slowmotion sousTwixtor & After Effect, par Jordi.

Il va vous aider à faire des images très, très ralenties, sans avoir recours à des caméras à miroir rotatif ! Rappelez-vous l'article intitulé "'L'Art du ralenti" où nous vous parlions de la notion d'images intermédiaires. Et bien voilà ce que fait Twixtor : il crée des images intermédiaires grâce à des algorithmes d'interpolation, un peu comme un logiciel de warping, donc.Jordi vous livre ici sa recette pour l'utiliser en plugin After Effect (AE): Faites glisser votre vidéo dans le projet. Puis faites la glisser de nouveau mais ce coup-ci sur la timeline.

Avancez de nouveau d'une image... Et voilà ! GoPro HD Cameras Hacks et astuces. Helmet Cameras and Accessories from Contour, GoPro, VIO, Drift, Liquid Image and more. Helmet Camera Reviews, Videos, Blog - Snake River proto - flat Lens. Snake River Prototyping – BlurFix GoPro HD. GoPro Official Store: Wearable Digital Cameras for Sports.