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NewsRel Uses Machine Learning To Summarize News Stories And Put Them On A Map. After 24 hours of staring at their screens, the teams that participated in our Disrupt NY 2013 Hackathon have now finished their projects and are currently presenting them onstage.

NewsRel Uses Machine Learning To Summarize News Stories And Put Them On A Map

With more than 160 hacks, there are far too many cool ones to write about, but one that stood out to me was NewsRel, an iPad-based news app that uses machine-learning techniques to understand how news stories relate to one other. The app uses Google Maps as its main interface and automatically decides which location is most appropriate for any given story. The app currently uses Reuters‘ RSS feed and analyzes the stories, looking for clusters of related stories and then puts them on the map. Say you are looking at a story about the Boston Marathon bombings. In addition to this, the team built an algorithm that picks the most important sentences from each story to summarize it for you. The team members have a background in machine learning and iOS engineering. Learn Data Management at DATAVERSITY. Why the days are numbered for Hadoop as we know it — Cloud Computing News. Apple's popularity boosts Objective-C language past C++ Thanks to the popularity of Apple's iPad and iPhone mobile devices, the Objective-C language has overtaken C++ in Tiobe's monthly assessment of programming language popularity.

Apple's popularity boosts Objective-C language past C++

Objective-C, the language used for developing applications to run on Apple's mobile devices, was ranked the third most-popular language in the July edition of the Tiobe Programming Community Index, followed by C++ in fourth place. Released this week, the index has Objective-C used by 9.335 percent of developers and C++ used by 9.118 percent. The two languages swap rankings from last month, when C++ was used by 9.358 percent of developers and Objective-C by 9.094 percent. [ Tiobe's rankings recently came under fire from PHP advocate Andi Gutmans, CEO of Zend Technologies, who questioned their accuracy. | Learn how to work smarter, not harder with InfoWorld's roundup of all the tips and trends programmers need to know in the Developers' Survival Guide. How Cloud Computing is Revolutionizing Project Collaboration and Gaming.

As technology has advanced over the past decade, cloud computing has revolutionized life for both businesses and individuals.

How Cloud Computing is Revolutionizing Project Collaboration and Gaming

Cloud computing allows users to store data, process information, and retain settings on a central server. This allows mission-critical data to be stored in a safe location. This prevents the accidental loss of data through fire, flood, theft or electrical glitches. A Little History of the Cloud. Google CIO Ben Fried Says Cloud Tipping Point Is At Hand - The CIO Report. The economics of cloud computing are driving down the cost structure of business so far and so fast that it’s scary, Google CIO Ben Fried says.

Google CIO Ben Fried Says Cloud Tipping Point Is At Hand - The CIO Report

“It deeply disturbed me … in 2006, 2007 consumer companies were forcing efficiencies on a scale never seen before,” Fried said Thursday during remarks at the Bloomberg Link Enterprise Technology Summit in New York. Ben Fried/Bloomberg News. 3 winners, 3 losers in the move to big data. The move to big data is afoot.

3 winners, 3 losers in the move to big data

Recently, Yahoo and Google both tossed their very big hats into the ring, and the cloud computing leaders are already offering access to big data services. It's becoming the killer application for cloud computing, and I believe it will drive a tremendous amount of growth in 2012 and 2013. Informatica Brings Master Data Management to Big Data, Social, Cloud and Mobile Computing. In-memory databases at Microsoft and elsewhere. Yesterday, Microsoft's Dave Campbell, a Technical Fellow on the SQL Server team, posted to the SQL Server team blog on the subject of in-memory database technology.

In-memory databases at Microsoft and elsewhere

Mary Jo Foley, our "All About Microsoft" blogger here at ZDNet, provided some analysis on Campbell's thoughts in a post of her own. HBaseCon 2012: A Glimpse into the Development Track. HBaseCon 2012 is nearly a month away, and if the conference agenda and attendee registration numbers are good indicators, this will be an annual event you won’t want to miss.

HBaseCon 2012: A Glimpse into the Development Track

Apache HBase is an open source software project that provides users with the ability to do real-time random read/write access to their data in Apache Hadoop. Big Data: The Only Business Model That Tech Has Left. Making Big Data into Small Data. It isn’t every day you get to write about Immanuel Kant and Big Data in the same blog post but last week Gartner Analyst Will Cappelli did just that. As you’ll see in his post, “ AI and IAM: Will Two-Tier Analytics Become the Norm for IAM? ” context is the key. Cappelli addresses Kant’s conclusion that human reasoning is a two-tier process that first involves what is—the contextual lens in which we view our existence—and how the pieces all relate to each other.

From this standpoint, we reason and make decisions. In technology, our view and approach to something like Big Data is impacted by the context of our approach. Cappelli writes, “I am inclined to think that Kant and the cognitive scientists have hit on something which is not just true of the processes that govern human cognition but rather reflects the deep structure of any process that seeks to turn volumes of raw, noisy data into information capable of grounding action taken by human beings or machines.” 'Ultraviolet data' necessary for biz insights - Internet - News - ZDNet Asia Mobile. SINGAPORE--"Ultraviolet data", or information that is not captured by companies currently, is the key to social media marketing and, particularly, in helping companies understand one's audience better.

'Ultraviolet data' necessary for biz insights - Internet - News - ZDNet Asia Mobile

However, the challenge is in extracting and pulling the data together to gain relevant insights. That was the view of Marshall Sponder, founder of WebMetrics Guru, who was a keynote speaker at the Asia-Pacific ICT Summit held here on Tuesday. Ultraviolet data, according to him, is defined as information that companies cannot see and may not know to capture, much of which is generated by online users on social media platforms.


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