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Inspirational Typography by Resistenza. 50 Outstanding Wallpapers for Typography Lovers. Who loves typography? Raise your hands please. Personally,I’m a great fan of typography and i’d like to see quality and well designed typographical designs everywhere.Yes everywhere,like on my desktop,on my car stickers and especially on the walls of my house;let’s say posters. Last year we created a similar post to this one but that was helvetica wallpapers for your desktops.But today we collected every kind of typographical wallpapers which are all in high quality and make you look twice. Text Art Sexier than your Average Comic Sans. Here again we take your inspirational senses on a trip down text art and typography lane, we aim for you to be inspired by each of the poster and artwork designs featured here.

Text Art Sexier than your Average Comic Sans

Taken from various peoples portfolio’s these designs showcase the upmost quality text art and typography techniques which you cannot help but be inspired from. Each piece of artwork is copyright and ownership of its respective artists which are shown and each piece of work links back to their original location online. This is a showcase of inspiration to show the world the immense talent in typography of each artist showcased. Don’t forget to enter our Canvas Prints Giveaway. Theories by ~BABA-T All the Right Things by *jeffrey Matthew 5:3 by ~aners56 Deathproof Redux by ~Purple-Cactus Recycling Poster by ~jon-acuna Do More With Less by *jeffrey When Life Gives You Lemons by *bloodleach.

1stwebdesigner - Graphic and Web Design Blog. Once I saw a bumper sticker that says, There’s no place like Bumper stickers are very good means of relieving stress in the road.

1stwebdesigner - Graphic and Web Design Blog

It takes our minds away from the pressure of work, traffic and the seemingly endless string of daily mishaps in life. Putting them in your car somehow helps those behind you. Somehow, you’re telling them a good joke and subtly whispering, “Read and laugh with this one instead of hitting my car from behind.” Since one of our fundamental goals is to promote world peace (or should I say, road peace), 1WD is giving you 15 bumper stickers! Read More Fonts are essential for the feel of the website. Read More Why is it necessary to have a portfolio website? Read More Most designers find Photoshop very versatile. Not to exaggerate, Photoshop can supply all your design needs. Read More The importance of fonts to designers has always been emphasized. That is why we collected ten beautiful fonts for you that you will never hesitate to use.

We All Love Typography. Get the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now Typography can be one of the most fascinating elements of design.

We All Love Typography

Whether it’s web design, album art, posters, or any other type of graphic design, typographical inspiration can be a great resource for designers. With that in mind I’ve compiled this collection of beautiful typographical works. UPDATE: We recently launched a gallery site that is dedicated to typography inspiration – TypeInspire. Showcase of 55 Inspiring Typography Designs. Abduzeedo (Typography) Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials. A selection of graphic projects. Julian explain the background of this corporate design for the african king »König Bansah«.

a selection of graphic projects

King Bansah is an african King. He lives and works in Ludwigshafen/Germany as a car-mechanic and governs his people from there. King Bansah does a lot of activites and performances to collect money for his aid projects. He is a singer, a guest in TV-shows and events. But he is a real King with a serious background. The new corporate design should underline the authenticity and lordliness of the king because they are essential for him and make his activities possible.

A selection of graphic projects. Typography Design and Inspiration. Graphic Design & Creative Branding. Typography. 139 Impressive Typography Design Inspiration. “Obsessions make my life worse and my work better” « NAGGEN.DE. Daily Drop Cap. Typography Mania #62. Typography Inspiration: Text Art from DeviantART. We have all be inspired by the text art we see in advertisements, the posters on the latest movie releases and much more.

Typography Inspiration: Text Art from DeviantART

I have a real love for text art and typography in all contexts and maybe in a mad kind of world I would love this kind of creative expression to be a part of all walks of life? Here we showcase some of the best digital artworks which principally use text art and typography as the main theme to create works of true inspiration. This showcase and roundup of great typographical digital art is taken from Deviant-ART with each picture linking back to its original location, each image is the copyright of its respective creator.

We claim no image to be our own. I Love typography #9: Typography Inspiration: Great Works of Digital Art from DeviantART Inception Poster by allete Club Rush Poster by Memories-N-Raindrops Type Song 13 by axlesax Type Song 14 by axlesax DAB by go-avi Ever Again by vedoo Magazine Cover by Synergy10 Deja Vu by Anton101 I Use So Much White Space by level87.