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Monster List of (Mostly) Free Organization Tools for Digital Marketers. Companies can spend up to 300,000 hours a year on just one meeting.

Monster List of (Mostly) Free Organization Tools for Digital Marketers

How much time are you wasting organizing notes, planning projects and scheduling meetings? Eliminate wasted time by leveraging the most advanced, tech-heavy, and user-friendly tools for digital marketers Below are over 55 resources and tools to make your digital presence and marketing efforts more effective, and less time consuming. Monster List of Must Have Organization Tools for Marketers 1) Evernote Evernote (app) is a popular organizational tool which has the capability for note taking, data storage, This app lets you take notes, photos and records and access them across devices.

Use Evernote for: Note takingWorkflow organizationProject management Other note taking organizational tools to consider: 2) Basecamp Basecamp is a free online program which you can use as an organizational hub for tasks,projects and internal communication. Use Basecamp to: At Applebee's. kme. Biography. Early Life Susan Boyle was born on April 1, 1961, in Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland, to Irish immigrants.


Susan's father, Patrick Boyle, was a miner and WWII veteran. Her mother, Bridget, was a shorthand typist. Susan, the youngest of eight surviving children, was deprived of oxygen at birth long enough to cause mild brain damage. The physical trauma created learning disabilities for the young girl. Elon Musk: A thermostat-sized box may one day power your house. NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — It’s easy to get lost in the numbers that swirl around a project as massive as Tesla’s $5 billion gigafactory.

Elon Musk: A thermostat-sized box may one day power your house

But by sitting back and looking outside of the box, the potential ground-level benefits of such an immense factory begin to set in. The numbers might make you woozy: a $5 billion investment, a $1.25 billion tax break in Nevada, 6,500 new jobs, 50 gigawatts of battery storage by 2020, 500,000 electric cars per year. What this really means is the massive factory -- which Tesla Motors Inc. TSLA, +1.02% CEO Elon Musk and his first cousin, SolarCity Corp. SCTY, +1.00% CEO Lyndon Rive, hinted Wednesday at a private conference may be the first of several perhaps larger plants -- is that an increased level of manufacturing scale will improve the efficiency and affordability of lithium-ion batteries.

Ten Things To Never Say To A Writer. “You Know, I Wanna Write A Book Someday.”

Ten Things To Never Say To A Writer

The Mysterious Death of Gen. George S. Patton. Sixty-seven years ago, on a cold December 9th in 1945 Germany, legendary American general George S.

The Mysterious Death of Gen. George S. Patton

Patton was injured in a strange auto "accident" on a road outside Mannheim, near the Rhine River. The opinionated anticommunist died twelve days later. Join the Love Revolution #MyWANA. I am letting you guys in on a cool new development.

Join the Love Revolution #MyWANA

I am launching the #MyWANA hashtag group so that all of us have a place to congregate beyond this blog and make it easier to spread the love. Not that I don’t still want to hear from you guys here in the comments, but I chose the title of my book for a reason. We Are Not Alone! Social media is, above all else, social. More Weird Facts You Probably Didn't Know About The Original Star Trek. Susan Boyle. January 21st 2009 is not a date that Susan Boyle is ever likely to forget.

Susan Boyle

‘I will never forget it,’ she clarifies, in her unmistakeably Scottish brogue. It was the day that the shy, devout 48 year old stepped onto the stage of the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow for an audition on Britain’s Got Talent. Indie Author Book Marketing Help. Susan Boyle. Life and career Early life and childhood Boyle was raised in Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland.[19] to Irish parents originally from County Donegal, Ireland.[20] Her father, Patrick Boyle, was a miner and veteran of the Second World War who also worked as a singer at the Bishop's Blaize; her mother Bridget was a shorthand typist,[21] Boyle was the youngest of four brothers and five sisters.[19] She was raised thinking that she had been briefly deprived of oxygen during a difficult birth resulting in a learning disability.[22] She has, however, recently been told she was misdiagnosed and instead has Aspergers Syndrome with an IQ "above average".[23] Boyle says she was bullied as a child,[19][24] and was nicknamed "Susie Simple" at school.[25] Early musical training and career Britain's Got Talent (2008–2009)

Susan Boyle

Landscape with the Fall of Icarus. On September 17, 1883, William Carlos Williams was born in Rutherford, New Jersey.

Landscape with the Fall of Icarus

The World's Weirdest Natural Places. One could argue that the view from the top of any mountain is staggering.

The World's Weirdest Natural Places

However, very few of them could ever match up to the feeling you can get standing on top of Venezuela’s Mount Roraima. It’s not really the height that gets you. KINDLING: Members Earning 5 Figures a Month. The BEST Training, Private Group & Personal Support! I got this and I've been through the entire course. KINDLING: Members Earning 5 Figures a Month. The BEST Training, Private Group & Personal Support! 10 cool keyboard shortcuts that every Mac user should know. Keyboard shortcuts will boost the productivity of our daily work. The Author's Secret. FREE Publishing and Marketing Resource List for Authors. I’ve put together this list of some of the people I’ve worked with directly, heard about, or discovered online.

I believe I’ve vetted this list to make sure the quality of samples was up to par, but make sure to do some research and ask for samples. Prices vary. Also, if you know someone else who provides excellent service and quality, please recommend them so they can be added to this list. Book Cover Designers. 7 Classic Movies You Didn't Know Were Rip-Offs. #3. Wild Wild West Was an Episode of Batman: The Animated Series Just because you steal your source material from a successful predecessor doesn't mean your movie is going to be worth anything.

30 Free Directory Submission Sites With High PR.