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Work fight work. Suicide squad. You are all dead to me. Dancing cat in space. Female starship computers. Dynamic perspective always works. Do you really like flow charts I mean really. I dislike uploads when it says. My mind was running along nicely when. Ask me anything robot will give the answers – phildraws. Hello cruel world get a life – phildraws. Why are you following me – phildraws. How many people hate bar charts – phildraws. I need to run a self diagnostic – phildraws. Get out film review – phildraws. Giving my teeth a suntan – phildraws.

Messy fashion statement – phildraws. Fashionably late during this event – phildraws. In space noone can hear – phildraws. Guiding light – phildraws. I would sort-of like reading – phildraws. The word on the street – phildraws. Fairytale worth watching – phildraws. Hmmm ray guns – Minty Words. I lost my soul if you find it – Minty Words. Your ass is mine – Minty Words. In space black is the new black – Minty Words. Looking tasty for a lady – Minty Words.